The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained (shared by Philippe):

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained – video by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell from Ivan Mičetić on Vimeo.

they are us

let’s do this right


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real reason for syrian conflict (2016)

the conflict in Syria is ostensibly (purportedly, but perhaps not actually.) about a democratic movement against a dictatorship (arab spring), but in reality it is the theater of a proxy war that is engulfing the region.

The humanitarian stakes are certainly high, but when viewed through a geopolitical lens, the conflict can be seen as

a broader struggle between Western countries and Russia, all seeking to advance their national interests.

1\Isolating Iran: One of the key goals of US and EU foreign policy is to isolate Iran because of its nuclear program. Regime change in Syria would be a blow to Iran because Assad is a key strategy ally to them.

2\Maintaining a strategic and economic alliance with the Persian Gulf allies: Qatar invests billions in real estate around the world..Qatar was the first Arab country to propose military intervention in Syria which was vehemently opposed by Iran

3\Gas in the region: Russia currently supplies Europe with a quarter of the gas it uses. Russian state-controlled Gazprom sells 80% of the gas they produce to Europe, so it’s a crucial market…It’s not in Europe’s strategic interest to be so reliant on Russia for their energy needs and they have been trying to reduce their dependence. The US supports this strategy in order to weaken Russian influence over Europe…Russia has a history of cutting off energy supplies to countries during conflicts. For example, it has gone to war in Georgia and Ukraine to disrupt plans to export gas from other parts of the Middle East

The ostensible explanation for Russia’s involvement in Syria remains to fight international terrorism, not prop up the Assad regime. Unofficially, however, Russian politicians are seeking to ensure a regime is in power supporting their interests in preserving Russian influence in the region.

The core insight this article offers is that the geopolitics of energy plays the primary role in explaining the impasse between Russia and the United States, which prevents them from arriving at a diplomatic solution through the UN Security Council.

As the author Arundhati Roy once said,

“Wars are never fought for altruistic reasons. They’re usually fought for hegemony(leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others.), for business. And then of course there’s the business of war.”

siddiqi border law


2017 – syria war explained – aljazeera

3 videos 2- 45 min videos embedded 1\the boy who started the syrian war – graffiti on arab spring 3\death of aleppo and one 25 min 2\syria under russia’s fist (mostly aleppo and white helmets)


refugee camps


Educating Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees

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dang 360 mill
perfect opportunity to try something different.. no?
Edwidge Danticat: The U.S. is Implicated in Dominican Plan For Mass Deportations to Haiti Tweet:

Today is #worldrefugeeday – there are 4 million Syrian refugees still, today. These are everyday… Tweet:

everything is yours.. everything is not yours.

Claire felt staying in a good camp was even worse than staying in a bad one — what if we started to think this life was okay?


Angela Merkel & palestinian girl:


We, on the other hand, are homeless and the whole world treats us like a burden.”


from Zeynep:

aug 2015

The world is facing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II, a staggering 60 million people displaced from their homes, four million from Syria alone. World leaders have abdicated their responsibility for this unlucky population, around half of whom are children.


We are mired in a set of myopic, stingy and cruel policies.


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees calculates that 750,000 Syrian children in neighboring countries are out of school simply for lack of money. One result has been a huge rise in child labor, with girls in their early teens (or even younger) being married off.


Children are resilient, when given a chance. It’s a shame how few are.


“Politics is hard” is just not enough.


In 2014, the entire World Food Program budget was a paltry $5.4 billion. The United Nations refugee agency’s budget is a mere $7 billion. To put these numbers in context, Amazon’s market capitalization climbed recently by $40 billion in after-hours trading after it announced that its web-hosting services were slightly more profitable than expected. Saving millions of refugee children fleeing war apparently isn’t worth a fraction of an evening’s speculation on a single stock.


This horror. They were found dead in the hull, asphyxiation due to overcrowding. Btw, they’re refugees not migrants.…

Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye


refugees are human

our species is naturally empathetic. It is only when we strip the humanity from people – when we stop imagining them as being quite human like us – that our empathetic nature is eroded. That allows us either to accept the misery of others, or even to inflict it on them


10,000 (of 300000) icelanders offer to house refugees after govt says it can only take 50


berlin’s airbnb for refugees


Merkel and 800000


migrant per choice.. refugee – fleeing danger


Syrian boy (13) tells police in #Hungary: “Just stop the war. We won’t want to come to Europe” via @CVerenkotte#fb

add to list of on auto replay in my head..


sept 2015 – ordinary citizens.. step in


Thousands of refugees in Hungary, not permitted to board trains, are now attempting a 200km walk to Vienna.
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Central Europe: “have a white day” rallies, force refugees to trains destined for camp, write numbers on their arms. Now, forced march. Ugh.
Mishandling the crisis this way furthers pain and suffering, stokes resentment & xenophobia. And doesn’t solve anything. Awful.
buy an island for refugees
Naguib Sawiris

sept 2015 –

José Mujica taking in 100 refugee orphans

The World’s Most Humble President Just Opened His House to 100 Syrian Refugee Children

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human suffering on a huge scale – pics – europes refugee crisis


Life in a tent, class in a tent for Syrian children in Lebanese camps too young to remember Syria

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Hungary’s new law lets police “search homes if they suspect people are sheltering refugees”

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prison gets rich locking up toddlers and pregnant mothers.. (refugees)


God help me, this by Piketty is brilliant: @LaurenLaCapra @ThisIsFusion

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for an open europe

What is to be done? The tragedy of the refugees could be an opportunity for Europeans to rise out of their petty disputes and their navel-gazing. By opening themselves up to the world, by jump-starting the economy and investments (housing, schools, infrastructure), by fighting off deflationary risk, the European Union could easily return to its pre-crisis immigration levels
shoot – was excited at first… but too steeped in monetary econ.
and using u.s. as a success story coming through 2008… maybe i’m reading it wrong.. but if not.. that’s not right.
the situation can – however – be a launching point – wake up call – for a nother way to live.. please not another cycle..
refugee emergency response – fb via jordan ht david o
on monetizing refugee ness
Instead of handling crisis in global+responsible manner, forcing refugees to spend life-savings & risk their lives.
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every border implies the violence of its maintenance

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War is hell, and it afflicts many cultures: Europe should know. How do we move to a humane world of less war is a question for everyone.

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thanks .. but we want to go home


from Vinay.. sept 2015

So, there’s a hackathon tomorrow morning that I’m going to be attending, on the refugee crisis… 9AM start Farringdon

Why is this one different? Refugees – some from the current crisis, some from previous crises, will be advising and guiding the process.


oct 2015 – via Ahmed on fb – shared w/video at top of this page:

Syrians are waiting. Everywhere. In every European city I’ve travelled to in the last few weeks, I’ve met Syrians that are waiting. At train stations, they’re waiting. On bridges, they’re waiting. In forests on the side of highways, they’re waiting. Even in the tiny airport of Timisoara — a small city in western Romania — I hear a Syrian family of five, a few tables away, sipping their coffees and exchanging jokes to pass the time, because like all the others, they too are waiting. If they aren’t waiting, they’re walking, and in many cases, they are waiting to be allowed to keep walking. It’s as overwhelming as it is heart-wrenching. They are eager to share their stories, of sleeping in the rain for days, of being ripped off by smugglers, of almost drowning, and the countless other obstacles along the way. But when you ask them what they’re waiting for, it quickly becomes clear by their confused and convoluted answers, that none of them know. Some don’t know where they are. Most don’t know where they are going. But if you’re curious why so many Syrian refugees are waiting in Europe, this is a good place to start.

7 yr old tells her story of journey to greece (video):


Melissa Fleming: A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at sea.

May 2015 at TEDxThessaloniki

why is there no massive resettlement program

why is so little being done to stop the wars…


nov 2015


12/2/15 6:20 AM
The real tragedy isn’t result of today’s #SyriaVote. But that the UK gets to decide at all. Syrians totally and utterly invisible.
Nicolas Hénin – what they fear is unity
dec 2015 – democracy now interviewing syrian refugees in france’s largest camp:

“I Don’t Want to Die. This War Is Not My War”: A Syrian in France’s Largest Refugee Camp Speaks Out

starts at 11:50


signs: we are humans not dogs. what do the survivors of war have to do to live in peace. our destiny here is unknown.

interview of Majd:

why did you leave… i don’t want to die.. it’s not my war.

everyone is attacking my country.

you can’t protect someone by killing someone else..

the solution: just stop the weapons.. 

it’s not legal but they can’t take us out.. they call it the jungle (2 hrs n of paris) .. i think we are invisibles to the un here

What Do Survivors of War Have to Do to Live in Peace?: Voices from France’s Largest Refugee Camp

at 22 min – afghan section of the camp –

makeshift restaurants – Sikandar – (owner)

Until Americans in Afghanistan, it will be not ending. Never.

AMY GOODMAN: The map of this camp, it’s like a map of the world, or a part of the world.


AMY GOODMAN: It’s a map of where refugees are from. Most of these countries have been bombed by the United States.

SIKANDAR: I really didn’t think about it. The map of The Jungle is looking like the map of the world.

next interview: Sidiq

it’s all because of america

30 min – if they are bombing on civilians they are getting angry and joining taliban…. if 10 bombed… 100 join…

us is just increasing the war… they don’t want to finish the war… they are selling the weapons

next – oh my – Dur and her 12 yr old daughter

next – Najibullah

i was an interpreter w/the marines… i’m asking u.s. why they refuse to give me a visa


dec 2015

Channel 4 News – Abdullah Kurdi’s alternative Christmas message

facebook dot com / Channel4News/videos/10153411925401939/?fref=nf

[when i let it embed from full link.. it keeps wiping out stuff around it.. ie: quotes below and democracy now stuff above..]

my message is i’d like the whole world to open its doors to syrians


the syrian refugee giving back to berlin (Alex – Toni’s love):

Alex Assali fled Assad in Syria and ISIL in Libya. Now he runs a charity kitchen in Berlin.


another face of refugee crisis:


Boryana Dzhambazova (@BoryanaDz) tweeted at 1:49 AM on Thu, Jan 28, 2016:
Sweden prepares to expel up to 80,000 asylum seekers


Syria civil war: Donors pledge billions in vital aid –…


Mazoon is amazing..we brought her together with Malala . 17-year-old Syrian refugee has a message world leaders

Original Tweet:

Muzoon Almellehan has been dubbed the “Malala of Syria” for her campaign to keep girls in school and was introduced by her friend at the Supporting Syria conference.

The 17-year-old began by thanking the UK for welcoming her family and allowing them to “have a normal life again” where they have been resettled in Newcastle.



We must start planning for the next Syrian generations today.

The consequences are still hard to believe. Since the start of the Syria crisis, average life expectancy has fallen by 20 years. Syrians make up a fifth of all global homeless, and since 2011 50 Syrian families have been displaced every hour of every day.


there needs to be a paradigm shift in the nature of humanitarian infrastructure in order to meet with the realities of today.

indeed.. – systemic change.. ie:  a nother way.. for (blank)’s sake

Work, for example, is a key area of concern and potential. Changing employment laws to allow refugees to work legally could bring the refugees hope, dignity and financial security as well as improving the economies of the host countries.

perhaps beyond work.. beyond earning a living ness.. let’s not miss out on this opportunity for change…

A coalition of more than 90 humanitarian and human rights groups – including Amnesty International, Oxfam and the Malala Foundation – have called for better access to education and jobs for refugees in Syria and neighbouring states.

beyond rights groups.. beyond education

Others are looking to create “employment zones” where the famous Syrian entrepreneurial spirit can be harnessed, refugees can work and investors are given tax exemptions, so the effect of legalising employment is managed and domestic labour is protected. I

beyond tax exemptions… we can do so much better

We must start planning for the generations of tomorrow’s Syrians today. To do this a transformational rather than business-as-usual approach is an absolute necessity.

indeed.. sans b


feb 2016

Refusing 2 Become Refugees & Rejecting Victim Mentality: Kobane Mishtanur Camp

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Consequently the Mishtanur Camp was established in March 2015. The camp currently houses 5000 people, consisting of roughly 800 families, with the numbers growing weekly.

Due to the ongoing closure of the border between Turkey-Rojava and especially Kobane it has become extremely difficult to provide aid and support to the camp as aid supplies sent by international NGOs have been stopped on the border and prevented deliberately from crossing over.


there are many families who currently live in the city of Kobane and surrounding villages who are in fact in much worse condition than in the camp.


Our deep and ongoing commitment to the physical rebuilding of our community is a political message to those who aspire to break the spirit of our revolution: Our resilience, our capacity to believe in a better society, and the spirit of our martyrs and their sacrifices bound us in an unbreakable spirit of solidarity and unwavering commitment.


feb 2016 – eva bartlett – i was just in syria.. the media is lying to you

they understand what is happening in syria is a foreign war on syria.. they support their govt..

corp media has been part of propaganda machine… same lies happening in syria

demonization campaign against russia



good piece on the remarkable Omar Aziz, anarchist theorist of much of the Syria horizontal council system

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#Syria: 72,728 people have fled their #Aleppo and #Idleb homes since 1 February.
To save themselves.

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The photos emerging out of Syria today are the kind that make you ashamed to be human. I don’t know how else to explain it.

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Alexander Betts



Here we go @RefugeeCities : In new trade deal, Jordan to employ 200,000 Syrian refugees via @TimesofIsrael

may take several years – slow pace could keep many Syrians in limbo and possibly undercut one of the main aims of the global intervention

Shifting from handouts to helping refugees sustain themselves is now seen as the most effective way to deal with the fallout from a prolonged conflict that has defied a negotiated solution. The Syria war enters its sixth year later this month.


Jordan is main testing ground for new job creation.. Under the new pact, Jordan promises to allow up to 200,000 Syrian refugees to work legally, an idea it rejected in the past because of high domestic unemployment.

In exchange Jordanian products would win easier access to European markets, meant to create new investment and jobs. Jordan would also receive hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and cheap loans for development projects.

If successful, the scheme would probably mean replacing some of Jordan’s hundreds of thousands of foreign workers, mostly from Egypt or Asia, with Syrians.


 “At the end of the day, this is a business decision from the private sector,” Fontana said.

The plan calls for 150,000 jobs for Syrians to be created in the industrial zones and 50,000 in labor-intensive projects, such as building schools and water cisterns, he said


“Here you have a country that has decided that if we have a bigger pie, they are actually ready to share this pie with the refugees,” he said. “This is really a major shift in the thinking on how to accommodate the refugee population.”


from first lines on top of page… they are us.. let’s do this right..


share by Toni on fb.. [can’t read now.. too slow net and/or too many ads]


5 people are killed in #Syria every hour. This MUST stop now. Stand #withSyria!

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Who could have predicted? “In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA”…


A moving article + video project by @FullerProject & @agoodcuppa on Turkey’s stance on education for Syrian children

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i have a lot of dreams.. – Ghina

let’s facilitate that.. for all of us.

we can. so we can’t not.

[coupled w graham‘s post on ed in nigeria)

indeed.. – systemic change.. ie:  a nother way.. for (blank)’s sake… ie: hosting life bits


I’m speaking live from @WHSummit, shortly, taking you on a guided tour of @Refugees’s innovation simulation stand:

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how the process works for refugees (syrian in jordan.. over 600 000)

80% get sponsored and live in towns/cities… 20% live in tent camps

9 min (reverse time) – imagining what might happen if people didn’t need to go into each home.. but rather system set up for people to say what they need on their own. ie: asking if you have access to education (as defined/practiced today).. when that’s perhaps not what’s needed. but this unhcr person visiting the home.. then further buries the seed – that education (as is) is a focus .. of the day.. next talking about money/bank/atm.. and iris scan as your id..

5 min (reverse time) – wondering how true this all is.. it’s a simulation.. but is it reality… doesn’t connect with all the horror stories we hear.

4 min (reverse time) – iris scan (sms) in order to get cash assistance – instead of goods.. get a monthly stipend.. so iris scan .. to get money.. iris scan for money..

all this tech .. time.. money.. B… – couldn’t we come up with a better way.. ie: nationality: human

1 min (reverse time) – ie: after all that.. and after being refugee for 5 yrs..?.. got 300 dollars..


Hannah Arendt writing about Syrian refugee from 65 years in the past

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the more the # increased.. the less we paid attention to deeds of persecuting govt..



.@TomWRollins on the plight of Syrian detainees – and the activists trying to raise global awareness for…
Official video for Ahmed by Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil contains devastating truths about war, migration and the underlying systemic issues that surround them.

they’re our sisters and brothers.. that’s the sum of it



The Olympian and refugee who saved 20 lives by swimming for three hours pushing a sinking boat to safety

refugees are normal people who had their homelands and lost them not because they wanted to run away and be refugees, but because they have dreams in their lives and they had to go,


aug 2016

both rt’s via @DanielWickham93

#BREAKING: More than 500 fighters from both sides killed in one week fight for #Aleppo: monitor – via @AFP

2 men reportedly executed in Raqqa this morning for their role in smuggling people out of the city – escape services increasingly in demand.


Barzan Sadiq (@BarzanSadiq) tweeted at 1:58 AM on Sat, Aug 13, 2016:
Exclusive footage from #Manbij, people fleeing #ISIL.


Doctor in #Aleppo just sent this photo  of a dazed child who survived an airstrike

Original Tweet:

“The word “iconic” has become positively obscene. Syria has run out of icons. Syria is a pain with no barometer for measurement.”

– Hamid Dabashi



I hope President Obama reads this powerful essay about crimes against humanity in Syria: “Why I Go to Aleppo”

Original Tweet:

Once you’ve been there, you never really leave Aleppo. – Samer Attar


Filio Kontrafouri (@filiopk) tweeted at 5:03 AM – 23 Aug 2016 :

58000+ #asylumseekers trapped in #Greece, situation dire.Migration minister warns if EU-Turkey deal collapses, another 180000 will get stuck ( (@reportedly) tweeted at 4:31 AM – 23 Aug 2016 :

The @theintercept documented multiple instances of the Greek Coast Guard opening fire on refugee boats last year ( (@reportedly) tweeted at 5:44 AM – 23 Aug 2016 :

The fighting in Aleppo exacerbated the refugee exodus in recent months, Mosul is expected to be next (

Annick Labeca (@ULGlobalCities) tweeted at 5:20 AM – 26 Aug 2016 :

Following the previous post Saydnaya: Syria’s Torture Prison | Amnesty International #video (

What a verdict on our world

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Who’s doing their “fair share” in resettling Syrian refugees – hint: not the US.

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u.s. 7% – 4th lowest of 19.. norway top at 249%.. then canada at 239%


United Nations (@UN) tweeted at 6:03 AM – 2 Sep 2016 :

DR Congo hosts most @refugees compared to its GDP than any other cntry #UN4RefugeesMigrants (


Sarah Berry (@SarahJ_Berry) tweeted at 3:53 AM – 5 Sep 2016 :

70,000 people are trapped on the border of Jordan, unable to escape Syria. This is what it looks like. (



The aftermath of a barrel bomb filled with CHLORINE which was dropped yesterday in #Aleppo. We need a #NFZ4Syria !!


islam ness – riyad et al

assad burning aleppo

white helmets


This is Aleppo

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we have the means.. we need to take a break from all the ridiculous ness.. and get our act/love together..

we can.

we can’t not.

a nother way – for all of us


Sean Lee (@humanprovince) tweeted at 8:48 AM – 11 Sep 2016 :

Russian/Syrian last minute bombing before ceasefire reminds me of increase of Israeli cluster bombs right before war was over in 2006. (


Joey Husseini Ayoub (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 5:28 AM – 27 Sep 2016 :

This is just a powerful read. (

Working with journalists abroad, or outside of the besieged areas is like a window for me to send a message to the outside world.

are we listening..


The war has taken everything from him, except his passion to inform… and his sense of humour.


Karam’s WhatsApp profile often contains a phrase – for much of the siege it has read “The smell of hunger is frightening.” Recently, he told our Arabophone colleague Rouba that his favourite food is french fries but he has “forgotten what a potato even looks like.” He dreams of being able to eat kiwis and cherries again.


“It breaks my heart when we’re talking about a story we want him to cover and he tells us he is hungry. That’s the hardest thing,” says Layal, another Arabophone journalist in Beirut.


My anglophone colleague Sara tells me she feels helpless when she asks Karam how he is doing, amid such evident horror. “Everything I say to him feels utterly inadequate,” she says.


Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ) tweeted at 7:38 PM on Thu, Sep 29, 2016:
One of the best things we’ve ever published on @globalvoices:


sept 29 – 100 dead in aleppo since fri – and tweet/image from joseph willits.. on choices for syrian children..


‘We needs deeds, not words’: bombs fall on Aleppo as MPs debate Syria…

On the day Westminster discusses a no-fly zone over the country’s skies, rebel-held Aleppo faces ‘hellish day’ of more airstrikes


“There are debates and speeches outside Aleppo, and Assad and Russians are killing us inside,” said activist Abdulkafi Alhamdo. “We need deeds, not words.”


Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 14 Oct 2016 :

Why some wars (like Syria’s) get more attention than others (like Yemen’s) by @amandataub (

Conflicts gain sustained American attention only when they provide a compelling story line that appeals to both the public and political actors, and for reasons beyond the human toll. That often requires some combination of immediate relevance to American interests, resonance with American political debates or cultural issues, and, perhaps most of all, an emotionally engaging frame of clearly identifiable good guys and bad guys.


Yemen’s death toll is lower than Syria’s, and although Al Qaeda does operate there, Yemen’s conflict has not had the kind of impact on American and European interests that Syria’s has. There is no obvious good-versus-evil story to tell there: The country is being torn apart by a variety of warring factions on the ground and pummeled from the air by Saudi Arabia, an American ally. There is no camera-ready villain for Americans to root against.


No American politician has much incentive to call attention to this war, which would require either criticizing the United States and an American ally, or else playing up the threat from an obscure Yemeni rebel group.


Other wars have enjoyed brief moments in the spotlight but then faded away. When Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls in northern Nigeria in April 2014, Americans responded with outrage, spreading #BringBackOurGirls on Twitter and demanding that something be done. But as the months wore on and the Nigerian government failed to rescue the children, attention waned.

Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 13 Oct 2016 :

Boko Haram frees 21 Chibok schoolgirls  (


This is Zayneb. She was killed today in #Aleppo at her school. #HowManyMore #ChildrenofSyria must die?

Original Tweet:


زِبلِيُّ الاسمِ (@siinjiim) tweeted at 9:53 PM – 28 Nov 2016 :

Please give this thread a read. (


Melissa Fleming (@melissarfleming) tweeted at 4:25 PM on Mon, Nov 28, 2016:
“It’s like doomsday.”


Syria is not marginal or secondary to other crises and to structural factors. It is at the heart of today’s crisis of governance and values

Original Tweet:


Been following online reactions to Syria for 5 y. I have never seen anything like the attacks on 7 yo Bana and her mom from Eastern Aleppo

Original Tweet:


اغين الزعبي (@Augiedamous) tweeted at 7:53 PM – 28 Nov 2016 :

Aleppo activist: those asking about Us: corpses of women children & elderly fill the streets no 1 can get near them due to intense bombings (


Ahmad Alkhatib (@AhmadAlkhtiib) tweeted at 4:29 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

Run, Try to survive
It doesn’t matter if you wear clothes or not, The important you still alive
#Aleppo today after the massacre (

Teymour (@Teymour_Ashkan) tweeted at 3:20 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

Young Syrian man who handed toys to children in East Aleppo died today in an airstrike

@Mr.Alhamdo (@Mr_Alhamdo) tweeted at 1:13 AM – 2 Dec 2016 :

This so kind man dedicated his life to draw smiles on the psychologically affected children inside #Aleppo.
This is a crime for #Russia. (

Zouhir_AlShimale (@ZouhirAlShimale) tweeted at 11:29 AM – 29 Nov 2016 :

8 people dead in Salhen district cause a barrel bomb and many people stuck under the rubbles
No rescue workers
No hospitals.
#Aleppo (

أَحمَد بريمو (@PrimoAhmad) tweeted at 4:54 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

And the world is watching hopeless, useless, shameless… Aleppo is burning. Aleppo is dying. (

Rudaw English (@RudawEnglish) tweeted at 4:43 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

Dead bodies scattered on site of blast following Syrian regime strikes in civilian areas of Jub al-Quba, #Aleppo. (

Rudaw English (@RudawEnglish) tweeted at 4:32 AM – 30 Nov 2016 :

Women leave Jub al-Quba neighbourhood in #Aleppo, where at least 45 civilians were killed in Syrian regime airstrikes. (


from top documentary site: syria – the reckoning

didn’t watch closely


The Associated Press (@AP) tweeted at 3:27 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

BREAKING: Syrian military’s media arm says army is now in control of 98 percent of the city of Aleppo as the assault continues. (

Mwai (@mafusnowslow) tweeted at 3:29 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

@AP l just love the use of percentage….as if you are charging a phone (

Bel Trew – بل ترو (@Beltrew) tweeted at 4:42 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

Meanwhile terrifying messages coming from those trapped in last pockets of rebel-held #Aleppo.Say they’ve nowhere to go,bombing “like rain” (

S. Rifai (@THE_47th) tweeted at 4:27 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

Regime is closing in on areas that house civilian activists that Assad will pay money to get his hands on. Dunno what to say. (

CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:53 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

7-year-old Bana Alabed and her mom Fatemah speak to CNN exclusively about the horrors of life in war-torn Aleppo (

juxta’d right under… 3new whiteboards for students… and underwater art installation..

S. Rifai (@THE_47th) tweeted at 4:34 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

Aleppo’s opposition media journos, families of known activists…regime has been aching 2 get its hands on them.

No words…just no words. (

S. Rifai (@THE_47th) tweeted at 4:48 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

More chem attacks on Syrians today…buit who cares, right? (


Perhaps my final message from E. Aleppo. Regime forces are closing in and bunker busters are raining down.

Original Tweet:

Abu Eljood (@Abu_Eljood) tweeted at 3:44 PM on Mon, Dec 12, 2016:
A letter from #Aleppo: filmmaker @waadalkateab, honoured with 2 #AmnestyInternational Awards. #IDD4Syria

Aleppo ‘catastrophic’.People trapped inside ‘Where is humanity?’, ‘Where is the world?’, ‘Why is nobody helping us?'”

Original Tweet:


So brave to smear Syrians and Muslims as Al Qaeda in the lead up to the most Islamaphobic US administration yet. Fight the power

What is the point of denying war crimes and Syrian smearing aid workers, when our president elect is buddies with one perpetrator?

You’re not bravely preventing US regime change in Syria. There’s no danger of that. You’re just spitting on people being killed

Original Tweet:

The Syrian people always stood in solidarity with the world, but the world never stood in solidarity with them.

Original Tweet:

Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) tweeted at 6:15 AM – 13 Dec 2016 :

“Save Aleppo. Save humanity.”

Residents of East Aleppo are giving their final messages to the world.

United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 6:34 AM – 13 Dec 2016 :

We call for the protection of civilians and ceasefire in #Aleppo #StandWithAlleppo #Syria (

‘A Complete Meltdown of Humanity’: Civilians Die in Fight for Eastern Aleppo, via @nytimes

Original Tweet:

More people have died in the siege of Aleppo (108k) than in the entire Bosnian war of 92-95 (102k). And it’s not over yet.

Original Tweet:

If you see a picture claiming to be from Aleppo, then quickly do the following before sharing it. #BreakingAleppo #fakenews

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Even we are happy about leaving but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a demographic changing in the city of #Aleppo

yesterday & over the past months that draw us to die or on the edge of death every minute.

Have just announced a in the east of And at the same time have just got another artillery bomb nearby.

UPDATE: ‘Severely’ injured Aleppo residents to be evacuated from 05:00 tomorrow – sources

@SyriaCivilDef [the white helmets]

In this moment we serve as a reminder that humanity will always prevail and defy dictatorship. We will not kneel. #saveAleppo


BREAKING: Thousands this moment in front of the Russian consulate in Istanbul rejecting ongoing massacre of Syrian civilians in #Aleppo

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“How a 7-year-old Aleppo girl on Twitter became our era’s Anne Frank” by Washington Post

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Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 11:17 PM – 13 Dec 2016 :

Who cares who ends up before The Hague or in handcuffs one day, it’s too late now:

450,000 killed
4.8M #refugees
6.3M IDP

#Syria #Aleppo (

Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 5:53 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

This is why #Syrian #refugees can’t just go back to where they came from.

#Syria #Aleppo (

Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 6:43 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

Tired of watching people have empathy when people dying in #Syria only to respond with cruelty when same people seek refuge in our countries (

Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 7:03 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

@dameilaa great we will start feb have our community action project starting in Brisbane focusing on changing attitudes and advocacy (

this is why too… not till feb… and for action project

people on the ground too busy.. the on hold ness isn’t intentional..

Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 4:58 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

What’s happening in #Syria not normal, or just what happens in ME or #Muslim countries, it’s a genocide & world asleep b/c people not white (


Noor Al Hussein (@QueenNoor) tweeted at 6:33 AM – 15 Dec 2016 :

How the World Closed Its Eyes to Syria’s Horror (

via rt by white helmets:

#Aleppo: #Syria’s most ancient city, blasted to ruins. How did it come to this?

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Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:53 AM – 18 Dec 2016 :

Aleppo: The guilt, the resentment, the indifference @AJEnglish (



Journalist breaks down reporting on 5-yr-old injured in Aleppo… No anesthesia available, the boy recites Surah Lahab


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:59 AM – 19 Dec 2016 :

The 7-year-old girl who captured the world’s attention by tweeting from Aleppo has been evacuated with her family (


An Interview with the famous Syrian Little girl from Aleppo : Bana Alabed @AlabedBana
Made By:Hadi Abdullah

(((جووي أيوب))) (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 6:04 AM – 21 Dec 2016 :

Rant. (


Consider this.
#Christmas in #Aleppo

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Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 6:13 AM – 27 Dec 2016 :

“We have been left here like animals” – From Syrian government/Hizballah-besieged Madaya, desperate calls for help (

at same time.. reading about thousands of iraqi refugees…

IOM (@UNmigration) tweeted at 1:32 AM – 27 Dec 2016 :

Ten weeks into #Mosul operations, over 120,000 Iraqis have been displaced. #MosulAid


justin brown on syria

it’s all about the oil 1\ we need to support renewable energy

what i’m doing.. working toward ideas of replenish


self org

Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 9:08 PM – 10 Jan 2017 :

excellent article on people’s self-management of cultural heritage sites in liberated areas and implications (

Reclamation and autonomy in territories across Syria where revolutionary self-determination is still present, active and hopeful against all odds. These are the stories that the forces of the status quo are so terribly afraid of.


in our own self interest to echo and preserve such stories of social experimentation, liberation and self organization that are still taking place across Syria and many other awakened communities across the Middle East and the broader Global South.


Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 5:54 AM – 14 Jan 2017 :

Great piece by @Loubnamrie on how extremists came to dominate Syria’s armed rebellion

From the outside, the story of the revolution can appear to be a story of politics. But it is really a story of people: of people thrust into a dangerous and deadly situation, and turned to whoever could best protect them and their families.


Brandon share on fb:

Wanted to re-share the stories of people banned from the United States of America.



I’d really recommend this warts-and-all story on a Syrian refugee family in Toronto. It’s universal.…


saydnaya prison


Omar Ghabra (@omarghabra) tweeted at 6:17 PM – 8 Feb 2017 :

.@TheNation has published a damning report on its 6-month investigation into US-supported Kurdish militias in #Syria (


Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) tweeted at 6:45 AM – 1 Mar 2017 :

UN body confirms there was not a single functioning hospital left in east Aleppo by end of government offensive. (


S. Rifai (@THE_47th) tweeted at 10:46 AM – 17 Dec 2016 :

I’ve never seen a cartoon that better sums up what happened in the last 6 years in #Syria


Fred Abrahams (@fredabrahams) tweeted at 5:15 AM on Mon, Apr 03, 2017:
A painful read but needed to remember the unthinkable torture inflicted by Assad’s regime in #Syria.

Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93) tweeted at 4:42 AM – 3 Apr 2017 :

‘The hospitals were slaughterhouses’: A journey into Syria’s secret torture wards


WIRED (@WIRED) tweeted at 4:40 AM on Sat, Apr 01, 2017:
“When I found out there was an actual anarchist revolution happening in Syria, I felt, ‘I have to do that.’”


Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:40 AM – 4 Apr 2017 :

BREAKING: Footage of the moment an air strike hits the hospital treating CW patients in Idlib (

James Longman (@JamesAALongman) tweeted at 4:31 AM – 4 Apr 2017 :

These are the victims of Syria’s gas attack. Not sure it will be news tomorrow.


Unfathomable. Two @AFP photographers talk about what they saw in Khan Sheikhun today…


all of this.. so ridiculous

kristyan benedict (@KreaseChan) tweeted at 4:05 AM – 5 Apr 2017 :

‘Family photo’ at the #syriaconf2017 – clearly a solemn affair after another horrific chemical attack. (

kristyan benedict (@KreaseChan) tweeted at 2:11 AM – 5 Apr 2017 :

When Russia block this they’ll be encouraging more toxic attacks from Assad & more war


trump us attacks syrian air base after chemical weapons attack


This is the first time US is deliberately hitting Assad regime targets but it is also the 7,899th US military strike in Syria.


Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) tweeted at 7:22 AM – 9 Apr 2017 :

What I’m saying is that talking as if the US didn’t intervene militarily until April of 2017 is absurdly dishonest. (


april 15 2017..Syria car bomb: Death toll rises to 100 after explosion near evacuation buses


Carne Ross (@carneross) tweeted at 8:45 AM – 20 Apr 2017 :

“Saw this at the premiere. Not enough words to describe how important it is” – a comment on @AnarchistFilm – (


assad’s victims given voice in daunting new film

10s of 1000s missing right now.. it’s a massive humanitarian crisis.. on our watch – Nicola

Sara Afshar @saraafshar and Nicola Cutcher @nicolacutcher

it’s all seen thru what affects us.. and i don’t think people want to concentrate on wht affects syrians.. which is still affecting them today – Sara

torture to get false confessions that they had weapons.. his only weapon was a camera – Sara

detention for 18 months.. a lot of torture.. saw people die in front of him – people.. youngsters tortured in front of him  – Sara

a slam dunk.. but in what court.. it’s embarrassing that’s there’s no court to take it to – Stephen Rapp

why should the choice for syrians be between these two things .. bear witness to these atrocities – Sara

this is happening on all our watches.. we all have to take responsibility and decide what we each need to do – Sara

saydayna prison et al


@Mr.Alhamdo (@Mr_Alhamdo) tweeted at 6:23 PM – 2 Jun 2017 :

Idlib city today. This is Idlib now. People want to live. They are afraid of the coming Holocaust. Assad and Russia will make the hell again


Luma Mufleh


Nicolas Henin (@N_Henin) tweeted at 5:42 AM – 28 Jul 2017 :

Follow @syrian_archive. The new open source documentation on Syria.

Airwars (@airwars) tweeted at 5:16 AM – 28 Jul 2017 :

‘Burning Raqqa’ – @Gottesdiener on how the US has become one the deadliest belligerents in Syria today for civilians (


Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (@ASE) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 15 Sep 2017 :

Pentagon falsifying paperwork to send arms worth $2bn to Syria, report finds (


Leila Nachawati Rego (@leila_na) tweeted at 5:40 AM – 21 Sep 2017 :

The “Syrianization of the world”, as Yassin Haj Saleh warned: (


Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 6:02 AM – 21 Sep 2017 :

On average one Coalition bomb, missile or artillery round was fired into Raqqa every eight minutes during August (


Charles Davis (@charliearchy) tweeted at 3:44 PM – 28 Sep 2017 :

Murdered as they investigated mass incarceration and allegations of torture in Syria.


Kareem Shaheen (@kshaheen) tweeted at 11:37 AM – 29 Sep 2017 :

The impunity of bombing hospitals in Syria continues unabated. Local doctors have despaired. Our piece: (


AFP news agency (@AFP) tweeted at 5:22 AM – 17 Oct 2017 :

#UPDATE US-backed forces say they have taken full control of Raqa, the de facto Syrian capital of the IS “caliphate” (

AFP news agency (@AFP) tweeted at 4:10 AM – 17 Oct 2017 :

#BREAKING US-backed force says has fully captured Syria’s Raqa from the Islamic State group (

AFP news agency (@AFP) tweeted at 5:43 AM – 17 Oct 2017 :

#BREAKING 3,250 killed in Raqa battle, including 1,130 civilians: monitor (

Emma Vardy (@EmmaVardyTV) tweeted at 6:01 AM – 17 Oct 2017 :

Fighter Kimmie Taylor on life after Raqqa. The legal issue facing Brits who went to join the battle against IS. (


Melissa Fleming (@melissarfleming) tweeted at 6:25 AM on Tue, Oct 17, 2017:
“Syrian refugees need to know they will be assisted & protected not just this month, but for the foreseeable future.

deep enough


The Intercept (@theintercept) tweeted at 7:04 AM – 4 Nov 2017 :

Almost overnight, YouTube shut down 900 groups and individuals documenting the civil war in Syria.


جووي حسيني-ايوب  (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 6:11 AM – 5 Nov 2017 :

Got my copy of ‘A Syrious Look’ a magazine by Syrians in Germany about Culture in Exile


Molly Crabapple (@mollycrabapple) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 15 Nov 2017 :

How an Infowars-born conspiracy theory about a chemical attack in Syria crossed the ideological divide (


cover eye in solidarity w baby w damaged eye


Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 1:44 AM – 14 Jan 2018 :

Tens of thousands have fled Idlib which is under constant bombardment “This displacement is the biggest perhaps in the Syrian revolution since its beginning until today” (


Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) tweeted at 8:12 AM – 19 Jan 2018 :

With fighting intensifying in Idlib, the displacement surge of the past few weeks is among the worst seen during Syria’s entire war. UN says more than 212, 000 people forced to flee violence there in a month – but the border with Turkey is sealed. Idlib has become a kill box. (



solvemee (@solvemee) tweeted at 11:10 PM – 22 Jan 2018 :

Afrin situation map. (

Claudia (@AfsanaLubnan) tweeted at 2:26 AM – 28 Jan 2018 :

Turkish bombing on Jindires area, Afrin canton, have caused an extensive destruction of civilian homes and shops, mosques, schools and the loss of dozens of civilians for their lives and wounding others

Claudia (@AfsanaLubnan) tweeted at 2:36 AM – 28 Jan 2018 :

The infrastructure and services have been affected, such as the closure of sewerage systems, the interruption of water networks, the destruction of electricity wires and poles as a result of the shelling.
This has increased the risk to civilians lives in securing water and food (

Mardini (@MardiniAlan3) tweeted at 11:19 AM – 1 Feb 2018 :

For the first ever time in the history, some young Arab women volunteered & joined Kurdish women to go to defend Afrin against Turkey & its Jihadi terrorists (

Yilmaz Kaya (@Yilmaz_Kaya_) tweeted at 1:03 PM – 2 Feb 2018 :

#Afrin has been safe haven for the Kurds who were exiled from North #Aleppo countryside by Turkey and its jihadi suppletives.


For the sake of humanity… (

#AfrinResists (@Afrin_Resists) tweeted at 12:55 PM – 31 Jan 2018 :

Most of the victims in Turkish and jihadi bombardments are civilians who are deliberately targeted because they don’t want to leave their lands.

#ErdogansWarOnAfrin (

whole thread:

David Graeber (@davidgraeber) tweeted at 5:36 AM – 7 Feb 2018 :

15. obviously that would make Afrin look too good. He also doesn’t want us to know other things, like the fact that 2/3 of all office-holders there are women. In fact Rojava & Afrin are conducting the most radical experiment in women’s empowerment, perhaps, in history. (

Kevin Baron (@DefenseBaron) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 7 Feb 2018 :

“The frontline fighters are only the start of the story“ —Inside The World’s Most Radical Experiment in Women’s Rights via @DefenseOne @gaylelemmon #YPJ #YPG #SDF #Afrin #women #Syria (

IC Afrinresistance (@ICafrinresist) tweeted at 12:41 AM – 8 Feb 2018 :

Judith Butler, Noam Chomsky, David Graeber and a lot of other People: “An attack of this kind against the peaceful citizens of Afrin is a blatant act of aggression against a peaceful and democratically-governed region and population.” #DefendAfrin (

eithne (@eithne52) tweeted at 5:21 PM – 24 Feb 2018 :

There is a word for such a strategy. It’s called “terrorism” – a calculated effort to cause terror. The question is, why is the rest of the world cooperating?

Why are world leaders backing this brutal attack against #Kurdish #Afrin? | David Graeber (

The religious extremists who surround the current Turkish government know perfectly well that Rojava doesn’t threaten them militarily. It threatens them by providing an alternative vision of what life in the region could be like. Above all, they feel it is critical to send the message to women across the Middle East that if they rise up for their rights, let alone rise up in arms, the likely result is that they will be maimed and killed, and none of the major powers will raise an objection. There is a word for such a strategy. It’s called “terrorism” – a calculated effort to cause terror. The question is, why is the rest of the world cooperating?

Mutlu Civiroglu (@mutludc) tweeted at 9:36 AM on Sun, Feb 25, 2018:
After the UNSC unanimously ordered a ceasefire in all Syria, attacks on #Afrin intensified. Hasandar village area in Afrin today @UNReliefChief

via graeber rt:

jean franco (@OneJeanFranco) tweeted at 5:06 AM – 13 Mar 2018 :

A reply from someone in #Afrin when is asked what the situation was like. Take it in.

If we do not do something we will have a stain on our history for ever.

Protest at Russian Embassy at 12 noon, today. (

Maya Gebeily (@GebeilyM) tweeted at 6:35 AM – 18 Mar 2018 :

@AFP #AFRIN: Turkey-led rebels capture city, apparently unopposed. @AFP correspondents saw fighters fan out across Afrin & raise Turkish flag. Full story: (

William Eichler (@EichlerEssays) tweeted at 6:55 AM – 12 Apr 2018 :
“Yes, we started with Afrin. We have to continue. We have to focus on great plans without caring about those trying to stop us… We have to think like the Seljuks, like the Ottomans…” via @nybooks (

article by molly:

“The biggest calamity is that no one intervenes,” she told me. “Where is Unicef? Where is the public opinion? We are human beings and must have our human rights.” This has been the most ubiquitous and, apparently, the most futile refrain of the war in Syria…t

How did it get this way? Ethnic prejudice, even racism, was always there. Some Syrian Arabs smeared Kurds as stupid, stubborn, and irreligious, or as dangerous separatists—and government policy reinforced such prejudices. Until 2011, about 10 percent of Syrian Kurds did not have citizenship. The regime surveilled their celebrations and suppressed their political activity; on one occasion, in 2004, at least thirty people were shot by members of the state security forces during demonstrations in Qamishli. Many Kurds returned the antipathy of their Arab neighbors.

But it took geopolitics to turn this bigotry into military conflict. All the main protagonists in the Syrian war have received some degree of external support. t.. The Syrian regime is propped up by Russia and Iran; the PYD has had extensive assistance from the Americans, and occasional help from Russia.

Over three million Syrian refugees now live in Turkey, under growing government restrictions, and escalating racism from their Turkish neighbors.

The theft of houses is a cruel and universally practiced tactic of the Syrian war; dispossessing people and condemning them to homelessness is as effective a way of eradicating a population as bombing it..t

said molly was not telling it like it is then shared this

Lemon Inside (@inside_lemon) tweeted at 11:30 AM on Wed, Apr 18, 2018:
You should read about what’s actually happening in the region.

More on Democratic Confederalism (timestamps in comments)


Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 28 Jan 2018 :

Syrian rebels gamble on Turkish alliance to fight Kurds and Assad (

Gregg Carlstrom (@glcarlstrom) tweeted at 12:40 AM – 28 Jan 2018 :

Turkey spent two years training a Syrian rebel army that could keep fighting Assad. Now Ankara is using it—to fight other Syrians. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 28 Jan 2018 :

Thousands of Syrians in the US await pivotal decision on protections (


Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) tweeted at 5:15 AM – 9 Feb 2018 :

This excellent article underscores that although Syria isn’t getting much attention, the suffering there is continuing. And when crises don’t get attention, political capital isn’t invested to solve them. (


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 6:37 AM – 13 Feb 2018 :

Syrian-Canadian researcher Yazan Al-Saadi, speaking now at The war in Syria is “absolutely tragic. You’re seeing a complete devastation of a society. The healthcare system is gone. Half the population are either refugees or amputees.” (


Charles Lister (@Charles_Lister) tweeted at 10:16 AM – 13 Feb 2018 :

@UN #pt:

– “It was always a mistake to believe #Syria’s conflict could be kept at arm’s length. Now, due to its complexity, longevity & transnational character, it is hitting home. Syria has permanently changed our world.” (


Stork (@NorthernStork) tweeted at 5:32 AM – 17 Feb 2018 :

When it’s about oil fields, the United States, without hesitation, killed hundreds of Russians in one attack, but when it’s about protecting Syrian civilians and forcing Assad regime into a political settlement, WWIII alarm. (


Julian Röpcke (@JulianRoepcke) tweeted at 5:26 AM – 19 Feb 2018 :

#Lavrov confirms, the “Aleppo experience” (displacing all opponents, 36.000 back then) “could be used in #EastGhouta”.
This means they indeed plan to bomb up to 400.000 civilians into submission and leaving the besieged area towards #Idlib.
Epic slaughter ahead. (

Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 19 Feb 2018 :

The destruction of Aleppo city, particularly #Russia’s systematic bombing of hospitals, was one of the most barbarous episodes in an already sufficiently cruel campaign by the #Asad-#Iran-#Russia coalition against #Syria’s population. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 2:20 PM – 18 Feb 2018 :

I spoke to Muhammad Najem, a 15-year-old boy besieged by the Assad regime in Eastern Ghouta, about how the siege is affecting him.

No child should ever have to live through suffering like this.

Follow him @MuhammadNajem20 (

benjamin royal (@daretonowbefree) tweeted at 2:28 AM – 19 Feb 2018 :

@OzKaterji @muhammadnajem20 So what about all the children dying in Yemen at the hands of Saudi Arabia. Is it not news? What Yemen children can we follow there? (



Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 2:20 PM – 18 Feb 2018 :

I spoke to Muhammad Najem, a 15-year-old boy besieged by the Assad regime in Eastern Ghouta, about how the siege is affecting him.

No child should ever have to live through suffering like this.

Follow him @MuhammadNajem20 (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:05 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

Lots of people are rightly irritated by “thoughts and prayers” after school shootings. Ghouta? Barely even generates “deep concerns”. 400,000 people are being besieged and bombed to extermination. Nobody on the streets. Radio silence from the anti-war left. Nobody cares. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

and let’s be frank. The @guardian and @Channel4News have been showing this stuff daily. The centre-left media is doing everything it can to publish these stories. Foreign correspondents are all breaking down in despair. The silence is from the political left. For fucking shame. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:13 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

I sat at my desk crying while translating the words of a 15 year old boy that saw his father die & his home destroyed & is now facing death. I haven’t heard from him in 48 hours. How is this ok? Why the fuck don’t you care? I can’t understand how otherwise good people are silent. (

Joseph Willits (@josephwillits) tweeted at 6:18 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

Dr in Eastern Ghouta: “We are standing before the massacre of the 21st century. If the massacre of the 1990s was Srebrenica, and the massacres of the 1980s were Halabja and Sabra and Shatila, then eastern Ghouta is the massacre of this century right now.” (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:18 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

This isn’t some small thing. Assad’s siege of 400,000 civilians in Eastern Ghouta is the longest military siege in modern history. Longer than Sarajevo. Longer than the Warsaw Ghetto. Home to the worst chemical weapon atrocity since Halabja. And the British left are silent. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:20 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

How many times can we as journalists write the same stories of death and slaughter, of grief and loss, of torment and suffering? Why are AFP photojournalists risking their lives to document these atrocities instead of cowering in bunkers? What more can we do if you ignore us? (

Joseph Willits (@josephwillits) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

Reports that 194 people have died in 40 hours in eastern Ghouta. Death toll still continues to rise. Horrific. (

Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere) tweeted at 3:19 PM on Tue, Feb 20, 2018:
Utterly heartrending pleas from besieged Eastern Ghouta for international action to end Assad & Russian air attacks. Situation described as “suffering beyond imagination” on The World Tonight

Abdy Yeganeh (@AYdiplomat) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 21 Feb 2018 :

.@Nasr_Hariri – President of Syrian opposition urging for the protection of civilians in #Ghouta. (

TIME (@TIME) tweeted at 6:30 AM – 21 Feb 2018 :

250 killed in the worst days of violence in Syria’s eastern Ghouta for years, activists say (

Riam Dalati (@Dalatrm) tweeted at 6:20 AM – 21 Feb 2018 :

This thread is devastating. A list of 119 people killed in #EasternGhouta by name and place. Rips apart the impersonal statistical shroud for those who’ve become #Syria weary (

GeorgeMonbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot) tweeted at 6:05 AM – 22 Feb 2018 :

These are the courageous people being maligned across social media by conspiracy theorists. For shame. (

Anna Nolan (@annacnolan) tweeted at 5:17 AM – 22 Feb 2018 :

6 years ago today #MarieColvin was killed. Her final dispatch from Homs ended with an interview: “We feel so abandoned. They’ve given Bashar al-Assad the green light to kill us.” Same words coming from #Ghouta today. What shame. (

Melissa Fleming (@melissarfleming) tweeted at 7:01 AM – 23 Feb 2018 :

“We are deeply shaken & distraught by the brutality and utter disregard for civilian lives we are witnessing in Eastern Ghouta and other parts of Syria today…” -@RefugeesChief + @UNReliefChief + @ASteiner via @refugees (

Aous Al Mubarak (@Aous_Al_mubarak) tweeted at 2:49 AM – 25 Feb 2018 :

2-Tens of thousands have died due to shelling and bombardment
thousands of them r women and children.Tens of thousands r now handicapped or suffering from chronic diseases.100s of patients r waiting 4 immediate evacuation as there’s no cure or treatment available for them here. (

Emran Feroz (@Emran_Feroz) tweeted at 5:18 AM – 2 Mar 2018 :

“Are the people in Ghouta not humans? Why does nobody care?”, my neighbor – a 18yo Syrian refugee who fled as a kid – asked me today. Meanwhile we see privileged propagandists trolling first responders and refugees on social media. The world is rotten. (

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 6:57 AM – 3 Mar 2018 :

For the past five years, @badramamet has photographed death and destruction in his hometown of Douma, Syria. But he’s never seen anything like this: (

Sophie McNeill (@Sophiemcneill) tweeted at 4:47 AM – 4 Mar 2018 :

If you are confused about photos coming from #Ghouta and feel you don’t know who to believe, read this (

The New Arab (@The_NewArab) tweeted at 6:18 PM on Tue, Mar 06, 2018:
Fresh strikes hit Syria’s battered Ghouta as death toll reaches 800

An utter massacre is unfolding tonight, right now

Original Tweet:

Within 4 hours : our hospitals in received injuries with , cluster bombs and . We call for immediate entry of UN and OPCW investigators to

Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) tweeted at 10:27 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

Syrian Forces Bombard Eastern Ghouta with Chemical Weapons for the Fourth Consecutive Time since the Beginning of 2018

Molly Crabapple (@mollycrabapple) tweeted at 5:14 AM – 18 Apr 2018 :

The Guardian reports that Syrian doctors and their families were threatened with arrest and torture if they did not appear on television to deny the chemical weapons attack in Douma (


oz rts

DFRLab (@DFRLab) tweeted at 10:18 AM – 20 Feb 2018 :

Disinformation, like the ongoing fighting, continuously puts civilian lives at risk in Syria.

Our latest #SyriaHoax investigation looked at a recent case of disinformation targeting @SyriaCivilDef:

Nedad Memić (@NedadMemic) tweeted at 4:41 AM – 21 Feb 2018 :

We said these things wouldn’t happen again. As a survivor of #Sarajevo, I feel anger and grief. I don’t care about the ideology, I care about civilians bleeding out there, especially children who cannot be blamed for anything. #shame #Syria (


Murtaza Mohammad Hussain (@MazMHussain) tweeted at 6:38 PM – 22 Feb 2018 :

I know there’s a lot going on in the world but I hope people take the time to read this. Civilian casualties from U.S. airstrikes skyrocketed in 2017 in line with Trump’s promises that the U.S. would behave more brutally at war: (

AFTER THREE YEARS of brutal fighting, the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is winding down, the U.S. military announced on Thursday, saying the coalition has “liberated” more than 98 percent of the area formerly controlled by ISIS, or Daesh, freeing “7.7 million Iraqis and Syrians once held under brutal Daesh rule.”

By all accounts, this victory has come at a huge cost to civilians, but how huge depends on who you ask. The U.S.-led coalition says it conducted 29,070 strikes between August 2014 and January 2018, killing “at least 841 civilians.

But that figure is much lower than independent estimates, raising questions about the conduct of the war and its disproportionate impact on Iraqi and Syrian civilians. According to reporting by the nonpartisan monitoring group Airwars, between 6,136 and 9,315 civilians have died in coalition strikes since 2014, with death tolls spiking sharply in 2017. A recent New York Times investigation on airstrikes in Iraq also found drastic underreporting of civilian casualties in official statistics, with thousands of civilian casualties undocumented by official figures.


open letter to syria’s first lady

As the wife of the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, I’m curious about how you can look back at your own childhood while cheering the destruction of so many others? Your husband is a man with blood on his hands; his regime has murdered hundreds of thousands of Syrians, mainly innocent civilians and including many children and their mothers. Their childhood — unlike yours, Asma — has been stolen from them in the cruellest ways possible.


this whole thread (7 in all) as history from 2011 uprising

Amro Ali (@_amroali) tweeted at 11:48 AM – 26 Feb 2018 :

Was all this worth it, Assad? A question I repetitively ask, more so as the seventh anniversary of the Syrian uprising approaches. When peaceful protests in March 2011 simply called for a better Syria. Assad decided to respond by opening the abyss of hell (thread)..

Amro Ali (@_amroali) tweeted at 12:03 PM – 26 Feb 2018 :

It could have all been so different, and all this atrocious heartache and agony for what? Because Assad could not bring himself to, at the very least, sit at the same table with protest leaders and citizens during the honeymoon days of the Arab uprisings… (


ayça çubukçu (@ayca_cu) tweeted at 1:11 AM – 2 Mar 2018 :

No one in Turkey dares report accurately on the war in Syria
With more than 100 journalists in jail, it is prudent not to –> via @TheEconomist (


Watch UN Human Rights Chief #Zeid speak about the war in #Syria at the Human Rights Council #HRC37:

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Rania Al Abdullah (@QueenRania) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

Today we mourn the children who lost their lives in the Syrian war, the families seeking refuge, and the homes and streets that once meant so much to Syrians. Yet what we must mourn more ardently after seven years, is the futility of the world’s attempts to end the conflict. (

Rania Al Abdullah (@QueenRania) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

اليوم نتذكر بألم كل طفل راح ضحية الحرب في سوريا، والعائلات التي تبحث عن ملجأ، والمنازل والأحياء التي كانت يوما تعني الكثير لأهلها. ومع ذلك ما يجب أن يفجعنا بعد سبع سنوات، هو فشل المحاولات الدولية لإنهاء النزاع في سوريا. (


Amnesty Syria (@AmnestySyria) tweeted at 6:30 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

It’s been seven years of atrocities in #Syria. Seven years of death, destruction, fear and pain in Aleppo, Homs, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Idlib, Afrin and #EasternGhouta. The people of Ghouta continue to fight for life. Let us fight for them >>> #SaveGhouta


Molly Crabapple (@mollycrabapple) tweeted at 6:16 AM – 15 Apr 2018 :

Refugee camps are filled with young men who risked everything and went through hell on earth to avoid killing eachother in this war (


Abdulwahab Tahhan (@Abdultahhan) tweeted at 5:09 AM – 23 Apr 2018 :

I’ve met many academics in the UK who tried to lecture me about my country as if they’re the experts, though they’ve never been to Syria, speak the language, or know what’s it like to be live under an authotarian regime. (


Nurlana Khalil (@NuNurlanax) tweeted at 6:08 AM – 23 Apr 2018 :

Some activists have lost their moral compass with respect to Syria via @joeyayoub (


Filippo Grandi (@RefugeesChief) tweeted at 1:31 AM – 25 Apr 2018 :
Opening of #SyriaConf18: for seven years we have been unable to give peace to Syria; we must now try to avoid that the Syrian people lose hope. Their strength in adversity depends on our solidarity. (

Filippo Grandi (@RefugeesChief) tweeted at 10:20 AM – 24 Apr 2018 :
How the U.N. Refugee Agency will use big data to find smarter solutions via @mashable (

need to use self-talk as data.. not big data..

Filippo Grandi (@RefugeesChief) tweeted at 1:44 AM – 24 Apr 2018 :
Today is the first day of the #SyriaConf2018. It starts with a dialogue with civil society. Amidst the ruins and pain of the Syria war, the voice of the Syrian people must finally be heard (

let’s try a means to listen to all the voices..everyday

Filippo Grandi (@RefugeesChief) tweeted at 2:12 PM – 17 Apr 2018 :
20 years ago “guiding principles” to address internal displacement were adopted. Today more than 40 million are displaced in their own countries because of harsh conflicts and closed borders. Those principles are more urgent than ever. (

let’s not wait.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way


إبن بالدوين (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 7:41 AM – 27 May 2018 :
Amid Syria’s horror, a new force emerges: the women of Idlib (


Riam Dalati (@Dalatrm) tweeted at 4:35 AM – 6 Jul 2018 :
This would mean a forever life in limbo for #Syria refugees in DMZ. #Israel won’t let them in, while regime will be very suspicious of them & box them there.
A future tent city totally dependent on aid, no schools, no jobs, no economic cycle, no future. (


Özgür Celâleddin (@ozgurcelaleddin) tweeted at 5:47 AM – 17 Jul 2018 :
Syrian woman distributing clothes to Greek refugees who fled the Nazi occupation of Greece during WWII- Aleppo, 1943. via @Mecra


oz rt

Josie Ensor (@Josiensor) tweeted at 5:22 AM – 9 Aug 2018 :
And so it begins: Syrian activists say military helicopters have dropped leaflets over parts of Idlib, calling on residents to reconcile with the government – AP (


Mazen Hassoun (@HassounMazen) tweeted at 5:14 AM – 15 Aug 2018 :
“The jailer was proud to be able to break the neck of a detainee in his hands” – Najah alBukai, a Fine Artist who drew this sketch and a survivor from the Syrian Human Slaughterhouses. (

Joseph Bahout باحوط (@jobahout) tweeted at 6:01 PM – 14 Aug 2018 :
Fully agree, & this is v much true.
Already almost one year ago, a high-ranking defector -& very familiar w regime’s methods- told me we should expect to have gone beyond the million figure…
(PS: besides detained & disappeared, not all deads r documented; + many r paperless..). (


Gemma Fox (@gemmafoxTDS) tweeted at 2:20 AM – 21 Aug 2018 :
“You can’t imagine how it was, it was almost like they were sleeping”
Today marks five years since the chemical attack on #EasternGhouta– considered the deadliest such attack in #Syria’s civil war. @MSF says 355 were killed, some figures put it at >1500 (


brothers of the gun




Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 4:15 AM – 1 Sep 2018 :
If blood is on the hands of Iraq War supporters for Iraq, it’s also on the hands of of the “Hands Off Syria” lobby for their indifference to the slaughter in Syria. We could have prevented the slaughter of several hundred thousand people, we still can protect human life in Idlib (


yemen or syria

Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 4:11 AM – 5 Sep 2018 :
It’s hard to tell whether Obama’s worst legacy is Syria or Yemen to be fair. Obama played an active role in the destruction of Yemen, whereas his decision to outsource the conflict in Syria to Russia & Iran led to the disintegration of international law (



Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 3:51 AM – 7 Sep 2018 :
SNHR: 198 individuals died due to torture in Syria in August. Of those, 194 died at the hands of Syrian regime forces. (

Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 4:00 AM – 7 Sep 2018 :
AGPS kept record of the incarceration of 1,693 Palestinian refugees in Syrian dungeons, where 556 others also died under torture. (



Hend Amry (@LibyaLiberty) tweeted at 3:42 AM – 7 Sep 2018 :
where is the world. (

People in know a chemical attack will maybe happen. Only in , you will find people learn to children how to do handmade gas mask.

Shane Bauer (@shane_bauer) tweeted at 11:11 PM – 7 Sep 2018 :
Remember these images when people tell you the coming annihilation of Idlib is ok because it’s full of Al Qaeda.

Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) tweeted at 11:41 PM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Three hospitals, two White Helmets centres, and an ambulance system damaged by Syrian or Russian bombing around Idlib in recent days, according to @UOSSM, leaving thousands without nearby access to medical care. (

Tamer El-Ghobashy (@TamerELG) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 9 Sep 2018 :
Reporting thread from the indispensable @Mustafa_Habib33 (


Razan Saffour (@RazanSpeaks) tweeted at 7:24 AM – 7 Sep 2018 :
“You’re happy today?”
“Yes. Have you seen the pictures from Syria?”
This is our Free Syria /2018. #الثورة_مستمرة (


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 6:24 AM – 25 Apr 2019 :
“The devastation is clear for all to see,” says Amnesty investigator @DRovera on U.S. airstrikes in Syria that killed more than 1,600 civilians. “There is not a single neighborhood in Raqqa that has been spared. … People are living in the middle of the ruins.” (


David Harvey (@profdavidharvey) tweeted at 5:08 PM on Wed, Oct 09, 2019:
I withdraw from participation in the Sociological Meetings in Ankara in protest against the Turkish attack upon the Kurdish population in Syria. This is a crime against humanity that merits universal condemnation.


Joseph Willits (@josephwillits) tweeted at 5:37 AM – 11 Dec 2019 :
@Caabu The figures for taking in refugees from Syria & Iraq are even more horrendous. In @Caabu’s poll 69% said we should reject those fleeing conflict, violence & war. Them being Muslims is definitely a factor. 90% among Conservative voters. This is even scarier (


AFP news agency (@AFP) tweeted at 4:18 AM – 27 Dec 2019 :
#UPDATE More than 235,000 people have fled the #Idlib region over the past two weeks, the UN said Friday, amid heightened regime and Russian attacks on Syria’s last major opposition bastion (


TIME (@TIME) tweeted at 5:03 AM – 9 Feb 2020 :
Two Oscar-nominated documentaries show the impact of the Syrian War on women (



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taught 4 yr old – laugh when hear a warplane.. Now entire family laughs to maintain the pretense, to keep her sipirits high amid a war


Kareem Shaheen (@kshaheen) tweeted at 6:15 PM – 17 Feb 2020 :
900,000 people had fled the Assad regime’s advance in Idlib since Dec 1, according to the UN. 900,000. Nearly a million people fleeing for their lives. That is the sheer terror of Assad’s Syria. (

Christiaan Triebert (@trbrtc) tweeted at 6:24 PM – 17 Feb 2020 :
In only a few days time, the number has now grown to 900,000, mostly women and children, @UNOCHA believes. Let that sink in. 900,000. And that in the ninth year of the war. (


theo who lived (doc)