findings in failings


What about findings in failings?


maybe i'm wrong ness..

This is huge.

I swear – these kids are nobel peace prize worthy for their efforts to make a difference via redefining public ed. Living on the edge, trying out new things.. isn’t always easy.

Here’s Gus, helping us through it:

I find it interesting – that with this title.. the slidedeck above was one of the least viewed.

Findings in failings – isn’t that what it’s all about?

Not a focus on a failure.. but a – oh – that’s what happens… cool.. so let’s try this.

One of the results stemming from – findings in failures – was this page: the it is me.

Being less hung up on end products, on finishing things (as if we ever could), and more focused on – what didn’t work, so we can learn from it.

It’s like – all these (assumed) failings are the little/big (assumed) messes in a Thomas Edison – ish space. no? The unassuming and often unsightly trail to greatness.

Here’s our brief lowdown (see *updated version here 2008 to present and findings abstract and short findings restate):

findings each year

findings overall

And here are 3 powerful pages from the deck above:

findings deck findings in failings deck findings via deck

guardian article on learning from failure

recent post on the failures of Sugata Mitra’s work.

avoid the vagaries of child-centred behaviour.
oh my.
failures.. not.
the it is me..
it’s a trail of finding outs… 

*sept 2014 – restating findings as problem found:

0 – (the situation yr) – people are stressed (ie: waiting for 3\5pm, the weekend)
1 – (pilot math yr) – content imposed (ie: pre ap alg 2 – aka school math = essential)
2 – (own curriculum yr) – timeframe assumed (ie: ok – so pick your own topic – but you’re held to it for 1 yr – aka potential whimsy/curiosity killer)
3 – (follow your whimsy yr) – community deprived (ie: free individual – yes – but then he/she craves their tribe. currently – not enough people set free for serendipity to work)
4 – (in the city yr) – focus blurred (ie: most of us are beholden to and/or blinded from – the too much policy/myth – aka: consumerism/competition/work = life, blurs the equity/systemic vision)
5 – (still yr/s) – mechanism lacking (ie: listening to/for and mapping of systemic mechanism elements)
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