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Bret Warshawsky, Gift Civilisation

Bret is Noomap’s maverick visionary intent upon participating in a new cultural story, a paradigm of co-creation and abundance for all. Bret loves to experience people and communities connecting through their dreams, resources and gifts. He sees the possibilities for collaboration and co-creation as our doorway to a loving and novel planetary culture of prosperity and spiritual philanthropy. Bret’s background in mental health campaigning, psychosocial rehabilitation and new paradigm projects give him the ‘inside story’ on what planetary healing looks like personally and collectively.

Andrea Harding (Tan), Synergistic Structures

Having played an instrumental role in designing and delivering digital management systems to the UK tourism industry across the last decade on behalf of regional and national government, Andrea is comfortable in bringing large technology innovations into form. A natural innovator, Andrea has already run three of her own businesses and has received several marketing and digital enterprise awards including a nomination by the Tourism Institute for the Queen’s Award for Industry. With a passion for living in the heart, a first class degree in Communications and skills in healing, marketing, technology, business support and development, economic regeneration and team dynamics, Andrea is excited that Noomap brings her drives in life into a singular purpose.

Chris Larcombe (Larky), Noospheric Systems

Chris designed Noomap upon leaving academia, with a first class BSc degree in Computer Science, Masters (distinction) in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems and PhD work in cognitive developmental (epigenetic) robotics. Chris is a genius computer whizz-kid and humanitarian rolled into one whose scientific acumen penetrates straight to creative possibilities that go way beyond our current understandings. Think Iron Man meets Einstein and Terrence McKenna!



from holonic tech page:

Noomap is a novel breakthrough internet technology innovation purpose-built to empower Synergistic Co-creation.  Prophecised by a generation of futurists, Noomap is a catalytic enabling technology for a dawning age of collaboration.  Mimicking the most powerful computer on the planet – the human mind – Noomap invites users to play in the powerful and magical universe of a global brain simulation.  Heralded by Teilhard de Jardin as humanity’s omega point, Noomap’s digital brain awakens our fullest creative potential as a conscious and wholly interconnected species.

holonic ness

Noomap stores data in holons, mimicking the cellular and interconnected way our brains organise information.  Holons are circular, grabbable and graphical cells of data.  They can be visually arranged in maps, cloned, copied, mailed, shuffled, nested and clustered.  Any kind of information can be ‘holonified’ – a blog, an idea, a book, a presentation, a video.  Using holons instead of websites and web pages is akin to using MP3 instead of CDs; it’s simply a way more versatile and creative way to interact with information.

sounds like hosted-life-bits


intro’d to noomap via Michel‘s fb share:

report on the Synergy Hub in the Netherlands by Amanda Jansen :…/…/1290970467626285…

“After 2 months of intense evaluation, this was the third time I was back at Synergy Hub. Juryt Abma invited me the first time by tagging me in a picture of him on my world map and in this way guaranteed the necessary boundaries for me to hold the space well.
I remembered the good times and also had taken enough time off to evaluate.
I joined the 11.11 meeting in the morning and presented the swift change from ‘peeling off the masculine’ to ‘the return of the masculine’ in the I Ching. And the dance and dynamics between the feminine and masculine on the basis of last week and how that dynamics work in an open setting and hack space where we are stripping off the current system. So much at times that we miss structures or ‘doing’ like we were used to.
Part of my being upset lies in these dynamics. It took me one month to evaluate the Synergy Hub and my increased sensitivity as well as group dynamics and spiritual developments involved in the software project of Noomap & Synergy Hub Network. Literally this was a kind of deprogramming and getting back to the linear world. And one more month to evaluate simultaneously my involvement with seeing the bigger picture when it comes to marginality of p2p initiatives within the wider context of the powers that ‘be’. Involving new themes such as mind control, the context of illuminati and global political schemes that I wasn’t aware of. The reason for this was lying outside of the Synergy Hub and involves a long Skype thread and exchange about these subjects that tested my involvement in p2p quite seriously.
Also I updated with Meesteren on the status of the building, developments with surrounding parties involved. An amount of 2,9 million euro’s is needed urgently as an investment to keep hold of the building and the collaboration between Noomap & Synergy Hub Network, United Earth and Meesteren Foundation – Stichting Meesteren. I will be involved in communications about the project via Meesteren Foundation – Stichting Meesteren and finetune this week. This is news and an update! Cc. Michel Bauwens.
And S7 Foundation or Noomap & Synergy Hub Network presented the outcomes of a collaboration with Trinfinity Academy and Bentinho Massaro and their trip to St. Thomas for the Unifying of the Awakened Ones and their new developments on the holonic internet H4OME, a new app Electron and their new journey to the Sunrise Ranche in Colorado for the EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES- INNOVATION SUMMIT on January 26th-29th being hosted by Best of Humanity, Planetary Mission, & Sunrise Ranch,

sunrise ranch

as well as an extended stay for deeper relationship building and explorations.…/unifying-the-awakened-ones…
My overall conclusion is that the Synergy Hub is a special place and an ongoing experiment of embodiment of ‘unenslavement practice’ or

a life which consists of following your passion and highest bliss as well as creating a societal reality that stops exclusion permanently.

A deepening of p2p concepts, creating commons and conscious living (teal for organizations and beyond). In this journey trust is stronger than discernment.


In the end it is the coherence between people that leads to a deep change or shift in awareness and actions. Over focused projects and polarization in general do not contribute to scale good intentions globally. The specialty is that all polarizations are slowly woven out of the project, so that coherence and resonance can come into being. Simultaneously it is the most diverse project that I have ever seen and participated in until now!
Being together in a building of 11.000 m2 facilitates different groups to co-habitate and undo the silo’s and boundaries we are normally bound by. In the entire building transactions are nearly made undone. There are no formal roles and positions nearly. And a field of different energies coheres and blends fine! It took some time though to settle this. And an intense experiment like this can be quite demanding once you really let go and dive into it fully.
Undoing silo’s gives a kind of vulnerability. There is literally nothing to hide behind or from. And all are responsible for cleaning, reception shift 24/7, cooking and creating a nice living climate. With no locks (it is a former elderly home for fire department rules it cannot be installed, but it also doesn’t fit the living climate) and shared facilities for cooking, living rooms and bathrooms. Of course this does not come without challenges.
And Noomap & Synergy Hub Network also has the specialty of being a hackspace and living experiment of emergent processes and a deepening of awareness and resonance as a group in order to create a ‘social seed fractal’ of alternative living which can be scaled globally together with the ‘silo-busting’ software. Which means that the group cohered intensely and is going through a serious group development on many levels.
The project as it is will be able to continue within this building minimum until the end of March and longer when the now existing resonance and coherence blends into a funding to continue this brilliant experiment!
When you want to know more about this project or when you are interested to invest, please ping me.
Or invest in Noomap & Synergy Hub Network via:

We have been invited to Sunrise Ranch in Colorado for both the EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES- INNOVATION SUMMIT on January 26th-29th being hosted by Best of Humanity, Planetary Mission, & Sunrise Ranch, as well as for an extended stay for deeper relationship building and explorations.

About the Summit:
‘The Best of Technology serving the Best of Humanity’

The ‘Planetary Mission’ Invites Co-creators to Connect World-Wide for a Planetary Awakening. To fulfill this great purpose we have joined with ‘Best of Humanity’ whose mission is to provide empowering tools to leaders that are already doing amazing work for humanity and with Sunrise Ranch Ecovillage. We invite high tech leaders to Explore Emerging Consciousness Around Linked Data Systems, Distributed Social Networks, 3G/VR Gamified Matchmaking and Interconnecting, and Decentralized Databases of the Future.

We have been generously gifted accommodations for the core 4 of the noomap team to not only attend the Summit but also for the entire month of February so we can dive deep in reconnecting with Barbara Marx Hubbard


and continue working more closely than ever with some dear co-creators, as well as being able to leverage the momentum that is sure to unfold at the Summit. Post summit, there is a good chance we will be part of a larger team which stewards and guides a planetary co-creation of technologies that are truly fit for the next stage of evolution and co-creative living. We feel this opportunity to have our voice and experience included is vital for our evolution, and for the massive collaboration about to unfold

wow.. this whole go fund page …

the description, intentions and vision couldn’t be more aligned with the trajectory we’ve been on, and the intentions we have as a community, and as a socio-technological platform. This Summit is exactly where we need to be next. As you will find from reading the press release linked below (and if you are able to skim some more of the documents and our website) — we have tremendous value to add to this Summit and it’s mission. We feel we are part of the conscious evolution lineage, and we are here to be key players with significant pieces of the puzzle to contribute. We have been living these ideas, intentions and lifestyles the past four years– researching, developing, experiencing what it means to be spiritual philanthropists, enlightened technologists, social architects and decent human beings! There is so much more to learn, and, yet we arrive at this moment with a huge amount to share with the field concerning every aspect of this Summit’s intentions. From tech to co-creation, to social architecture, to reimagining philanthropy, etc — we walk the path we talk about.

This event in Colorado, and next round of the spiral with Barbara Marx Hubbard feels like a critical step for us to begin sharing with the larger field (of resonant co-creators) what we have learned and what we have to offer to the collective mission of manifesting sacred technologies in service to life.

Here is an exec summary of Synergy Space as well as related document. Please understand these are works in progress. Nonetheless, I find them exciting and valuable.
Synergy Space
Reinventing Self Organization/Synergy Hub 1.0


Bret A Warshawsky

Gathering tonight in this amazing temporary space we call synergy hub, with all the lovely people, and realising we probably can’t stay, unless we buy the building.

Realising how Awesome everyone here is and the value we are creating.

So, in case of a miracle, letting the youniverse know we are seeking to connect with enlightened investor (or group of them) and/or straight up philanthropists to jump in quickly and Cocreate with us. We won’t be selling any part of the technology but there is impact investment opportunity in the Building (think impact hubs) and ability to invest in some of the software being produced and then getting license to resell, so people can get roi if we have a creative conversation.. just not doing venture capital thing of selling shares of a company when it comes to Noomap and all we are developing on tech side.

Maybe tomorrow you’ll bump into somebody!!!

I’m inspired to at least make our needs known .. 3-10 million.. because we all here (and all people) deserve this opportunity to shine all the way and transcend financial limits into superabundance.

I don’t have a snappy two pager so looking for people who could jump into a Skype call and make an impulsive, intuitive, and resonant decision to invest and/or gift.

We are doing our thing anyway, and will have more engaging story and plans and offers etc in the meantime, looking for a Hail Mary!!!


jul 2016 – Noomap: Beyond the Linear Internet

chris: epigenic robotics

11 min – chris – experience.. lonely.. 2011 dropped out of culture.. things got cosmic.. had to re interpret .. everything.. more about what’s happening inside us..

sounds like crazywise talk

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

19 min – bret: 2011 – self inquiry via diagnosis of psychosis/meds…

22 min – bret: bridge of tech and consciousness..

transforming perceived mental illness into a blessing..

mental health

24 min – john: tech as the thing that can wake us up

25 min – chris: w noomap.. have piece of tech on 6th version.. changing name to h^4ome (home holonomic holographic holistic meta environment)… but noomap as it’s currently defined is kind of like a fractal mindmap.. made of *holons..  what i came to realize.. a system is always part of larger system..and contains smaller.. so system is a holonic.. so when we start mapping info… think more holistically.. thinking more non-linearly… **using space/size/color to communicate..


**no words ness – since words tend to trap us linearly

27 min – chris: noosphere points to the.. global mind/brain.. the sphere of human thought

28 min – chris: when thinking about thinking.. realize.. my mind is not separate from other minds.. i am the earth talking to the earth

holmgren indigenous law

30 min – chris: when mapping as holons.. using something more similar to brain.. fractal .. so why shouldn’t we story info that way.. nature doesn’t use same geometry we’re used to..uses more fractal.. apply to web.. end up with new web..

fractal thinking

zoom dance ness

32 min – chris: web reflects our consciousness to a degree.. with noomap.. instead of accessing website.. accessing a holon..

34 min – chris: on being in more than one place at once.. in practice.. everything is a holon..

35 min – andrea: what often happens behind scenes.. use data bases .. people control them..  so when saw original noomap (black with white circles).. seeing ability for user to create own data structures w ability to talk to other’s data structures..

io dance ness

36 min – andrea: means we are beginning to dictate what we want to share.. in terms of a society.. a bottom up communication system.. individual back in control.. what they share and how they interact.. build in distributed structures to honor the cell..

self-talk as data

37 min – andrea: what i hadn’t seen before.. what this ability to allow this mini data objects and allow them to interact..


38 min – chris: rather than pre determining the forms you fill in and the structure.. it allows users to create that themselves.. so it’s like.. on a diff level.. almost just mirroring the way the brain works.. so leaves a lot of space for individual self-expression and can be customized to do.. anything

structure less ness

39 min – chris: i started thinking monetary.. but then.. manifestation.. co-creation of reality itself.. very difficult challenge to explain it.. so maleable..

40 min – chris: like home.. as a os for global computer.. what we’re doing on ethereum


41 min – bret: the good news.. it works.. we’ve been using it for 2 years.. we’re building something that we need..  we wanting to be in space of synergy.. i’ve been mapping my visions/intentions..  what would it be like if we always focus on vision/intention..

43 min – bret: the system itself seems to be working as an actual thought ware

43 min – andrea: what you see with new tech.. new social arises.. if we can just get people to *map their true.. selves… creates the synergies between those maps..**people can self org based on what is true for them..

*2 convos [as the day] on a mech/chip

**eudaimoniative surplus

44 min – andrea: noomap works from inside out..  says .. what is your passion/purpose

daily curiosity.. app/chip input

part of the holon/fractal ness.. can’t be partial.. ie: can’t just have tech and not free people up for the whole day.. for (blank)’s sakeso.. let’s do this firstfree art-ists

45 min – andrea: on being too big to understand.. but it’s finding connections

talking have\need ness

46 min – bret: here are a lot of diff passions i’ve mapped

what if didn’t have to map them.. or even list them.. what if just came out in daily self-talk.. and it connects you everyday with the others.. really shortening time between intention and (local) action..

49 min – bret: can invite people..

imagine not having to invite… imagine tech working that synergy out.. thinking that will keep people truer to self..

50 min – bret: it’s beyond project management.. it’s crowd creation


51 min – chris.. to facil co-creation.. main application.. one thing we need to get out of matrix.. a new matrix.. new ways of creating/distributing *energy.. to empower **self-org.. so humanity can get itself out of mess it’s in.. literally/spontaneously co-create a new matrix.. co creating a new lifestyle.. includes bi.. access to everything created.. unconditional sharing.. the value of working as ***one

indeed *energy\ness  via **self org  as ***one

54 min – chris: want to scale it to everyone.. a new lifestyle that will go viral

a nother way book

57 min – andrea: looking at language systems that can speak to any

idiosyncratic jargon

58 min – q&a

1:02 – bret: return on imagination is what we’re about

imagination ness

1:03 – chris: changing our relationship to money.. we really are money less.. we’ve let go of our resistance of money.. we want to use money to .. speed things up .. not everyone is ready to jump out of the new paradigm..

short bp ness

money\less ness

1:07 – andrea: not money to money less.. but competition to synergy.. whole is greater than the parts.. the dna of noomap

1:08 – chris: we can do this.. in a very short space of time.. ie: start using ethereum and bypass govt.. once everyone shares.. and doing things from joy.. everyone doing what they like.. it’s super abundance…

disengaging from irrelevants.. and gershenfeld sel.. toward eudaimoniative surplus

1:11 – john: nobody free till all free

none of us are free


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Noomap is a holonic, mind-like technology revolutionising communication, collaboration and co-creation. Navigate imaginal worlds of perception and possibilities

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