tech to hasten

find your people graphic ___________________________________________ so perhaps tech to… reduce the time larry page aka: lag time

tech as it could be

listen & connect to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra ___________________________________________ [above graphic links to the original and perhaps more formal post at, thanks to the encouragement/help/guidance from Kirill Kireyev]
  • a story about people: A narrative available to/for/from every person. A cohesive structure, pointed enough to set people free, loose enough to keep them free.
  • grokking what matters: Perhaps what matters most is finding out what matters most.
Perhaps we use tech to help us get back to us. Tech as placebo. Perhaps interconnectedness matters. What we’ve found as a huge need once people find their art… them finding their peoplesynchronicity matters. [People are craving hard work, it just needs to matter to them, and to the people they gather with]: Perhaps interconnectedness matters. a ton. Perhaps we program tech to hasten the time period between:
  • us finding our art, the thing we can’t not do, our insatiable curiosity
  • us finding our people, our tribe, for gatherings that matter to us
time shrink Too often, this time period stretches out because of two scenarios: 1/ You (or someone) gets this insatiable curiosity/passion, you’ve found something that matters. In order to get the thing done, it becomes a mandate for others. So – there’s little buy in. Time flies, while many spin wheels. hasten #1 2/ You, and many other someones, get some same insatiable curiosity/passion, you’ve found something that matters. But you don’t find each other for quite some time. Time flies. Distractions/fears/need of finding your people. hasten #2 Perhaps we find an incredibly alluring way to gather the data tech would need to do this. And in a way that people are sharing authentically, not to please others, or for money, or for a grade, or for popularity, etc. [Because other people/apps are already doing this – connecting people – they are just not getting enough people to keep on (has to be from within to sustain) doing it – in the cityas the day – in order to create a revolution.]


connect sketches page 4 individual networks – brains (trails) resulting connections of like nodes (instagrok) then show this as embed: _____________________________ Perhaps it doesn’t matter if it’s static, not used. Perhaps it’s best if the person isn’t the one creating it. Because then they are missing out on being it. This is a resume of old type trail. Then imagine we take the nodes of the data and create a networked communityism. Tech connects like nodes from each individual, and suggests connections. Daily. _____________________________ from moxie on democracy:
First, alienation. To begin our critique of democracy, we start by talking about the more general anarchist critique of alienation. Anarchists distinguish themselves by asserting a direct and unobstructed link between thought and action, between desires and their free fulfillment.
tech to hasten ness getting us back/to fittingness ____________________________ prototyping at a coffeeshop with chalkboards prototyping via JR’s insideout project curiosity app app chip upates\ing