augmenting collective intelligence

adding page while reading George Pór‘s augmenting collective intelligence (and taking in so many other focusing on collective intelligence.. )

after reading and thinking:

don’t care about words.. ie: intellect vs intelligence.. ie: intellect ness

just that it matters that what we org around (for 8b people) truly resonates and remains constant for 8b people.. we keep trying to org around variables.. so we’re missing the ‘has to be everyone’ ness.. even though we keep saying with our words: everyone.. for all.. equity.. et al

perhaps focus shouldn’t be on interconnectedness or intelligence or health or climate or whatever.. (those ongoingly changing things).. but rather on something deep enough to be constant for all

ie: can’t globally augment/facil unless we have a global commonality.. simple enough to for all to access/use

let’s org around maté basic needs (ie: infra).. in order to augmenting our interconnectedness..

rock or flower et al


notes on George Pór‘s paper:

12 page paper by george on academia edu -Augmenting the Collective Intelligence of the Ecosystem of Systems Communities: Introduction to the Design of the Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab (CIEL):

p 1 –

only a smaller ecosystem that is part of the larger one can have any chance to influence the evolution of consciousness in the larger.That‘s why we prefer to talk about an ecosystem of systems communities, or ―systems ecosystem for short, rather than ―systems movement. The systems ecosystem include the various systems science organizations and their conferences,the systems-oriented virtual communities, distribution lists, journals, academic programs, learning laboratories, books, and the close 1.5 million webpages referencing ―systems science. Even this incomplete list reflects that this is a socio-technical-knowledge ecosystem, a complex whole with co-evolving parts
yeah.. part of our problem/cancer
literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things
let go
p2 –
*What are the qualities that the systems ecosystem needs to possess if it is to become one of the enablers of evolutionary transformation in the larger ecosystem, the planetary patchwork of civilizations itself? **Not assuming that the systems ecosystems already knows what those qualities are,the first of them is the capability of evolutionary learning, defined here as learning what it takes to develop the higher level of collective intelligence (CI) to boost the CI of the ecosystem of the human society
*maté basic needs
**and i think we need to assume the ecosystems already know.. otherwise it won’t work (for 8b people).. ie: thinking we need to train is a red flag we’re doing it wrong..
more about augmenting interconnectedness than collective intelligence
i think Doug Engelbart would agree if he could hear/see
Hence, the systems ecosystem‘s best starting point for advancing the transition to a sustainable and thriving world with ecosystemic meta-stability, is in prototyping evolutionary learning communities, capable to bootstrap their own CI
ie: 2 convers as infra
Ultimately, meeting the response-ability of the systems ecosystem to the societal need for an―evolutionary guidance system‖ (Banathy, 2000)starts with creating the enabling conditions for collective self-refection and meaning-making in its constitutive systems communities. This paper is focused on outlining the functions of and the *infrastructure for one of those conditions, the emergence of collective intelligence in systems communities and the systems ecosystems, as whole
ie: 2 convers as infra
p 3
Evolutionary learning empowers us to anticipate and face unexpected situations. It will help us to progress from unconscious adaptation to our environment to conscious innovation and coevolution with the environment and the development of the ability to direct and *manage change. (Banathy, 1996)
i’d call that curiosity.. let’s just facil daily curiosity
red flab: thinking we have to (or that we can) *manage change
For systems communities and the systems ecosystem, as whole, to fulfill their evolutionary potential, they also have to equip themselves with an innovation *architecture capable to absorb the complexity of co-evolving with environment, particularly in times of such rapid modes of evolution as systemic bifurcation (Laszlo, 1991) or **punctuated equilibrium (Eldredge & Gould,1972), also popularized as―***jump time (Houston, 2004).
*ie: cure ios city
**ie: simultaneous spontaneity
***humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity ..  simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..
‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows
p 6 –
Nobody has moved the edge of deep knowledge about that co-evolution more dramatically than thelate Douglas Engelbart, the principal source of inspiration behind the suggested CollectiveIntelligence Enhancement Lab

and i think doug would agree if he could hear/see .. that we need to focus on

augmenting interconnectedness over collective intelligence
curiosity over decision making et al
p 8
A core idea is something that is at the source of why we came together to do something. It is a strong call from our core of being to be useful, to serve, to create, and to evolve. It is something that calls to us and it may alter the ways, in which system communities organize themselves for stewarding the collective intelligence of their membership.The core idea of the CIEL initiative is to prototype an ―emergent platform that integrates social, electronic, cognitive, and inner technologies and processes for augmenting the collective intelligence of evolutionary learning communities,and the systems ecosystem, as whole.
let’s go deeper.. and org around something that is already core to 8b people.. ie: maté basic needs
The specific purpose that CIEL and the process of developing it is designed to serve is three-fold:
p 9
1\ To create a testable alpha version
done.. ie: short findings restate in 2019
2\ To discover the next stage
done.. ie: next experiment
3\ To lay foundations for an inter-disciplinary community
done..  ie: cure ios city with 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be.. (listening to 8b daily curiosities and using that data to augment our interconnectedness..
because what world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people..
which we’ll only get at if we ca undo our hierarchical listening)
p 11
Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of life‘s genius. The word ‘conscious
refers to intent it is not enough to design something without nature‘s help and then in retrospect say, ‘This reminds me of something in the natural world.‘…
Biomimicry implies conscious forethought, an active seeking of  nature‘s advice
before something is designed. (Benyus, 2012)
Our search for integrating biomimicry methods in the design framework of CIEL gave rise to thefollowing research questions:
1\ What biomimetic information could guide systems communities to move toward greater effectiveness and efficiency in cultivating a shared mind?
ie: maté basic needs.. realizing that there are 2 basic needs at the core of every human.. baked in.. deeper than ie: food, water, shelter, et al
2\ What essential, new information can we unearth if patterns of differentiation and integration (of thoughts, mental models and whole disciplines) common with the corresponding evolutionary mechanism in nature?
ie: tech as it could be…. realizing that today we have a means to listen to 8b daily curiosities and use that data to augment our interconnectedness.. to undo our hierarchical listening
3\ What are the implications of the ―neurons that fire together, wire together 
ie: ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows
if we can let go enough to get back/to that dance


just after reading about 12 pg paper (bottom of george’s page).. read this thread between george and joe.. highlighting this tweet:

@cognitivepolicy A two-hour webinar discussion in itself wouldn’t be too long if there were no other, equally high-value webinars by thought leaders in disciplines pivotal to the civilizational renewal that we’re on the verge of, not to mention the number of wonderful spiritual teachers.

Original Tweet:

imagine if we believed in 8b high value  daily curiosities.. and org’d around listening to and facil ing that

too much ness is killing us.. and today we have the means to undo that hierarchical listening via tech as it could be..

iteracy and numeracy both elements of colonialism.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things .. et al

ie: 2 convers as infra


1 hour video by gianni – aug 2020 – haven’t listened to

Augmented Collective Intelligence With Gianni Giacomelli SFTQL 69 via @YouTube
Original Tweet:

39 min – to energize: participants are incentivized and goals aligned

huge red flags we’re doing it wrong: thinking we need incentives to energize; thinking we need to align – (public consensus always oppresses someone)

what humanity needs is augmenting interconnectedness.. focus on intellect ness becomes a distraction/enclosure to legit common\ing (aka: an undisturbed ecosystem)


augmenting human intellect

augmenting collective intelligence

augmenting interconnectedness

rock or flower

and augmenting ness