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Featured in HBO’s Tashi and the Monk, Buddhist monk Lobsang adopted 85 abandoned children and created a community built on love and compassion.


We believe the course of individual lives and of the world can be profoundly improved through the active practice of love and compassion. We strive to apply these principles to everything we do.


Lobsang Phuntsok, a Buddhist monk from the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India, long dreamed of helping to serve the needs of the remote Himalayan region where he was born.

Lobsang envisioned an educational Community where at-risk children from these impoverished villages could thrive and learn in an environment founded on the principles of love, compassion, and wisdom which were at the core of his own Buddhist upbringing. His inspiration was to share the blessings of education and the opportunities he had received during his experience growing up at Sera Je Monastery in southern India and his travels around the world.

Lobsang’s dream was realized when Jhamtse Gatsal opened its doors in 2006, welcoming 34 of the most at-risk children from local villages, three teachers, two housemothers, and three support staff.

Today, Jhamtse Gatsal is a vibrant thriving Community sustained by a dedicated staff. We have a dream for the Community and its facilities to continue to grow, adding a new class of students each year, until we have about 200 students from grades K-12. We have already had a positive influence on the surrounding villages through our Community Outreach program as we increasingly model and teach self-sufficiency and sustainability at a village scale.

it’s a school.. http://jhamtsegatsal.org/about/our-team/


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