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notes from this talk on Noam and Yanis‘ page

A discussion with Noam Chomsky worth revisiting at this post-Brexit juncture @nypl @holdengraber

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Few people put things in perspective better than @mweller, it just sucks when it’s this devastating.

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Why ‘Take back control’, tho used in a racist & mendacious way by Leave, had another meaning for voters for Brexit:

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The Astounding Reason Many People Don’t Know What They’re Voting For


‘To young people in the UK Brexit is a door closing & a sign that hate is winning’ deeply depressing piece in Quartz

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John Pilger

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the media.

This was, in great part, a vote by those angered and demoralised by the sheer arrogance of the apologists for the “remain” campaign and the dismemberment of a socially just civil life in Britain. The last bastion of the historic reforms of 1945, the National Health Service, has been so subverted by Tory and Labour-supported privateers it is fighting for its life.


6/24/16 4:37 AM
Time to dust off our analysis of Scottish independence #indyref2

Paul Hughes on Brexit!

*I think deep down many of us dream of a diverse and tolerant world that is unified in spirit and cooperation. As a Star Trek fan, the idea of a unified planet Earth always seemed appealing to me. I think in time we will get there. But one thing I have been opposed to for a long time is any kind of further centralization of power. The results are always a decrease in democracy and accountability to the people under it. Although the spirit of a united Europe sounds beautiful, the EU as an actual bureaucracy has been ripe with corruption, unaccountability, lack of transparency and a further consolidation of power into fewer hands, with decisions with continent-wide ramifications, often made behind closed doors. This is the nature of centralized power, as it has always been.

These efforts by the elites at a “New World Order”, or a “One World Government”, are in truth really just smokescreens in their intention to further consolidate power, such that the entire world is under their control. But like all centralized systems, the bigger they get the more fragile they become. Organizations like the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, the Central Banking system, etc. are essentially capitalism’s version of a centrally planned economy (like the Soviet Union had), and we all know how those types of systems work out in the long run. The dissolution of the EU always seemed inevitable to me, and that the UK is the first to succeed, also doesn’t surprise me too much. I think it is unfortunate that a significant voice of that Brexit was xenophobic, racist, and nationalist in fervor, as that is a step backwards. And I also agree, that in the short term, this could prove quite painful. But that’s what happens when so many artificial means are employed over decades to prop up an economic order that is inherently not truly freed, but is centrally planned. The dam was destined to burst eventually, and the longer it took, the worst the flood would be. So although I expect the shockwaves of Brexit, and many more exits to come, will be felt economically around the world, as this old centrally planned “New World Order” crumbles, a more decentralized and egalitarian world is now more likely, assuming we as a species can use the growing tools of decentralization and abundance to ameliorate the causes of poverty and war, that cause so many of these crises in the first place.

a nother way

We are in for some rocky times, as I expected, so I hope we can all work towards building that better more unified world, not by some centrally planned “New World Order” ruled by a few, but by broad-based network-enabled *participatory* system, where we can all have a voice in the decisions that affect us.*


fb share by Ian:

Brilliant analysis from my friend Martin Winiecki: “We live in the beginning phase of a global revolution, which will turn societal conditions upside down. We cannot stop this transformation, but we can influence where it will go. Will the disintegration of the globalized systems lead to fascist violence and molecular civil wars as some fear, or will it lead to a process of planetary renewal and liberation?”

post brexit community

In their blind obedience to the orders from Washington and the corporate world, European leaders have endlessly fooled their people.


How enthusiastically have countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland joined the EU, dreaming of economic progress, continental integration and solidarity, and how badly have they been impoverished and robbed their sovereignty by being trapped in astronomic debt.


Capitalist globalization has corroded the social fabric of societies around the world, destroyed solidarity among people and established an anonymous hyper-individualized climate of fierce competition, loneliness and struggle for survival. People are left without any positive prospect for the future, feel constantly cheated on by something or someone that they cannot even precisely name – and immense anger ensues in people’s hearts.


On Sunday, Spaniards will elect a new government; there is a realistic chance the new president will be Pablo Iglesias, the young charismatic political science professor from Madrid, leading a creative grassroots movement called “Podemos,” which emerged from the 2011 Indignado protests all over the country. Podemos is an anti-capitalist party; their number one goal is to take down the austerity regime in Spain and across Europe.

In addition, there is the ticking time bomb of the Greek debt crisis, there is a looming global financial meltdown and there is a refugee crisis, which has not been solved but just *sealed from our attention. Furthermore, we have ecological crises of planetary dimension with existential threats to our survival… Brexit is just a tiny puzzle piece in a much larger process of entropy taking place all over the world – the systems of society, politics, economy, but also of culture and people’s coexistence, are bound to disintegrate because they have produced crises that have corroded social cohesion and destroyed our basis of life on this planet.

*sealed from our attention – putting people on hold ness

Imagine, people could dare to give so much truth and compassion among each other that new a society would come into being – one which no longer needs to be kept together by static rules, police and authoritarian structures, but by the quality of life we all most desire: trust.


Once people have again found home in a real community, they no longer need to violently defend the construct of their “fatherland” against people from elsewhere (isn’t nationalism just a compensation for the sense of “home” we have lost as humanity?).

In order to start such a transformative movement, we need models which show that a new society based on communitarian coexistence, trust between people and regenerative autonomy is possible. We need places for new types of holistic research to develop the ecological, technological, economic, political, social, spiritual and sexual structures necessary for our society to become once again compatible with life, nature and humanity’s deeper longings and motivations. There already exists an enormous amount of knowledge and solutions in this direction, but they need to be fused into a coherent blueprint, a concept for a new global culture. The Healing Biotopes Plan attempts to introduce such a process of cultural creation.

Institute for Global Peacework (IGP), Tamera,

Monika Berghoff and Martin Winiecki

from page..on healing biotope:

A Healing Biotope is the model of a future society. Just as a new prototype is first developed in a laboratory,  the Healing Biotopes plan is based first on building a new society in a model before it can be applied on a large scale.

In a future culture of peace, the global problems which lead today to war all over the world are solved or are in a process of solution. Healing Biotopes are therefore places where these solutions are prepared. The results must be generalizable and available to everyone who looks for them. Healing Biotopes are organized so that the various solutions can be linked to each other until the image of the overall solution becomes visible.

For clarity, we divide the overall solution into different aspects:

 The material basis of life

 The social basis of life

 The mental-spiritual basis of life

perhaps.. perhaps just a&a.. deep enough.. or perhaps saying same thing..

Humankind needs new responses in all three of these areas to be able to initiate a non-violent future.

The Healing Biotopes Plan is mature and far developed theoretically and in practice. In 1995, the first Healing Biotope was established Tamera in Portugal. Today about 170 co-workers, students, youths and children are living and working there. In the first years the work was strongly focused on building a resilient community. Over time, various projects have developed ecology (Water Retention Landscapes), technology (the Solar Village), the Animal Project, the Children’s Republic, the Youth Place, the Guest House, the Education Program, the Art Department, the Love School, the Political Ashram, and the Institute for Global Peacework. The Global Campus was established with cooperation partners in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India. An international network links Tamera with projects and individuals in Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, and most recently also in Kenya and Bolivia. This is how the first bases for further Healing Biotopes could arise.

seems if we’re seeking a self regenerating future.. would beg no.. ie: youth place, education program, … rather… rev of everyday life..

In its core, the project is firmly established. Now it faces its next step towards a global dimension and for this it requires international support, donors and media specialists.


The Next Steps of Manifestation

First: Creating a global informational field. The idea of Healing Biotopes, the life perspective they represent, the basic thoughts and the partial solutions that have already been found and can be generalized, have to become known worldwide. Then this knowledge will be ineradicable. The Institute for Global Peacework works on this dissemination through the Internet, media, publications and book distribution.

i don’t think the leap we need (in order to thrive and sustain and regenerate and be antifragile et al..) can be disseminated.. i think we have to trust what’s already in us

We invite you to support this work through your financial and journalistic means. The Earth needs new information!

or .. we need to listen to it and us better.. no? ie: hosting life bits, via self talk as data.. as the day

Second: and third: lists more on how to educate everyone

which is fitting with first line (below) going back to Martin’s post – healing biotope sounds much better than now.. but incremental..


It is not the time to think about slow incremental change, but to think about a complete revolution, to dare a lot, dream big and see the most beautiful vision of what our world can be. …

Evolution does not advance gradually, but in *leaps – once a pattern of organization is no longer functional, living systems undergo a period of turbulence until they suddenly leap into a more complex pattern of organization.

*leaps – for (blank)’s sake

This is the process we are undergoing as a species right now, the process we are participating in and co-creating. The clearer our vision, the more we can help birth the future we want.

how about – a nother way

ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data

We cannot leave this up to some president, institution or guru; nobody else will do it for us. Now is the moment to start building a new humane culture and it begins by seeing its actual possibility.



England may have to build a wall to stop half its citizens from moving north…
Michael Eric Dyson sees Donald Trump’s newfound Brexit support for exactly what it is

No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.

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the other thing is if leave wins, nobody has a clue what happens next. mass emigration? deportation? entire cabinet resignation? wtf. lol.

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a nother way
share via Yanis
Σlavoj Žižek, a DiEM25 early signatory, casts his critical eye on the ‘disorder’ of the EU in the light of…
disorder under the heaven –
So what does Europe want? Basically, Europe is caught into a vicious cycle, oscillating between the Bruxelles technocracy unable to drag it out of inertia, and the popular rage against this inertia, a rage appropriated by new more radical Leftist movements but primarily by Rightist populism. The Brexit referendum moved along the lines of this new opposition, which is why there was something terribly wrong with it. To see this, one should only look at the strange bedfellows that found themselves together in the Brexit camp: right-wing “patriots,” populist nationalists fuelled by the fear of immigrants, mixed with desperate working class rage… is such a mixture of patriotic racism with the rage of “ordinary people” not the ideal ground for a new form of Fascism?

The intensity of the emotional investment into the referendum should not deceive us, the choice offered obfuscated the true questions: how to fight “agreements” like TIFF which present a real threat to popular sovereignty, how to confront ecological catastrophes and economic imbalances which breed new poverty and migrations, etc. The choice of Brexit means a serious setback for these true struggles – suffice it to bear in mind what an important argument for Brexit was the “refugee threat.” The Brexit referendum is the ultimate proof that ideology (in the good old Marxist sense of “false consciousness”) is well and alive in our societies. For example, the case of Brexit exemplifies perfectly the falsity of the calls to restore national sovereignty (the “British people themselves, not some anonymous and non-elected Brussels bureaucrats, should decide the fate of the UK” motif):

At the heart of the Brexit is a paradox worth articulating! England wants to withdraw from the bureaucratic, administrative control of Brussels, control seen as compromising its sovereignty, in order to be better able to organize the dismantling of its sovereignty (by way of more radical submission to the logic of global capital) on its own. Does this not have the markings of the death drive? The organism wants to die in its own way, on its own terms. This is the paradox at the heart of American Republican thinking: we want to ‘take back our country’ in order to be better able to submit it and pretty much all of life to the logic of the market.”(Eric Santner, personal communication)

unless you have a nother way set up… goes w Doug‘s post-it pre iste activity…

why so complicated…?

teachers may go ahead with it.. though pensive and overloaded…but kids who haven’t yet sold out to blind allegiance.. see the hidden control strings… they smell the spinach.. feel the rock

In short, the so much vilified “Brussels bureaucracy” was also a protector of minimal workers’ rights in exactly the same way as it is today the protector of the rights of the refugees against many “sovereign” nation-states which are not ready to receive them.

Remain was “worse” since it meant persisting in the inertia that keeps Europe mired down. Exit was “worse” since it made changing nothing look desirable.

In the days before the referendum, there was a pseudo-deep thought circulating in our media: “whatever the result, EU will never be the same, it will be irreparably damaged.” However, it’s the opposite which is true: nothing really changed, just the inertia of Europe became impossible to ignore.

we’re awake.. like occupy and stuvoice and define american and earth guardians and.. and.. and all the movements… now we just need a nother way.. that works for all of us.. so that that dance (the all of us dance ..aka: interdependence) .. can dance..

this… is what we have not yet seen..

this dance.

of all of us.

Europe will again lose time in long negotiations among the EU members which will continue to make any large-scale political project unfeasible. This is what those who oppose Brexit didn’t see: shocked, they now complain about the “irrationality” of the Brexit voters,ignoring the desperate need for change that the vote made palpable.  


The confusion that underlies the Brexit referendum is not limited to Europe: it is part of a much larger process of the crisis of “manufacturing democratic consent” in our societies, of the growing gap between political institutions and popular rage, the rage which gave birth to Trump as well as to Sanders in the US. Signs of chaos are everywhere – a couple of days ago, the debate of the gun control in the US congress turned into a banana republic chaos, with congressmen involved in rough-and-tumble that we usually associate with Third World countries… Is this a reason to despair?

Recall Mao Ze Dong’s old motto: “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.” A crisis is to be taken seriously, without illusions, but also as a chance to be fully exploited.


does the ongoing confusion not offer a unique chance to react to the need for a radical change in a more appropriate way, with a project that will break the vicious cycle of EU technocracy and nationalist populism? The true division of our heaven is not between anemic technocracy and nationalist passions, but between their vicious cycle and a new pan-European project which will addresses the true challenges that humanity confronts today.

beyond pan european


T.S.Eliot remarked that there are moments when the only choice is the one between heresy and non-belief, when the only way to keep a religion alive is to perform a sectarian split from its main corpse. This is what has to be done today. Now that, in the echo of the Brexit victory, calls for other exits from EU are multiplying all around Europe, the situation calls for such a heretic project – who will grab the chance?

feedback loop broken.. time to leap.. another way, ie: hosting life bits..

let’s do it. let’s quit putting most people on hold.. let’s go deep enough

for (blank)’s sake



On Brexit, the EU’s slide into crisis & the need for a pan-European democratic alternative- on LNL with P. Adams…

3 min – europe was a family deeply in need of therapy.. brexit isn’t going to sheild you.. and by voting to leave.. you’re not going to leave – hotel calif – can check out anytime you want but not going to leave..

9 min – pointing fingers to growing monsters..

10 min – finance minister – only man w plan.. i don’t like plan.. but only one with a plan

13 min – how to respect .. both sides

14 min – not a matter of changing mind of eruo.. but a radical change..

beyond eruo.. need for pan-global alt

a nother way – bend your earweb ing ness

redefine decision making – disengage from consensus ness


june 2016 – an antidote to brexit – via Benjamin Barber

A week later, BREXIT is a catastrophe twice over. Nation States and politicians offer no remedy, but cities can.


It demands more democracy rather than higher walls, not separation but a just and balanced integration that neither favors immigrants over locals nor locals over immigrants.


Peoples are more and more commingled, and can never be “sorted” back into pure racial fragments or nationalist enclaves.


The worst mistake those who reject BREXIT could make would be to vilify its supporters as mere racists and reactionaries, although there are plenty of racists and reactionaries who voted LEAVE and respond to Trump for all these wrong reasons. Yet there were also many citizens simply frustrated with a remote cadre of smug Washington pols or self-appointed Brussels bureaucrats telling them what to do without ever asking them what they think


Well here is the good news: there is a solution for those asking for more democracy rather than higher walls, for all those offended less by immigrants than oligarchs. It lies in the world’s networked cities, whose courageous and pragmatic mayors are already moving forward in the cosmopolitan spirit of diversity, pragmatism and transactional cooperation.


The question is not how to run away from but how to democratize interdependence and globalization.

Cities can do this. They are doing it already.

let’s go beyond cities even..

then we get the benefit of the individual and community dance.. ie: hosting life bits.. as the day..

a nother way


Charles shares via fb on brexit ness:

In typical fashion, by the time I absorbed and synthesized all the different viewpoints on Brexit, it was too late to publish this anywhere. My usual outlets all said, “Sorry, we have too many articles on this, our readers are sick of it.” I was like, “But but but no one is saying what this essay says!” So I am releasing it onto the Interwebz as is. Thanks you Marie Goodwin for choosing this image. It conveys a central idea — that there are no paths in new territory, and if we follow whatever paths seem obvious from the old, they lead to dead ends. Instead we must wander for a while…

fertile ground of bewilderment

“Congratulations!” I said. “You have ignored what the media has been offering to you as important. Maybe that is because your recognize that the whole thing was a diversionary spectacle.” Apathy about “the issues” is only a bad thing if those issues are what is actually important.


Beneath the frenzy, many of us sense a vacuousness in the choice of Stay or Remain, the same one that sucks the meaning out of electoral politics as well.


So it is with Brexit – almost. Something is different this time. It is significant, although not for the reasons some people (though not my festival audience) think it is.


In other words, the middle-aged white Brexit or Trump supporter has legitimate grievances that cannot be dismissed as white entitlement just because things are even worse for people of color. If they feel betrayed by the system, it is because they have been. Look around at the world. We can do much better than this. Everybody knows it. We don’t agree on what to do, but more and more of us have lost faith in the system and its stewards. When right-wing populists blame our problems on dark-skinned people or immigrants, the response they arouse draws its power from real and justifiable dissatisfaction. Racism is its symptom, not its cause.

The Brexit vote was an expression of anti-elitism, pure and simple. Leaders of the mainstream parties, business leaders, entertainment figures, J.K. Rowling, President Obama, rock stars and literati… everyone urged the public to vote Remain, to uphold the status quo. Does defiance of authority mean the defiant need to be reprimanded and put in their place, or does it mean that authority has abused its position?

The Brexit vote was supposed to be one of those inconsequential exercises that legitimize the system by lending it the appearance of real democracy. Something went wrong though – the public voted no when they were supposed to vote yes.


Maybe the Brexit vote induces panic because it reminds the financial markets and their administrators that they cannot hold it together much longer. They can’t even buy public allegiance in one of the world’s richest countries. Who knows, perhaps Brexit will start the bubbles popping.


To prepare for it, we have to operate on a level much deeper than current politics offers. It is the tacitly assumed narratives lurking beneath conventional political discourse that need our attention

a nother way


Herein lies a near-universal political formula: identify the enemy, arouse anger and hatred against that enemy, and then defeat the enemy. It is based on this analysis: Cause: bad people. Solution: defeat the bad people. Problem solved.


that mindset rests on a foundation more basic still: the Story of Separation that holds us as discrete, separate individuals in a world of other, in opposition to random forces and arbitrary events of nature, and in competition with the rest of life. Well-being comes, in this story, through domination and control: glyphosate, antibiotics, GMOs, SSRIs, surveillance systems, border fences, kill lists, prisons, curfews…


We cannot change it without letting go of that story in all its dimensions. Part of that is to let go of war mentality in politics, and replace it with compassion.


Whatever it is, it will spring from a basic inquiry – the essence of compassion – that must be sincere: “What is it like to be you?”


Ordinarily in politics, everyone pretends that they know what to do. Politicians pretend that to voters, who then inhabit and perpetuate that pretense by voting.


not to rush to quickly to a position. Instead, abide for a while in a state of openness and curiosity, pursuing the question, “What is it like to be you?”


no substitute for actually listening to one another’s stories, temporarily free of the pressure of having to find a solution. If the Prime Minister asked my opinion (I’m still waiting for the phone call), I’d say to declare a national month of listening, in which the immigrants, the angry rural pensioners, the bureaucrats, the financial industry workers, listen to each other in small forums, and in which media publications print unslanted stories of the people they have demonized. The goal of that month would not be to figure out what to do. It would be to understand each other better.

agree with how huge listening is.. but i think first… listen to self.. via self-talk as data.. ness… otherwise.. even more discombobulated.. because we’re listening to people who still aren’t themselves..


Normally our ears are shut, because we think we know. That is why Brexit and the bigger breakdowns it foreshadows are so potent. It shows us that maybe we don’t know, after all. That moment of stumbling, of humility, is precious.


Another Europe is Possible: Brexit Britain: What went wrong and what next? livestream

Making sense of Britain’s EU referendum

Owen Jones, author, Ash Sarkar, Novara Media, Zoe Gardner, Another Europe, Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM

Owen: how do we come up with that clear alt.. if we have that international perspective.. injury to one is injury to all.. link up.. clear/credible alt..  all of us.. to provide that alt to build diff society that doesn’t scapegoat immigrants.. that is ruining interest of majority..

ie: host-life-bits  via self-talk as data

Ash: we don’t have case of fringe engulfing center.. ie: just how racialized imagery around immigration.. not who’s already in.. but who are on the borders..

why such awful racist imagery.. i think we need to move beyond analysis that result of austerity/scarcity.. our analysis of brexit replicates very conditions that allowed it to happen in first place… ie: class – immediate framing of brexit being result of forgotten communities exercising a protest..

why is it we think of white working class.. where are working classes of color.. we need to challenge this narrative.. we’re good at challenging the causal austerity/econ-ineq ..we’re not good at challenging frame of white working class in first place..

race isn’t merely a distraction from class composition.. not merely false consciousness.. it makes up class composition itself.. we should be punching up not down..  this is a line i bought until this week..

language of social/econ uplift isn’t inherently emancipatory..

what we have here isn’t hypocrisy.. isn’t lack of conceptual poverty.. what we have is  racism shaping politics in action.. a redrawing of lines of who is/isn’t the public.. who is law.. and who is subject to law..

just as the left was asking where the hell is labor.. radical people of color have been asking where the hell are you for years.. for solidarity to mean something.. we need to think about what white/allies need to do.. it fundamentally is a racist institution..  racism done in name of progressive socialism or european identity..

3 things .. great to see.. all 3 are projects of non-compliance..  1| not participate when asking for white exempt 2| docs not cops  3| lend support to orgs such as blm et al.. who are already out there…

48 min – Zoe (asylum rights): (just because what caught me while running) –

now it’s our moment to stake our claims at the right side of history..

i have been lectured about democracy.. let’s just look at govt right now.. ie: did we ever elect…ucip…  this am.. tory immigration policy.. a govt who’s entire agenda policy.. ridiculous..

theory – theatre of cruelty.. good way of what our govt is doing in name of democratic mandate.. addresses to senses rather than mind.. appealing to emotions.. a nonsense.. such a nonsense.. actually gone into world of complete double speak..

50 min – refugees.. migration impact before.. brought in by gordon brown.. paid for by levy on visas.. fund scraped.. levy remains..  expensive stuff.. paying for visa apps.. huge hoops.. highly qualified.. able to afford ed … so.. we have freedom of movement for the rich.. for poor – refugee crisis..

we are applying same logic in eu.. freedom of movement is brilliant.. but only for rich.. ie: don’t have to speak english if can make contribution to business…

the great wall of cali (jungle) – the politics of the catch phrase.. makes great headline.. that’s what this is all about.. mostly sudanese.. been thru jungles.. and danger.. and then a wall.. and that’s going to stop you..? go home is not an option..

that wall is costing us 17 mill pounds.. last summer .. diff secure zone at cost of 12 mill.. only fences.. not wall.. huge waste of money.. real crux.. austerity/underfunded.. we’ve failed.. we need to think of new ways of talking about this.. 17 mill pounds for a wall is a choice to fund hatred/punishment.. not paying for hospital beds.. school spaces..  not putting money into building up speeches…

report – by odi – looks at cost of all this border control.. fences.. high tech surveillance.. to pay off other govts to contain their migrant populations..

spending this money.. choice.. to fund one horrific policy.. and don’t fund things to build up communities.. such a scale.. billions and billions.. now odi has said it too – it doesn’t work.. all that money has been wasted.. been a bit more of refugee stuff… all we’ve done to keep them out… they are still coming.. because they have hope.. can’t build wall to keep that out

message of hope – changed – i’ve got a lot of rage and i’ve got determination.. i’m not going to shutup.. not on our watch.. convos about choices.. everybody..can have a convo.. and go 1-3 gens back and somebody moved.. probably crossed a border.. all human beings have moved.. throughout human history.. has been of movement and migration..only sensible credible grown up thing to  to re imagine a world where we make the most of human mobility…

a nother way

yanis – how does it feel for young gentleman from orient to be inducted into polite society.. it seems this is what you want back – to have the opp/legal right to choose who you induct into polite society.. his answer .. yes – this is part/parcel of society

joined forces.. we should argue for our campaign.. slogan: in the eu and against this eu.. campaigned to convince people of this country that another europe is possible.. we failed.. to convince them.. how can we salvage.. prevent a bonfire of rights..

question we are here to address.. first have to grasp.. our failure.. to a people craving instant/immediate change.. we offered a policy.. that we would have needed to be in govt to implement it.. so if remain would have won.. we wouldn’t be proposing another europe..  we would have been grissed/interpreted by establishment to do business as usual.. lesson here.. unless we back up our views with surge throughout country.. seeing views being implemented..

austerity has slight difficulty.. self defeating..

great discontent.. underlying ness of brexit..

a fear that yields loathing..

1\ we showed you can check out any time.. but that leaving is an utter mess..

this whole argument about brexit.. was to look at rest of world.. rather than within.. extrovert..

2\ we must not turn against those who turned their backs on us.. they yearned for change.. for the change we failed to convince/deliver to them.. instead we should convince them we can…

3\ roadmap for brexit

brexit is a mere symptom of a disintegrating europe.. panned by universal austerity..

divided we fall united we stand.. diem25 taking decisive steps in this direction…

referendum was slap across face – saying.. i don’t believe you that another europe is possible..

orgs that grew up in certain national context feel jealous of own identity… churchill: we are with europe but not of it.. linked but not comprised…  diem25: don’t be churchillian.. work together for movement that respects no borders…

there is no time to spare..we have a continent to reclaim for the sake of our forsaken peoples

next session

Marina Prentoulis, Another Europe, Syriza, Antonio Rovira (spokesperson for podemos), Podemos, Srećko Horvat, DiEM, Ella Vine (labour, migrant, no voice), Labour Friends of Poland

Ella – intro self – i am migrant, no voice…. speaking from what i know.. brexit vote was just a common consequence of the hate propaganda going on for years.. not surprise to me at all.. there weren’t enough of us speaking up against hate.. thousands still suffering.. only reason.. because eu migrants..

migrants.. are being used as ammunition.. as a playing card.. that’s why we lost the referendum.. something i could predict years ago.. now the talk about .. you migrants have changed a little bit..

i am not a commodity.. we are people/humans.. stop thinking about people as commodities but as full humans.. and there will be changes...

we need everyone

Antonio Rovira – (rep of podemos in london): what podemos said.. crisis is not a force of nature.. it’s political so some responsible.. really important.. very related to brexit.. a popular mobilization against establishment.. but channeled thru referendum controlled by extreme right/racist humans..

Marina Prentoulis: it’s a new time and we have to be more clever..

a nother way

we have to stay together.. there is no way out of this.. no one country is going to win this on their own

so let’s not talk win ness

Srećko Horvat (croatia): i can’t sit down i stand

today we don’t have islands anymore.. brexit from very beginning ideologically wrong.. ie: independence day ad for movie.. u.s. gathers because outside enemy.. same in eu.. misleading.. there is no independence day..

on hillary’s 100 mill dollars from speeches to wall street in one: it’s her dream to create a hemispheric common market w/open trade/borders.. so what is that.. ie: silicon valley.. day before elon lecture on occupation of mars.. not explore.. but occupy mars..  this is the hemispheric market hillary is talking about.. which is lesser evil (h or t)

thiel – wrote book – from zero to one .. how to build future.. finished with ideology of competition.. what we need today is monopoly capitalism.. this is precisely what is happening in sv with all start ups.. earlier said.. need less democracy.. close to trump.. on other hand eric schmidt.. close to hillary.. this is the hemispheric market..

problem with troika – open trade – reps 2/3 of global gdp.. attempt of us/eu to oppose integration..

3rd part of hillary’s speech on wallstreet: open borders.. not same ones we talk about..  no more refugees in places because of fences/surveillance/et-al… 10s of mills..  reason no refugees.. because of open trade.. 15 000 refugees occupying railway.. was a problem for trade ..blocking it

not that things (occupy, et al).. were failures.. but need to move step ahead.. we feel diem is that

diem: move/mobilize people on 3 levels 1\local – network of rebel cities 2\national – podemos et al 3\(missing) international – can’t lose contexts of other parts

last session
Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Michael Chessum, Momentum and Another Europe, Lorenzo Marsili, DiEM, Cristina Soler-Savini, Nuit Debout

Michael Chessum: easy to get depressed.. but i’m quite bored of europhile depression.. being robbed of id.. is probably been last 40 yrs.. part of any serious strategy.. is looking at strengths.. in current political climate in corbyn.. a genuine advocate of social justice.. for first time in living memory..

we must try to save eu project from itself..

we can’t just say.. join us.. we have to say something better than that..

perhaps.. model a nother way..

we need an ideological counter attack..

perhaps a nother way that makes all this talking/attacking irrelevant..

we can afford to be the outriders.. our job is to put ideas out there and shift the narrative.. not to lean toward it..

Amelia Womack: musical – man haunted by own inadequacy.. we’ve got 1/2 way thru musical w/o fun/dancing..  we had devicive/bitter campaign.. torn apart fabric of our society..

the power of soundbites.. who exactly were we taking back control from.. ie: migrants/capitalism/alcoholics/tall-men/et-al

if you have a toaster that doesn’t toast.. can take it back.. if you have political ness.. not working.. can’t take back.. we can’t forget that 3 co’s own 71% if our national media.. puppet strings.. ie: wales..

on voting counting or not.. there’s a thirst for reform..

i wish i had a magical way of turning around people’s positions..

these terms are just umbrella terms for whole plethora of problems..

systemic ness

break thru assumptions that they create… make sure anger is turned into organisation..

for Cristina Soler-Savini – Thomas Seibert –

huge layer not willing to become activists.. esp leftist activist.. so will not have general strike.. additionally to central point.. have to go out and bring ideas outside.. a common political project.. not just in addition.. willing/able to change.. different than bringing things together.. find out what would be a different way of activism.. and diff representation.. a huge part of those in favor of left turn.. don’t want to be activists… they are looking for diff forms of representation… has to be done at once..

for (blank)’s sake

Lorenzo Marsili: problem not caused by migrants.. but by privatization..

new labour – most important thing.. not safe roof but safe capital.. shelter investment..

about an econ system.. system based on devaluation of labour

the center cannot hold.. the elites are beginning to notice this fact.. what you see is a mutation of single party.. essentially an abandonment of social/econ liberalism..

socialism & capitalism comes together in many countries and you get fascism.. if we want to remain in power.. we have to change things in order for things to stay the same..

a complicit ness in transformation..

our duty – to open up a third space.. a radical alt.. break dichotomy..  1\reconstruct political/institutional power 2\need ideas/alt’s 3\reconstruct social conflict 

rev of everyday life..

host-life-bits via self-talk as data

everyday. as the day.


Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere) tweeted at 5:54 AM – 14 Oct 2016 :

So worth listening & sharing as far as you can. This guy calling into @mrjamesob LBC regretting his vote for Brexit. (

w/in article – saying he had backbone to admit his mistake in voting brexit.. what about the backbone to hope/try for something better/different..? what are we leaving our 13 yr olds.. our 5 yr olds.. by voluntarily complying.. to the way things are..


Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:33 AM – 21 Oct 2016 :

Polish woman on #bbcqt booed by ‘witless’ audience for saying Brexit makes her feel unwelcome # via @HuffPostUK (


brexit – the movie – 2016 – 71 min

6 min – eu govt devised to make sure masses of people could not control it.. ever

8 min – on power of the people

oh my

9:50 – did i vote for him… *laughing.. no

moore laughable/irrelevant law

11 min – we are now subjects of a vastly complex state machine.. run by anonymous officials whom we didn’t elect.. but who have the power to impose on us laws we haven’t debated and have no democratic means of repealing..

not undemocratic.. anti democratic..

12 min – 10 000 that get paid more than pm.. and can’t be sent out..

only watched to 30 min


Francesco Carollo (@Innovandiamo) tweeted at 6:15 AM – 29 Nov 2017 :

(found on LinkedIn, no clue who the author is, yet brilliant and bitterly true). (


Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere) tweeted at 6:16 AM – 19 Feb 2018 :

That’s why people say they’re in “limbo”, that’s why people say they’re “trapped” living in a country they might have moved from for fear of losing the right to return. Given Brexiters supposedly so hate red tape, they’re imposing a mountain of it on the likes of us. (


LSE Brexit (@lsebrexitvote) tweeted at 5:09 AM – 31 Mar 2018 :

Keeping freedom of movement is the top Brexit priority for young people #LSEThinks (


Indy Johar (@indy_johar) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 17 Apr 2018 :

The challenge with Brexit is not really only Brexit it’s the fact it is advanced by people driving discrimination & class war, impoverishment of the many & the accumulation of capital (


oz rt

Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) tweeted at 4:47 AM – 17 Jun 2018 :
LeaveEU have lied and lied and lied about their relationship with the Russian government. I’ve followed the lies & a trail of evidence for 18 months…but I was shocked & chilled by what I found out this week (


Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 22 Jun 2018 :

Nobody better act surprised. This, the insinuation that we should be removing EU migrants from the country, is the bloody basis of the whole of bloody Brexit. But don’t mind me and my elitist concerns. This is fine. We can totally make Brexit work from a left wing perspective. (


Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) tweeted at 4:47 AM – 23 Jun 2018 :
Hurrah! The US media has now shown up to cover the unfolding Brexit-Russia scandal & its uncanny similarities to the Trump-Russia scandal. Because these are not two scandals, they are the same scandal. With one factor common to both: @nigel_farage (


Carne Ross (@carneross) tweeted at 5:07 AM on Mon, Jul 09, 2018:
Today’s #Brexit farrago is another reminder of how the petty nationalists’ plans have been undone by a former colony, namely Ireland.  The agreement to an open border is an irreconcilable obstacle to anything but soft Brexit ie remaining in customs union. And no one will say it.

Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere) tweeted at 5:43 AM – 9 Jul 2018 :
Whether David Davis or Dominic Raab, Tory Brexit is being brought to us by reactionary, incompetent old men. This latest one has a record of supporting privatising the NHS & selling off our social housing stock. We must fight back against the dangerous Brexit they want. (


DML Research Hub (@DMLResearchHub) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 1 Aug 2018 :
Call for Chapters: Cultural and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Submit by August 15 #CFP #AI #AIed (


Dr. Max (@MaxMckeown) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 1 Aug 2018 :

It’s an epidemic of incompetence  Chadha said pre-Brexit Britain was “gripped by an unusual amount of uncertainty, you might call it an epidemic of uncertainty – we haven’t worked out how to do it”. #brextremism (

ai in ed via dml and brexit ness.. both on how to swim in uncertainty.. begs we go deep enough to embrace it

ie: 2 convos.. as infra

let’s go for ai as augmenting interconnectedness to get back to an undisturbed ecosystem

anitfragile/indigenous us


Kris Olds (@GlobalHigherEd) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 22 Sep 2018 :
Extraordinary short (8m, 34s) video on the unsettlings of #Brexit vs “This is what peace in the day to day looks like. The spirit of peace in the normality. … Magic is the absence, sometimes.” (

2 min – we’re knee deep in philosophy here.. trapped in other people’s boundaries.. yet to me.. t.. it seems quite real

5 min – we wanted to believe in magic and this was a start..

6 min – is id something to do w magic.. the mystery of birth.. what we cleave to in life.. another imagination given credence by ritual.. t.. grows from the soil..planted in the earth.. rooted in how we see

where are the stereo types here when some of us have irish passports.. some british.. some of both

7 min – the power of id.. infusing and confusing practicality


Joey Ayoub إبن بالدوين (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 6:46 AM – 10 Nov 2018 :
I grew sick and tired by how many Corbynites are willing to gamble with so much given that we know by now, for a fact, that Brexit was built on a pack of lies. I don’t care if there are still pro-Brexit ppl. Facts matter, and your delusions do not trump (pun intended) reality. (


Angela Blanchard (@CajunAngela) tweeted at 6:18 AM – 11 Dec 2018 :
Exactly the same. Costly. Destructive. Useless.
Conceived in fear. Born of spite. (


Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) tweeted at 0:08 AM on Tue, Dec 11, 2018:
May had one job. She failed because no form of Brexit available can satisfy those who voted for it. Second referendum and active campaign remain/reform…


Will Pound (@willharmonica) tweeted at 6:03 AM – 16 Dec 2018 :
This is a really good documentary on the current issues in Northern Ireland. @HardingMike #Brexit #NorthernIreland @squeezyjohn
Really worth watching: (

Nico Bauer (@NB_pik) tweeted at 6:31 PM – 15 Dec 2018 :
#BREXIT: most people talk about economics and trade and stuff, but – indeed – in (northern) Ireland it is about war and peace. (

Imran Garda (@ImranGarda) tweeted at 6:59 AM – 16 Dec 2018 :
I went to Northern Ireland to speak to people about Brexit, and why it has got everyone on edge again.

26 min video


indy on brexit

Indy Johar (@indy_johar) tweeted at 5:48 AM – 26 Dec 2018 :
Brexit will demand a new global cultural strategy for the UK – starting with a cultural peace & reconciliation process – recognising & reorganising the @britishmuseum as a global shared asset (

Indy Johar (@indy_johar) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 26 Dec 2018 :
Brexit will demand the rebooting of the UKs human development infrastructure- Universities to Schools – away from teaching towards research & learning etc (

ie: cure ios city.. w 2 convers as infra

Indy Johar (@indy_johar) tweeted at 6:01 AM – 26 Dec 2018 :
Brexit requires a fundamental reboot of our institutional & economy .. the fundamental challenge is we do not have the leadership or time to deliver it.. (

begs a means to leapsync matters


Mary Hamilton is typing (@newsmary) tweeted at 1:51 AM – 1 Feb 2019 :
This by @garyyounge is the single best piece of Brexit analysis that I’ve read in the last three years. (

This has, of course, been a particular challenge when it comes to Brexit, where the two things we know are that poor people will be the most adversely affected by Britain leaving the EU – particularly if there is no deal – and that the poorer you are, the more likely you were to vote for it.

many did not vote purely for their material interest, but for something bigger that they thought more important.

Our challenge is not to mock, but to tell a better story. One that includes them, has a future for all of us and, ultimately, turns “them” and “us” into “we”.


Nick Reeves – Vote Tactical #FBPE (@nickreeves9876) tweeted at 2:58 PM – 19 Dec 2019 :
@lisanandy You could have spent 3 years tearing into Brexit, because what it has always been about is dividing and weakening democracies and putting the UK under the thumb of the multinationals and global super-rich, thus turning the country into a tax haven for the rich. (


600 000 from hong kong to britain/brexit – rose island ness

This is the only thing which will make a Hard Brexit workable – an infusion of hard core global entrepreneurialism.
Original Tweet:

Survey finds more than 600,000 may want to move to Britain, many within two years of January start date.. allowing those with colonial-era British National Overseas (BNO) status to obtain visas and pursue a “path to citizenship”.

Those who wanted to come to Britain overwhelmingly said their main motivation for uprooting their lives and moving halfway around the world was political pressure.

“Ninety-six per cent consider Hong Kong no longer a safe and free home that they are used to living in, after the passing of the national security law,” the HKB report said.

A small proportion of those hoping to move have been arrested for their role in pro-democracy protests since 2019. Although criminal records are often a bar for visas, Hongkongers in Britain called for UK authorities to use discretion in cases of applicants charged with political crimes.