david on voting

david graeber on voting ness.. via nika dubrovsky:

6 min video clip from at ows free university

3 min – elections are the way that people would express their sovereignty.. the power of kings

it never occurred to any one in history that elections had anything to do w democracy.. elections have always been the assumed to be the aristocratic mode of leaders.. aristocracy means the best.. a small group of elite people decide which of their followers is the best of all.. the actual democratic mode was dice/lottery.. but they decided to go with this aristocracy.. not of birth but of knowledge and competence which would run america.. essentially the mechs of govt were set up to suppress the dangers of democracy as they called it..

cool.. good.. but today we have the means to go way deeper.. sans any form of democratic admin

ie: imagine if we tried a legit nother way


from peter joseph‘s new human right’s movement:


james madison.. father of us constitution.. made clear in fed convention of 1787..

why senate should be created..’they ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent (lavishly rich) against the majority

they (founding fathers) knew that a true democracy would force a vast redistribution of wealth, since, of course, the vast majority historically have been poor..

it should be obvious of all national govts in world that his kind of protection of rich is structurally secured thru govt policy..