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michael franti


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there’s got to be a better way..

you and me could make that change..

we better start today.

a revolution is a battle between the future and the past.. the battles never over but the futures gonna last

there is just one love..

just one beat..


i’m alive.. 2013:

life sounds like…

everybody wants me to be who they want me to be except you..


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Michael Franti (born April 21, 1966) is an American poet, musician, and composer. He is the creator and lead vocalist of Michael Franti & Spearhead, a band that blends hip hop with a variety of other styles including funk, reggae, jazz,folk, and rock. He is also an outspoken supporter for a wide spectrum of peace and social justice issues.

In an interview, Franti talked about the message of Stay Human: “Half the record is songs about what’s happening in the world right now, and the other half is about how we cope with it as people who are concerned about what’s going on”, he said. “This specter of war, intimidation, this nation vs. the rest of the world, it wears us out. Half the record is a healthy dose of venting anger about that, and the other half is about how do we hold on to our spirituality, our community and our connectedness to each other.

Franti and Spearhead have gained a worldwide audience through touring and appearances in alternative media like Mother Jones magazine and Democracy Now!. Franti continues to tour in addition to producing the annual Power to the Peaceful festival each year since 1998. The festival originated as a way of supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been convicted of murdering a policeman but is considered by some on the Left to be a political prisoner. 

Franti is also an advocate for peace in the Middle East. His film I Know I’m Not Alone features footage of Iraq, the Palestinian territories, and Israel. Franti decided to embark on this three week journey with friends to view the cost of war in the Middle East first-hand. Franti states, “This film came out of my frustration with watching the nightly news and hearing generals, politicians, and pundits explaining the political and economic cost of the war in the Middle East, without ever mentioning the human cost. I wanted to hear about the war by the people affected by it most: doctors, nurses, poets, artists, soldiers, and my personal favorite, musicians.” The film aims to speak multiple generations and to give people a better understanding of the people who still live in war-torn countries. He did not embark on the trip for the film with any special government groups or organizations, but instead bought plane tickets and headed off to Iraq, the Palestinian territories, and Israel armed with nothing more than his guitar and an extreme passion for music and a love of people. He says, “When I first had the idea for this journey, I had no idea how to get to Iraq and almost no idea how to make a film. After discovering that all you need to get into Iraq is a plane ticket, I prayed that movie making would be that simple…”


In 2000, Franti decided not to wear any shoes, initially for three days. Since then, Franti has chosen to go barefoot except for occasionally wearing flip-flops as required to board an airplane or to be served in a restaurant. Franti prefers to go barefoot.


short  –  model another way.




proposal video (sara):

life is better with you..


mar 2016


63+ people killed by suicide bomber in a park in #Pakistan. Why? WTF! It’s time to look more… instagram.com/p/BDeMY2EDxg9/

63+ people killed by suicide bomber in a park in #Pakistan. Why? WTF! It’s time to look more closely at the roots of these kinds of attacks and ask why are they happening so much. It’s never as simple as political leaders, pundits and news media make it out to be. Like the war on drugs, the war on terror has failed miserably and cost trillions of dollars and untold numbers of lives in dozens of nations. I don’t have the answers, but clearly the way we’ve been approaching it (Drones, GITMO, soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib prison, Bucca prison camp) is not working. #sadness #frustration#WeCanBombTheWorldToPiecesButWeCantBombItIntoPeace #peace#workforpeace

i might be sitting on an answer…

a nother way


Michael Franti (@michaelfranti) tweeted at 4:53 AM – 7 Oct 2016 :

I am passionate about ending the death penalty and last night I had the honor of joining… https://t.co/WTlriLDZRd(http://twitter.com/michaelfranti/status/784345944397611008?s=17)


#SkollWF moment: “Don’t convince, connect!” @michaelfranti https://t.co/I2iVn05Cgv

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on’t arrive at the protest with a complaint. Come with a **proposal. #change #loveoutloud #soulrocker


Build trust with Syrians and *support their resistance. #refugeesfirst

perhaps better.. *support their freedom..

am coming with a **proposal.. can you hear me

a nother way