the thing(s) you can’t not do

in a conversation with Thomas & Bennett – Bennett asked where we first heard the phrase..

the thing you can't not do

i responded with – Seth Godin‘s linchpin.. (and i’m pretty sure that’s right, and i was going to check, but then i started thinking of intellectual property and the – i’m never just me ness – and the many times i’ve heard the phrase in so many places. and wondering about Bennett’s purpose in asking.. perhaps less about accolading one person and more about connecting with that thinking through that person’s work.. more of a – where can i find out more – than a – let’s give an award. long side track here – but this mindset is huge to equity. the luxury of 7 billion people finding the thing they can’t not do – which Seth calls – your art – is huge to equity and sustainability of that equity. huge to us.)


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Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Gaiman Describe Vision & Brilliance

(thank you upworthy for yet another incredible find)

if everyone had the luxury to pursue the life of exactly what they loved

we’d all be visionary and brilliant   – deGrasse Tyson

we get to look good – because we get to do what we want...



The goal of a compassionate economy, therefore, is not to provide “jobs,” as most liberal politicians seem to think. Once work has become mechanical, it is in a sense too late — inhuman work might as well be done by machines. I cannot help but remark on the inanity of economic programs that seek to make more “jobs,” as if we needed more goods and more services. Why do we want to create more jobs? It is so people have money to live. For that purpose, they might as well dig holes in the ground and fill them up again, as Keynes famously quipped. Present economic policies attempt just that: witness the current efforts to reignite housing construction at a time when there are 19 million vacant housing units in the United States! (3)  Wouldn’t it be better to pay people to do nothing at all, and free up their creative energy to meet the urgent needs of the world?                       – Charles Einsenstein, Sacred Economics


hard to imagine 7 billion people doing – the thing they can’t not do…?

take a listen/look at Iwaan Baan‘s work/art…

people are amazing.. and we really do have all we need… we just need to set ourselves free from all the micro-managing.. ness… no?


Charles on londonreal dec 2013:

The Most Important Message For A 20 Year Old (any age)

fittingnessthe thing you can’t not do – there is never nothing going on





the things we don’t need incentives for.. our fittingness