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Voting is a method for a group such as a meeting or an electorate to make a decision or express an opinion—often following discussions, debates, or election campaigns. Democracies elect holders of high office by voting.


this finite set of choices mentality is killing us

public consensus always oppresses someone – red flags

what we need (what the soul craves) is curiosity over decision making

david on consensus

moxie on democracy – yay


quotes below are from Eric Liu’s:

liu on brand

Critics such as Brand may be astute in their diagnosis, but they’re deluded in their prescription. There is no such thing as not voting. In a democracy, not voting is voting — for all that you detest and oppose.

perhaps prior to now. perhaps.

but certainly not now. we can now do much better than that.

what if office means less and less…

because voting becomes more of a daily, 24/7 conversation.

millions of 24/7 conversations.. because we can now ground the chaos of 7 billion people finding the bravery to change their mind. every day.

we’re no longer bound to the linear structure of meetings/campaigns/electoral years/terms/etc. we now have the capability for amazingly rich chaordic/decentralized/rhizomatic communities/conversations/gatherings/decisions.

which is great news for humanity.. because then the idea of voting become more about betterness and fittingness..

While abstaining from the ballot can be dressed up as an act of passive resistance, it is in fact an active delivery of power and voice to those who’d like to take advantage of you. Far from weakening an unjust system, not voting only amplifies the system’s pain-inflicting power.

unless it doesn’t.

Politics may indeed be sordid, but it changes only to the extent we aggregate votes.

yeah. perhaps we don’t really even understand/grok the potential of an intense/manifold/minuscule/self-perpetuating/emergent aggregation – of votes.

for humanity..

To be sure, today’s political debate is too narrow, disallowing ideas such as a guaranteed minimum income or single-payer health care. But it also, at least for now, disallows a dismantling of Social Security or repeal of civil rights laws. The question is this: Which set of disallowed ideas would you hate to see become law? And what’s more likely to usher in what you fear — voting or not voting?

sounds just like the ed reformers and innovators..

spinach or rock ness

Brand and his fans speak vaguely of the need for a “revolution” to upend everyday democracy. It turns out everyday democracy already provides for revolution. In the 2012 election, youth voters, low-income voters, Latino voters and Asian voters all turned out at less than 50%. Mobilize 100% of them and our nation’s political priorities become completely different and our government radically more responsive to all the people.

not when the options are set. when the options are set, ie: here’s your list to vote from, we may end up with an incredible event/moment in history, et al, but it won’t truly be a revolution.. not a sustainable/thrivable/ongoing revolution.

there are other ways to – vote – than voting as we know it. assuming that there aren’t.. doesn’t make it true, it just keeps us from truth/potential.


what if we let it be more about a decision, for a gathering/community.. in the context of life.. rather than an event all its own.. that perhaps is currently taking up too much of our time/money/energy .. and then too .. perhaps … is – after all the fanfare/tradition/time lapse of voting ness – no longer the most effective/relevant/humane means of communication/collaboration/co-creation.


from ch 3 of Kevin Carson‘s desktop regulated state:

Bucky’s distributed infrastructure that’s embedded mainly at end points. in recent times – in which the endpoints themselves are routers… wireless meshwork

from digitally enable social change, by Jennifer Earl and Katrina Kimport:

we expect that the ease of participation, then, could produce quick rushes of participation when a call for participation is made. further, these rushes of participation don’t require high relative participation rates.. given that this is true, it is possible to have both flash style activism and varying levels of activity by any given potential participation. if potential participants have time on day and not the next, mobilizations can go forward as long a some people have some time each day..

future govt.. ie: how we vote. 24/7 in the moment.. cost free. then per Bucky‘s interview 1978 – we are paying attention and if we don’t like how it turns out.. we change our minds/direction instantly.


An additional, and major, problem is that convergence strategies aren’t effective at adapting to new situations that require unexpectedly different behaviours (that is to say, they’re not good at improvisation).

On the contrary, the brain lacks any sort of static, centralised structure. “Unity of mind” is constituted through instances of grand-scale synchronization, whereupon different neuronal areas act transiently in coordination. These instances of synchronization have a limited lifespan so the brain doesn’t get stuck in a specific sync-mode.


We believe it’s only a matter time until society organizes to dismantle the electoral space. There are, in fact, various initiatives underway with this purpose in mind.  We predict that only those who have understood the logic of distributed, networked processes of self-organisation and participation will succeed.


John Oliver on state legislatures and alec – nov 2014:


5.85 mill can’t vote – by Marlon:


from Chomsky‘s profit of people:

“wilsonian idealism” … Wilson’s own view was that an elite of gentlemen with “elevated ideals: is needed to preserve “stability and righteousness.” it is the intelligent minority of “responsible men” who must control decision making, another veteran of Wilson’s propaganda committee, Walter Lippmann, explained in his influential essays on democracy. Lippmann was also the most respected figure in us journalism and a noted commentator on public affairs for half a century.

intro’d to Lippmann via Eli Pariser.. revisit

the intelligent minority are a “specialized class” who are responsible for setting policy and for “the formation of a sound public opinion,” Lippmann elaborated. they must be free from interference by the general public who are “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders.” the public must “be put in its place,” Lippmann continued: their “function” is to be “spectators of action,” not participants, apart from periodic electoral exercises when they choose among the specialized class. leaders must be free to operate in “technocratic insulation,” to borrow current world bank terminology.

 pluralistic ignorance ..


from David Graeber‘s revolution in reverse:

All these entities are the product of institutions and institutional practices that, in turn, define certain horizons of possibility. Hence when voting in parliamentary elections one might feel obliged to make a “realistic” choice; in an insurrectionary situation, on the other hand, suddenly anything seems possible.

on voting.. and spinach or rock ness.

Voting booths, television screens, office cubicles, hospitals, the ritual that surrounds them — one might say these are the very machinery of alienation. They are the instruments through which the human imagination is smashed and shattered.


2012 – on not voting – via Quinn Norton


what if our thinking about consensus is what’s getting in the way. i’m seeing Louis‘s magnets pulling the puck. ie: why is there a puck. we have the means now – so why don’t we use tech to coordinate/regroup/re self organize us.. rather than keep on forcing us to consensus.. perhaps we redefine decision making

sans finite set of choices


mar 2016 – pie image where voting stands



6/23/16 8:17 AM
No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.
brexit ness et al
there’s got to be a nother way…
redefine decision making.. disengage from consensus ness
ie: hosting life bits within short ness
Under-18 protester: “Where was my vote? It’s my future” #EUreferendum
everywhere.. not just brexit (xiu).. and not just youth
Why I think the voting age should be lowered to 16-years-old worldwide:
this is so partial.. need to focus energy on deeper solution
@richardbranson are you crazy!? Let a teenager decide the future! As is very stupid ppl are voting!
so partial
wholesystem begs do over

Nancy Kattau (@brandinmotion) tweeted at 2:28 PM – 13 Oct 2016 :

The surprising genius of the “I Voted” sticker by @kelseydollaghan via @FastCoDesign (

great reason.. so you can say you did.. we are so wash’d.. voluntary compliance‘d

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) tweeted at 8:47 PM – 20 Oct 2016 :

There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation. (

crazy how we subliminally bully ourselves to the polls.. so that we can all think we did something.. and slide back into passivity..

why can’t we see that not voting is more legit than going along with the peer pressure.. ie: voluntary compliance et al

this might not be true if there wasn’t a nother way.. to org things.. to org our day.. but today there most certainly is .. so ..


So the final numbers for #ElectionDay are:

231,556,622 eligible voters

46.9% didn’t vote
25.6% voted Clinton
25.5% voted Trump


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Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 6:48 AM – 13 Dec 2016 :

.@Greg_Palast on Michigan’s recount: “They just put them through the bad machines again… It’s a way to not count African-American ballots” (


Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 6:14 AM on Fri, Oct 06, 2017:
Estonia! Electronic backbone enables all kinds of thing… Like voting! @kasparkorjus votes live on stage. #9984

oy.. sounds like clickers in classroom..

we can do better..


Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep) tweeted at 12:05 PM – 5 Oct 2017 :

Single best article I read on why Russia FB effort mattered and how—as well as their true reach. Ads are minor part. (

“A lot of these posts had the intent to get people not to vote,” Albright said.


rushkoff.. mostly on voting

Imran Ali (@imran) tweeted at 4:05 AM – 6 Nov 2018 :
“My friend… when will you be ready to accept that the experiment of democracy has been proven a failure?” @rushkoff (

do we have to accept the sad premise that people are just too dumb, too uninformed, and too easily fooled to vote intelligently or even rationally?

rather.. to think that voting is our only option.. or that it is even humane

Lippmann wrote a book, Public Opinion, in which he reluctantly concluded that the masses *(that’s all of us) were indeed incapable of understanding what was going in the world, much less making intelligent decisions on our own behalf

that’s just it.. it’s not *all of us
ie: public consensus always oppresses someone
We, the people, can’t be truly entrusted with evaluating or actually deciding anything consequential.
another..that’s just it.. the decisions democracy (whatever you call society today) not focusing on decisions that are essential/consequential.. rather.. offering spinach or rock.. finite set of choices
It’s not about finding out how we feel, but getting us to feel the way that serves our best interests—as determined by our benevolent leaders.
this is true.. but most of us have been so voluntarily complianced (manufactured by unconsent)..we have no idea how we feel.. only perhpas how whales in sea world feel
Here’s a radical idea: What if Democrats acted, instead, as if they actually believed in democracy: the ability of American citizens to understand issues and make choices informed by logic
the issue is.. who’s deciding the issues.. it should be all of us.. everyday via ie: cure ios city.. because what we keep spending most of our time/energy/focus/attention on today.. are not essential (essence of) to humanity
What if they stated what they believe in, policy-wise—made their case—and counted on the process to work
what if they (has to be all of us) started w curiosity.. every need to waste time making cases.. and counted on our interconnectedness to dance in sync
But real democracy demands an informed electorate
humanity begs trust (100% or it’s not trust) that each person is enough as is.. no info/training needed .. just time and space ie: rat park.. undisturbed ecosystem .
This midterm election, we still have a chance to remember what it is we’re doing this for. What this is really about. Our role in this process and whether we are up for the challenge
so.. ie: two native americans to congress.. now what..? how much time/energy did they have to spend and will they ongoingly have to spend hoop jumping..
if that weren’t true.. we wouldn’t be in te situation we are now.. ineq.. home less..overdose..suicide
the only way we can effectively defend ourselves against the folks on both sides who would underestimate our intelligence, our competence, and our collective will is to vote.
that’s not even a way today.. (certainly voting is not the only way., dang).. when we have the means to listen to every voice.. everyday.. curiosity vs decisions about spinach or rock (limited options)


You can’t bypass the work of building radical solidarity via elections.
If voting for the revolution could make the revolution, they wouldn’t let us do it.
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on ridiculous ness – voting in egypt

Meanwhile, in Egypt: The electoral commission wants to prosecute 54m people—yes, fifty-four million—who didn’t bother to vote in recent elections for the toothless upper house of parliament.
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If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?
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how are those two things linked?..

we’re giving our time/energy to pr/perpetuate our broken feedback loop


Controversial statements in America
“a min wage worker should pay less taxes than a billionaire or trillion-dollar company”
“a doctor’s visit shouldn’t bankrupt you”
“kids shouldn’t get murdered in school”
“the planet shouldn’t be destroyed”
“all votes should be counted”
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the this is ridiculous ness is that we keep assuming school and work and voting are legit things for human being ness for fittingness


One of the very depressing things about this election, regardless of the end result, is that the US has lost the ability to say “this isn’t who we are” or “we’re better than this” to the rest of the world. If either of those were true, this would have been a landslide. It wasn’t.
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Listen. We should never have said this. And it’s actually good no one can get away with saying it anymore. It’s time to face reality and stop trying to wiggle out of it.
This is who we are. This is who we have always been. So what are we gonna do about that?
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let’s try cure ios city

decision making is unmooring us law


Half of America just voted for a man who doesn’t even believe in voting. I really am on the verge of losing hope for this country.
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Nation waits breathlessly to see if candidate who leads by four million votes will win.
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david on voting