this site as prototype to app

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[tech as it could be version: (2022) – as a means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature.. so that we can org around legit needs.. ie: imagine if we]

[as ouput version: (march 2015) – site – with self-talk as data via app/chip ness]

[short version: (june 2014) – this site currently has 2639 pages. imagine it as the remnants of someone’s brain/future-platform/credential/connector-via each person’s head/heart generated by a curiosity app. over the course of (say 12+) years.. (but i’m thinking more lifelong.) it becomes a personal journal, memory jogger, 2nd brain, storage, portal into a person’s thinking/personx-d glasses, … but perhaps best feature: tech is facilitating all the mounds of data – mostly via self-talk.. so that each person’s focus isn’t (what we currently preoccupy ourselves with) – proving oneself, (and thus becoming not themself), but rather, with doing the thing they can’t not do. the site then might become the closest documentation of eudaimonia. each person following their own – daily/hourly/minutely inspired whimsy. each person expert at knowing what to do when they don’t know what to do.]

[visual above is more a representation of us/people (over the last couple years) doing what tech will mostly do in the future with data from self-talk and connections..]

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longer version:

We now (apr 2013) have/share/are this site with @900 pages, @500 people – [a total ish-ness], where most of the people are doing incredible/breathtaking things, while a small few are connecting, documenting, curating on this site.

Perhaps this is good.

Perhaps this is prototyping what tech can do for all of us.

A question has been, why document..


  • giftlike wikipedia. people putting up the info, don’t need to read it, they supposedly know it. but.. their sharing offers:
    • info/insight/connections/examples/inspiration/whatever to others – when needed/wanted
    • freed up time for selves, as they aren’t always in explain mode
    • a leveling – break down walls of access (esp the more pictures used) by offering less need of a middle man – today – access in the now
  • credential – incognito
    • imagine future credentialing just happens, imagine tech (like these people) takes care of documenting (enough anyway) of things that matter, so that people can spend their days doing/being what matters – love Nic Askew’s take on this – soulbiographies – seeing people
    • so like site [or *1st year lab site] – someone (admissions offices/ceo’s) can come and search in little time; behance/degreed/et al, but not crafted by you crafting it, crafted by you being it – and tech recording that for you (and with you if you so choose) 
    • imagine site as one person’s brain/mind map/networked individualism, that the app/tech has curated/documented over the years – as the person simply talks to him/herself everyday into the app
    • like the people leaning in to listen to amazing people everyone and documenting on the site, tech does the same. even cooler, the less human bias involved – at least in this regard – because a huge focus is on – nothing to prove. perhaps it’s good tech will simply document all – a person says/does/is curious about, without evaluating/rating/judging. it’s simply a trail. that would take too much of our time to do. perhaps we’ll never even use it. but it’s there, for people who want to get a glimpse into us. for whatever reason.

perhaps… this kind of living – without a need to prove ourselves daily – will bring about the personal agency – that could scale betterness across the planet in no time. and sustain, because it’s each of the 7 billion people that are getting themselves up everyday, to do what matters most, to them, that day.

perhaps then, we no longer even debate, permission or forgiveness, but rather simply, each one, take charge of our day, w/o any raised eyebrows (perhaps because now/then we are all usefully preoccupied, too caught in the fullness of life to even be consider things that would be getting in our way)  zapping our energy.


from application page:

what if a site/collection such as this, is your access into me. crafted ongoingly via tech that listens to me w/out agenda/judgment. leaving a *trail, like a searchable/linkable commonplace-book, for me/you to tap into when/if needed/desired. leaving us freed up (from all the documenting/recruiting/proving/judging/..) to do the thing we can’t not doin the city. as the day.

wikipedia style, so that it’s accessible via whatever curiosity you have.

nothing to prove style, so that i/we-all spend more on eu\daimon\ia ness than on proving ness.

what if we focused on self-talk as data. where tech takes our curiosities in, organizes them, connects them/us. so that i’m not spending my time jumping through hoops and into boxes for you (not a person’s best side), and you aren’t spending your time trying to find me and then wondering/deciding if you should trust me (most people are other people, especially when trying to impress).

*trail: perhaps one much better than this site represents me just now. because tech is good at gathering/searching/connecting too-much ness. and spitting it back out per your preferred style of taking it in, ie: another flavor – jerry’s brain. tech documents for/with me, organizes for easy search/connect for you. and me. freeing us up to eudaimonia. reality analysis ness; another flavor – maria’s brainpickings.


the app, more on the app, and shortest version via slidedeck


*first year of lab – our site seemed like a report card of the future,


image links to site page & slidedeck from 2010/2011

then came (or at least we became aware of) behance et al, and we were like – yeah.

but imagine better than that.. almost like that doesn’t even matter (whatever form of cleverness you are putting on display).. yet with tech – we do it so much more thoroughly because it’s 24/7, and because we aren’t the ones putting it up (which we got a glimpse of with this site the first year we did the lab (2010) and now with the be you site you are on) we are more in the moment/focus/space of eudaimonia, and so, our sharing/listening/being is much richer, much more authentic/humane. closer to the Bunker Roy vision – community as credential and i think the Nic Askew vision – perhaps eudaimonia as credential. to the point we might not even use the word credential.



mixed in there 2009ish – redefine school site was tinkered with by Noam and Gregory and Gus and… trying to create an app like bucket collector.. essentially – finding out what matters to a person – in order to make connections to people and such.


i’m dreaming of a dance.

so what if now.. 2014 – 2500 ish pages in.. this could be a brain (non-linear portfolio) for anyone on the site. [and it could – but very incomplete]

so imagine it is my brain. [still incomplete – and takes lots of time to keep adding/documenting]

imagine something like this site being created for you.. simply from your daily talking to yourself… and used to help you find yourself and find your people.

others can see a little better inside you. perhaps.

you can see (and remember) a little better inside you. perhaps.

like notes you’ve kind of prepared for life.. but that you aren’t tied to.. so that you can live the moment.. ie: mary catherine (vulnerability of context – jumping in ness) and michael (thinking with thought ness) … like.. could i/we be linkable as we speak (in any form) to/with others.. created each one .. our own language in a sense.. or perhaps.. unearthing a more complete language..?

c (dot) app story – as a way to let tech help us see better..

less of our day spent documenting/proving/remembering/

more of your (all 7 billion of us) day spent being you.

so that everyone has the luxury to do something else/better.. ness.