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If you want to do good and preserving acts you must think and act locally.

…a good act, to be good must be acceptable to what Alexander Pope called “the genius of the place”. This calls for local knowledge, local skills, and local love that virtually none of us has, ..


6 yrs later.. book by helena (below) comes out.. that ends with her convo w wendell


Pete Fillery (@petefillery) tweeted at 5:27 AM – 20 Dec 2019 :
“If you join the #local #food movement, you’ll be helping to #restore, not only #wildlife, you’ll #help to #renew #water sources, you’ll be helping to #reduce the need for #energy” ~ @HelenaNHodge & @DrDCWahl
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helena and daniel on local is our future (notes from book here) – 1:24 video

1 min – h: if we don’t help people to focus on the necessity of econ change.. i think we’re doomed

4 min – d: we’re getting distracted if we look at all the outcomes.. symptoms of underlying disease.. dysfunctioning econ system.. convo is much more mainstream than 5-20 yrs ago

6 min – h: more leaders in all realms recognizing we need change.. higher up power ladder see world thru grid of numbers.. very little info reaching them that points out need for localization..  i’ve seen enormous shift in the language.. but in actual fact.. i see continuing and a commitment to continuing (the old growth mindset)..t

9 min – h: (i see) nothing you could talk about as genuine improvement..

11 min – d: on quantity vs quality

h: there would be quantifiable aspects one could look at.. ie: degree of pollution in air/water; how much green around them; health; .. that we should mention and insist on .. and don’t forget that everything runs on a system that commercializes life.. an insanity that any of us are allowing gdp to continue as a measure

13 min – d: so why .. so many people working on this.. why aren’t we shifting

14 min – h: free trade treaties have actually been about de regulating global..  so treaties that look beneficial to public are extremely destructive.. give more corps more freedom.. convincing govt to give more money to global and reg/tax national/local more

20 min – (d: leverage points?) h: trade treaties – re reg at global level – banks/corps; national/local de reg; lack of control in media;

27 min – h: on teachers/dr’s less time.. because of bureaucracy and centralized system.. management of more people at distance

32 min – d: on building alt system.. where do you see hope

33 min – h: for me.. so many benes from stronger local econs.. but rather difficult task.. so encouraging people to reconnect

39 min – h: it’s about changing the i to a we..

h: we need civic society at the table.. build up movement that demands that.. to recapture democracy 1\ awareness in movements – move away from single issue focus

deeper – maté basic needs

2 convers as infra.. via tech as it could be.. (rather than more at the table.. every voice heard.. every day.. and use that as data to augment our interconnectedness

43 min – h: i am trying to urge people to do both.. rather than local and then global

50 min – d: when we understand it is about creating many diff cultural diversities in place.. we begin to re treasure our diversity

51 min – h: very few westerners understand that.. the plural, the diversity, the deep connection between people and natural place.. and that’s why localization is so fundamental.. and why latest tech systems need to be questioned because they promote the global.. it’s all so much about awareness of this bigger picture.. a wake up that can be helped when people like us put out this perspective of the bigger picture.. but even listen to body.. a way humankind could come back.. to a deep/joyous life/wisdom.. we just need to help try to speed up the process.. we should not wait for that system to collapse

not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way

54 min – d: on the danger in recent years.. in the convo at local level.. initially agree.. then suddenly other little bits of discourse come in and realize talking to right wing.. against.. ie: right wing nazis supporting local..

55 min – h: what i’ve come across more is people on left assuming that localization look like that.. i’m trying to remember if there are any truly localizing.. ie: self reliant.. i don’t think i’ve met right wing on localization.. might like addition of market.. and for left.. i think there’s fear.. need to talk about tourism (and even immigration) on threatening local communities.. and ability to look out for self

1:06 – d: when we look at building alliances.. issues.. ed/media have brainwashed a large part of humanity into believing this growth/progress/competitive story..when you get to point.. we all should have more of a say and hear everybody’s voice.. the voices you hear are feeding back the results of bad media/ed work of 30-40 years.. so collabs hearing a lot of mis info in room.. very often demagogues have got into power because of that..

1:07 – d: not ideologically but idealistically.. i would love for all of us to sit in a circle and make decisions that hear everybody’s voice.. and every time i’ve done it w a diverse group.. i very quickly got frustrated w the amount of ignorance in the room based on bad ed/manipulation of telling the wrong story.. how do  you see that working out..t

perhaps we have this all backwards.. every voice heard.. spot on.. and everyday.. but curiosity way over decision making

1:08 – h: thru very sophisticated think tanks using bn’s of dollars.. we’re being told to be the perfect democracy inside a system that is fundamentally hierarchical..  and every day exerting more pressure.. manipulated into a supposed perfect demo structure.. which in my experience has never existed ever..t..  ie: ladakh.. very clear didn’t all have same voice..

yeah.. that’s a backwards vision.. the equity is in listening to every voice.. no judgment.. using that as data to augment our interconnectedness


1:09 – h: very lucky (ladakh) to be in a structure where most things had been tested/tried.. so for most things.. wasn’t even a need for a discussion .. and when there was there were people who were clearly looked up to.. so let’s be careful here.. and realize we can’t create the change we need to see by trying to be this completely level consensus making structure.. to me .. does not make sense.. t

perhaps because whole/alive life is not about consensus..

h: having said that.. of course want to move in a more democratic direction as we’re trying to create these new models.. ways of living

1::11 – (wrapping up w talking about book) h: only diff.. wendell berry hasn’t been involved globally like i have.. he’s one of the pioneers of localization movement..

1:16 – h: i believe we long to come home to deep connection w world.. and that journey back home is about rebuilding these invisible connections.. t

holmgren indigenous law

ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

1:17 – h: not so much about econ of happiness.. but about understanding this man made artificial system.. the econ of deep unhappiness.. deep ill health.. so really talking about econ of unhappiness vs cultures of happiness.. might sound romantic.. but i see it on a daily basis.. t


local is our future

local futures

local food shift


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