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Collective intelligence (CI) is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration,collective efforts, and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making. The term appears in sociobiology, political science and in context of mass peer review and crowdsourcing applications.


Intelligence has been defined in many ways, including: the capacity for logicunderstandingself-awarenesslearningemotional knowledgereasoningplanningcreativitycritical thinking, and problem solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.


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Bonnitta Roy has been doing some of the most insightful (pun intended) work that I am aware of. Much of what I currently am capable of is as a result of working with her several years ago.

My experience is that Bonnie’s stuff requires taking slowly and often considering a few times. This is moving into Real Thinking.

and here:

Bonnitta Roy has been working in the field of collective intelligence for years, developing many powerful methods and applications. In this film with @fullydavid they explore the different kinds of CI, focusing on Collective Insight @bonnittaroy

1 hr interview by david fuller (@fullydavid) founder of rebel wisdom (part of collective intelligence series) of bonnitta – sept 13 2019


3 min – b: no one knows how do to anything.. w/o this collective system.. ie: how to build an airplane.. the term we would use: swarm intelligence or hive mind..  we don’t even know how to feed ourselves..

4 min – b: the trajectory of this intelligence is ai.. so soon will know less.. i don’t think this is what we’re talking about

5 min – b: might say we have collective intelligence.. but not relationally connected.. some of these practices are helping us reclaim something we had a long time ago..

6 min – b: ci that is relevant.. term i use.. collective insight practice..

7 min – b: we have structures that limit our authenticity.. we need ways to deconstruct that.. diff than ci.. working on these limiting structures.. held by individual in a group.. practices particular to potential in an individual..t

begs curiosity over decision making (and intelligence/insight).. ie: 2 convers as infra

9 min – b: can group potentiate the individual.. people start seeing structures.. frustrated .. but enacted same structures they were fighting against.. realize structures are introjected in them.. inside own psyches .. so have to go back to change them.. that marks to be the new capacity

whales in sea world

11 min – b: what i call collective insight: a methodology for people to get together and come up w insights/knowings/plans/models/ideas that none of them had before getting together.. knowing they couldn’t come up w w/o coming together.. knowing everyone held a piece for this way of perceiving..

dang.. sounds like ‘enacted same structures they were fighting against’ – focus on insight rather than curiosity

13 min – b: jordan use to say – we’re running malware.. you need a meta cognition to run in and see.. if running scripts to fight system.. just building up the system.. t

d: often worse.. ie: on addressing hierarchy.. end up w underground sub terrain hierarchy.. less visible..

15 min – b: when i started this.. and was going to (gatherings).. my first reaction was.. omg.. we’re still being manipulated.. and much better at it.. i’d rather someone be an a hole than it being underground.. ie: ‘saying everything allowed.. then saying – just speak from higher selves.. ‘ – psych manipulation.. et al

16 min – b: why so important – there’s an evolutionary part to this.. as a species we’re changing.. always been more social that have been pre constituted by collective.. only recently realized can be autonomous w/o being (one).. but then how to put the ci back).. integrate power of unique w the collective.. only system that will solve pickle we’re in

facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city  via 2 convers as infra

 18 min – b: beyond self altering mind.. most have self altering minds but hard for them to work as a team.. no skill set to go beyond being individual contributor.. these are experiment i’ve been doing for 5 yrs.. we’ve learned a lot of things.. ie: stage trying to get rid of own limiting structure.. can get exhausted..  most missing a clear purpose.. my current work is creating community w work/purpose at center

what i’ve seen – clear purpose – maté basic needs

23 min – b: there is a trap in some of these communities to have never ending list of interpersonal problems.. notion of knowing *when to move from individual to group.. where my work is at this point.. and a lot of it is in work environ.. because don’t have to pretend the we.. defn of we vs us (work vs political).. how to get dynamics in collective to become a more powerful we

*everyday.. daily curiosity

25 min – b: this is particularly suited for two things.. 1\econ.. really hard to solve.. what is an econ w/o global currency.. currency that can be traded.. really hard .. ie: catch self using gift econ.. then when does it come back.. so just a transactional exchange.. so what is an econ outside of what we’ve always thought.. very hard to see outside production in econ

also hard to see outside mindset of production..

begs we try money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..

27 min – b: i think people are working on that.. ie: holochain..


2\ governance..

the trick in collective insight practice.. have to invite others in otherwise will keep your own ideas

28 min – d: quoting on those who are certain need to be silent.. all these fixed methods are going to fail.. we need something new

30 min – b: book called senectics.. from 40s.. creating products like thermoses.. how to go into nature and think more creatively.. would have to have secretaries bring food et al.. eventually they started sitting in on brainstorming.. and would say stuff that would stir thoughts in men having these convos..

33 min – b: so .. i think all perspective are valuable (d had asked who to listen to).. and some of juice that comes in is when some come in and irritate you.. but the person adding these perspective has to be able to be authentic.. and not be strategizing their belonging needs..  ie: i don’t know i’m just going to say it.. but a cloud in sky.. when the cloud in sky is what it’s about

what we most need is the energy of 7b alive people.. begs a mech/means to listen to every (has to be every) voice everyday.. ie: tech as it could be..

35 min – b: that to me is collective insight practice.. obviously we don’t know how to do that yet

or rather.. we need to uncover that capacity – that’s always been there.. but covered by ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work.. making us all whales in sea world

36 min – b: on coherence and jamie wheel saying how do we cohere at scale.. and i think that’s the trap .. i think coherence is far from the equilibrium. by defn it’s a temp stability.. need to cycle thru stages.. there’s a real chance that all coherence is *local.. and this has to do with .. entropy.. and.. how coherent systems have to increase entropy in the global scene..t


*perhaps even more local than insight.. ie: daily curiosity

carhart harris entropy law and wengrow/graeber back and forth law.. et al

37 min – b: so in collective insight.. can put global coherence aside.. and say.. coherence only happens locally.. and can then say.. then what’s possible.. and when do that.. a whole new paradigm opens up.. that’s a distinction i would make w jamie (flow project).. in teams you can get that coherence.. but again it’s local..

ie: 2 convers as infra..

39 min – b: why do we need these states to de cohere.. that’s when you need action plans et al.. so when look from complexity science.. get used to de cohering  (ie: electrons)

40 min – d: jordan’s sovereignty.. that we can only do this when work on selves first


41 min – b: for collective insight practice that’s a necessary pre condition.. have to be individuated.. want sovereignty of person but needs to be capable to cohere.. but still local coherence..  if you didn’t cohere.. all meaning would be open forever.. at some level the cosmos is coherent.. we don’ have to help cosmos along.. but how to do the human scale

43 min – b: collective insight practice very hard to do.. the first capacity we need is to resolve social conditioning.. ie: belonging needs.. can’t do collective insight if have belonging needs.. ie: needs to belong to the group.. they will prejudice how you perform

brown belonging law.. and redefinition of belonging.. (maté basic needsauthenticity & attachment; and maté trump law) so that we don’t have belonging needs you’re referring to

social control et eal

44 min – b: we don’t want to change practices to assuage people’s belonging needs.. we want people to reflect on these psych structures .. deeper than social conditioning.. that’s why collective practice is hard.. really hard for people to get beyond that.. to get out of the schemas of authority/roles/auto-bio-coherence.. i call it gate keeping

perhaps not if we do this firstfree art-ists. which we don’t seem to want to let go enough to do.. via ie: self-talk as data thru 2 convers as infra

45 min – b: auto bio coherence: we can track primary psych structure of people over time.. ie: belonging; role;.. today become self authoring.. show that self authoring liberates .. but we reconstruct that narrative retrospectively.. dependent on preserving this auto bio coherence..

why we need bravery/freedom to change mind everyday

47 min – d: auto bio coherence esp important when have public profile.. w a positions to defend.. difficult to give up to enter new space

sinclair perpetuation law et al

49 min – b: i do want to say.. that these people also have a job.. who’s to say they don’t drop that auto bio in more local coherent groups.. but that is how it’s sticky rigid

b: in my students.. switching from story they tell and looking for authenticity.. what is the authentic self.. it’s not even the one the self authors.. find authentic self is not a psych structure at all.. it’s an evolutionary process.. moment in time.. t

begs self-talk as data.. as detox/hastener

b: then when get to these .. can see other limitings potentials of ie: liberation.. sometimes .. the more arousal.. more difficult to present with in the space

51 min – b: so what does it look like – more powerful when in a nice setting.. in nature.. on site continuously for at least 3 days.. eat/sleep/play together.. creates exhaustion.. but in early part of practice want people to be exhausted to let go.. organism to tired to structure itself.. i have techniques to short circuit this..

findings abstract.. tech to hasten.. et al

53 min – b: one is reverse bohemian dialogue.. (bohemian: only contribute something very valuable).. so share anything.. so people can get confidence to share.. people realize that when you don’t gate keep thoughts they don’t become disingenuous..strategizing.. t

improv.. fromm spontaneous law.. et al..

no prep 

no train

mumford non-specialized law

54 min – b: the spontaneously speaking self is actually a wonderful thing..t

and that’s a big insight

self-talk as unconditional data

more about augmenting interconnectedness than collective intelligence

begs we listen & connect to undo the listening hierarchy ie: 2 convers as infra

via tech as it could be

55 min – d: a no filter

b: yeah.. the right timing

undisturbed ecosystem.. has to be everyone in sync

b: hopeful about people making these distinctions..  would like to see it in orgs.. if people who have a wicked problem are already a group/team.. good to find people who could level it up to collective insight practice.. get some local coherence going

57 min – d: are there more men involved in this..? so far just interviewed men

58 min – b: when i first started.. people convinced only men could do this work.. women have more patience.. men tend to have more creative energy.. originally flushed out.. but i don’t believe that anymore.. women’s internal working models are diff than mens.. but both are internal working models.. so ways to resolve them are same.. way to manifest is wrong focus.. when see same.. can get over it..

or.. that’s just part of our social conditioning as well ie: binary ness

1:01 – d: should we be getting more women on our podcast

b: i wouldn’t do anything to morph your podcast.. i’d like to see more women doing podcasts.. i don’t feel need for women to be-on/make podcasts they don’t want to do


intro collective intelligence series – 50 min video – [] (didn’t listen to all/much)

4 min – the reason people like listening to ‘intellectuals’ – listening to them thinking

i think we’re missing the boat focusing on intellect ness..

augmenting human intellect

augmenting collective intelligence

augmenting interconnectedness

rock or flower


info vs knowledge

knowledge vs wisdom

conscious ness