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Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 7:00 AM – 27 May 2017 :

“The Token Economy: It is time we all *get paid for every single job we do” by @dentacoin (

and after too many convos/readings/et-al.. where people are thinking if we just replace currency with tokens we’ll be good.. while i’m just thinking.. they are one and the same.. both seek to measure/validate transactions.. and so .. compromise us.. (ie: 10 day care ness)

*get paid for every single job we do..? what about interpretive labor et al… who measures/validates/pays-for that..?

let’s go the other way.. and disengage from pay.. from *tokenizing us..

tokenism: The effort of including a token employee to a workforce is usually intended to create the impression of social inclusiveness and diversity (racial, religious, sexual, etc.) in order to deflect accusations of social discrimination.


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a nother way.. sans measuring/validating/tokenizing.. us


Useful assemblage of reminders of what the Internet is and why it matters, from @jvantill

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@leashless Please give us your views on Tokens

tying token ness to internet appreciation piece:

IMHO Internet = the most complex worldwide communication system ever built by humans, with the help of computer science, electronics and optics.

let’s not token ize that

The formal definition (which I checked with my fellow internet technology engineers) is posted on an earlier blog of mine:

” An internet, network of networks, is a voluntary agreement among network operators to exchange traffic for their mutual benefit.  (The Internet is a prototype internet.) That’s all — it’s an agreement.
It’s not a network, or a Thing of any kind.  Part of the agreement is to exchange routing information.  In order to reduce conflict, IANA assigns address blocks.
well.. that’s what we’re making it.. but has potential for what you penned
thoughts on tokens – @balajis
the world has changed. Tokens represent a *1000X improvement over the status quo, and **those don’t come around very often.
*a nother way reps infinity x improvement .. ie: back to us.. **exactly.. and we’re missing it