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intro’d to Chance the Rapper via Cristian.. pictured above with Brayan and Delaney.

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imagine a quiet revolution.. based on everyday thinking.

ie: all cities/spaces/places set free. so that everyone has the luxury to learn/do/be. all day. as the day.


dec 2014:

My mentor passed away today. I love him and know he walks with God now.

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You know that feeling when your elder passes and you feel like they’re not done teaching you?

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may 2015: on youmedia ness:



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Chancelor Bennett (born April 16, 1993), better known by his stage name Chance The Rapper, is an American hip hop recording artist from the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, he began to gain major recognition following the release of his second mixtape Acid Rap.


Every choice he’s made up to this point has been about preserving his own autonomy; now he’s wondering where to go next with it. He wants to write a screenplay, or found a theater; or maybe he’ll just give away another record. The point is, he can choose. “Because, you know, I don’t know, not to sound like an asshole, but I’m paid. I definitely am getting money.”

so.. let’s make that happen for all of us.. it won’t work.. unless it’s all of us..

luxury.. to do .. whatever..

a nother way..


deray mckesson (@deray) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 22 Oct 2016 :

.@chancetherapper’s video for “How Great” is incredible. (


ziggy (who wrote it) and chance and..



After a Twitter exchange, Chance the Rapper met with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner

“Thank you Governor, I would love to have meeting with you this week if possible,” he tweeted.

i would love to meet with you Chance.. there’s a nother way.. for all of us.. for (blank)’s sake


Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) tweeted at 9:04 PM – 6 Mar 2017 :

After donating $1 million to CPS, Chance the Rapper had a message for Gov. Rauner: “Do your job” (

The rapper had promised via Twitter to present a plan for CPS. But at an afternoon news conference, Chance said it wasn’t his job to propose policy and instead promoted a fundraising campaign while urging Rauner to act.

a nother way man.. a nother way

“Gov. Rauner can use his executive power to give Chicago’s children the resources they need to fulfill their God-given right to learn,” the artist said.

The $1 million donation, which Chance presented in a novelty-sized check, will come from ticket sales from an upcoming tour and will go to CPS’ fundraising arm. The musician also announced a series of $10,000 donations to 10 individual city schools.


Chance and Rauner met in Chicago on Friday to discuss CPS funding, a session the musician on Monday described as “unsuccessful.”


Schools waiting for an outcome include Westcott, the site of the musician’s news conference and a highly rated campus in the West Chatham neighborhood that educates students who are almost exclusively black and poor. In addition to the $1 million donation, Chance presented a $10,000 check to Westcott.

“This isn’t about politics, this isn’t about posturing. This is about taking care of the kids. Everybody and their momma knows about what’s going on in Chicago, it’s constantly talked about. But we’re about to *enhance the conversation,” the rapper said.

let’s not enhance the convo.. let’s change it.. ie: 2 convos the day.. a nother way..



Our donations link is back up and running now! Thank you for your overwhelming response yesterday guys #SupportCPS

SocialWorks aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth throughout Chicago.
By using this framework for our interactive spaces and experiences, SocialWorks hopes to nurture local talent and open new doors much like what its co-founder Chance The Rapper has done in the music industry.
By utilizing grassroots marketing and staying true to his vision, Chance has become the first streaming artist to be nominated for and win a Grammy. Together, SocialWorks and friends hope to move forward with the same spirit of innovation, bringing the city and its youth together.

The Approach

To inspire creativity, to build dreams, to let you be, you.

how to be you



Francis Maxwell (@francis_maxwell) tweeted at 5:20 PM on Tue, Mar 07, 2017:
As republicans vow to destroy Public Education @chancetherapper reminds us of a crucially important area of concern

Chance represents the millions of concerned Chicago residents who have been vocalizing their outrage for years, but do not have a microphone or platform to speak from, and have had to sit by and watch their schools deteriorate due to financial mismanagement by government officials.


That is why celebrity gestures like Chance The Rapper’s are so important. Because he has the power to spark outrage and refocus attention on the conversation surrounding public education that at times becomes buried unless brought to light by a Betsy DeVos mishap or a celebrity speaker.


mar 2017 – xiuhtezcatl with chance the rapper

“I love what he does, his message and how everything he does has positivity behind it,” Martinez says. “He’s a really amazing storyteller.”

nice.. two of my favs for change

Last year, Raury direct messaged Martinez on Instagram asking for a collaboration, which led to the two kicking it with Jaden Smith and a track feature on the Georgia rapper’s upcoming album

and other change guy.. – jaden

This intersection between action and art

“The most important music of our times are what reflects the greatest issues that happened,” Martinez says of the ongoing battles indigenous peoples fight.

a nother way – set us all free  [has to be allfor (blank)’s sake]


may i have this dance feat



90 people hospitalized with alcohol intoxication after Chance the Rapper concert in Hartford, Conn., official says

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fb share by George:

If you are searching for a moment of pure joy – look no further than this video. Song starts at 2:50. If I am taking your picture in the near future this is what I am singing in my head. If you see me hiking…this is what I am singing (albeit to myself!). If you see me day dreaming….
Love that this recording is on a morning show in Chicago. Magic from nothing.