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intro’d to Bret via Michel‘s share of noomap on fb

Bret Warshawsky, Gift Civilisation

Bret is Noomap’s maverick visionary intent upon participating in a new cultural story, a paradigm of co-creation and abundance for all. Bret loves to experience people and communities connecting through their dreams, resources and gifts. He sees the possibilities for collaboration and co-creation as our doorway to a loving and novel planetary culture of prosperity and spiritual philanthropy. Bret’s background in mental health campaigning, psychosocial rehabilitation and new paradigm projects give him the ‘inside story’ on what planetary healing looks like personally and collectively.


jul 2016 – Noomap: Beyond the Linear Internet

chris: epigenic robotics

11 min – chris: experience.. lonely.. 2011 dropped out of culture.. things got cosmic.. had to re interpret .. everything.. more about what’s happening inside us..

sounds like crazywise talk

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

19 min – bret: 2011 – self inquiry via diagnosis of psychosis/meds…

22 min – bret: bridge of tech and consciousness..

transforming perceived mental illness into a blessing..

mental health

24 min – john: tech as the thing that can wake us up

25 min – chris: w noomap.. have piece of tech on 6th version.. changing name to h^4ome (home holonomic holographic holistic meta environment)… but noomap as it’s currently defined is kind of like a fractal mindmap.. made of *holons..  what i came to realize.. a system is always part of larger system..and contains smaller.. so system is a holonic.. so when we start mapping info… think more holistically.. thinking more non-linearly… **using space/size/color to communicate..


**no words ness – since words tend to trap us linearly

27 min – chris: noosphere points to the.. global mind/brain.. the sphere of human thought

28 min – chris: when thinking about thinking.. realize.. my mind is not separate from other minds.. i am the earth talking to the earth

holmgren indigenous law

30 min – chris: when mapping as holons.. using something more similar to brain.. fractal .. so why shouldn’t we story info that way.. nature doesn’t use same geometry we’re used to..uses more fractal.. apply to web.. end up with new web..

fractal thinking

zoom dance ness

32 min – chris: web reflects our consciousness to a degree.. with noomap.. instead of accessing website.. accessing a holon..

34 min – chris: on being in more than one place at once.. in practice.. everything is a holon..

35 min – andrea: what often happens behind scenes.. use data bases .. people control them..  so when saw original noomap (black with white circles).. seeing ability for user to create own data structures w ability to talk to other’s data structures..

io dance ness

36 min – andrea: means we are beginning to dictate what we want to share.. in terms of a society.. a bottom up communication system.. individual back in control.. what they share and how they interact.. build in distributed structures to honor the cell..

self-talk as data

37 min – andrea: what i hadn’t seen before.. what this ability to allow this mini data objects and allow them to interact..


38 min – chris: rather than pre determining the forms you fill in and the structure.. it allows users to create that themselves.. so it’s like.. on a diff level.. almost just mirroring the way the brain works.. so leaves a lot of space for individual self-expression and can be customized to do.. anything

structure less ness

39 min – chris: i started thinking monetary.. but then.. manifestation.. co-creation of reality itself.. very difficult challenge to explain it.. so maleable..

40 min – chris: like home.. as a os for global computer.. what we’re doing on ethereum


41 min – bret: the good news.. it works.. we’ve been using it for 2 years.. we’re building something that we need..  we wanting to be in space of synergy.. i’ve been mapping my visions/intentions..  what would it be like if we always focus on vision/intention..

43 min – bret: the system itself seems to be working as an actual thought ware

43 min – andrea: what you see with new tech.. new social arises.. if we can just get people to *map their true.. selves… creates the synergies between those maps..**people can self org based on what is true for them..

*2 convos [as the day] on a mech/chip

**eudaimoniative surplus

44 min – andrea: noomap works from inside out..  says .. what is your passion/purpose

daily curiosity.. app/chip input

part of the holon/fractal ness.. can’t be partial.. ie: can’t just have tech and not free people up for the whole day.. for (blank)’s sakeso.. let’s do this firstfree art-ists

45 min – andrea: on being too big to understand.. but it’s finding connections

talking have\need ness

46 min – bret: here are a lot of diff passions i’ve mapped

what if didn’t have to map them.. or even list them.. what if just came out in daily self-talk.. and it connects you everyday with the others.. really shortening time between intention and (local) action..

49 min – bret: can invite people..

imagine not having to invite… imagine tech working that synergy out.. thinking that will keep people truer to self..

50 min – bret: it’s beyond project management.. it’s crowd creation


51 min – chris.. to facil co-creation.. main application.. one thing we need to get out of matrix.. a new matrix.. new ways of creating/distributing *energy.. to empower **self-org.. so humanity can get itself out of mess it’s in.. literally/spontaneously co-create a new matrix.. co creating a new lifestyle.. includes bi.. access to everything created.. unconditional sharing.. the value of working as ***one

indeed *energy\ness  via **self org  as ***one

54 min – chris: want to scale it to everyone.. a new lifestyle that will go viral

a nother way book

57 min – andrea: looking at language systems that can speak to any

idiosyncratic jargon

58 min – q&a

1:02 – bret: return on imagination is what we’re about

imagination ness

1:03 – chris: changing our relationship to money.. we really are money less.. we’ve let go of our resistance of money.. we want to use money to .. speed things up .. not everyone is ready to jump out of the new paradigm..

short bp ness

money\less ness

1:07 – andrea: not money to money less.. but competition to synergy.. whole is greater than the parts.. the dna of noomap

1:08 – chris: we can do this.. in a very short space of time.. ie: start using ethereum and bypass govt.. once everyone shares.. and doing things from joy.. everyone doing what they like.. it’s super abundance…

disengaging from irrelevants.. and gershenfeld sel.. toward eudaimoniative surplus

1:11 – john: nobody free till all free

none of us are free


trying to take this all in.. Andrea.. Chris..

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on video shared.. 20 min andrea: how can we create a system that awakens people..

that’s it.. but has to be holon.. ie: a nother way