authenticity {glossary}

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What the world needs most, is for you to be you.

What you need most, is for you to be you.

Don’t wait. Find the thing(s) you can’t not do. Ask yourself daily if you are doing what matters.

If we do this daily, and follow through on what matters, [because if it matters, we can’t not], we’ll end up with everyone an expert at being themself..

A person must gain the capacity to reflect on her thoughts and feelings, a capacity that, again, is a fruit of maturation. When someone has a relationship with herself, she can like her own company, agree and disagree with herself, approve and disapprove of herself, and so on. Often, relationships with others preempt a relationship with oneself or are attempts to fill in the vacuum where a solid relationship with the self should be.

Intentions are greatly undervalued. The prevailing sentiment in our society is that intentions are not good enough, that only appropriate behavior is to be accepted and applauded

The yearning to belong to another has to coexist with the desire to be one’s own person; the maintaining of boundaries must mix with the passion to merge with another.                

                                        – Hold On To Your Kids





















Authenticity’s focus is hunger, and hunger matters.

Gabor Mate has a talk that addresses attachment & authenticity beautifully…

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