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brother jihadi

What I saw were, and I hate to say it – vulnerable young men – with massive great chips on their shoulders. With their radical new status they felt empowered, superior and perhaps most annoyingly for me, righteous.

In a former life, the world they had been brought up in had wronged them. Perhaps they had family troubles, or maybe society shunned them, whatever it was, they resented it – they were lost, empty and had no stake in the western world. Becoming a radical Muslim reversed the polarity.


They’re not thinking about blowing themselves up at a tube station, the story they’re telling themselves is, as confounding as it sounds – one of saving humanity.


Extremism of any kind is a symptom of an unhealthy society and, like any illness, in order to eradicate it, we should look to treat its cause.

problem deep enough.. for all of us.. a and a

Yes, charismatic ideologues play a part in the radicalisation process. But deep down, for those who are vulnerable, it’s not really about religious conviction or saving the world from oppression or defeating the evil west – these are just emotional vents; justifications for appeasing the deep lonely spaces of the human condition. It’s about feeling important, valued and ultimately, having a stake in the world surrounding them.


my brother the islamist (2011) from top documentary site

2 min – why i’m making this film.. to help us understand
On 6 September 2016, Choudary was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for his support for a proscribed organisation ISIS.
10 min – on why so many white’s.. what brings people to this islam..  ie: abdullah dean’s sister dies of overdose at age 18… need alt to that lifestyle.. islam has answers to that; zachariah: what spurred me was george bush…said you’re with us or not.. well i’m not with him.. he’s a lier… so i started looking for against
11 min – although only a few (followers of choudary) .. sought to drown out other islams.. accusing them of apostacy..
13 min – rich.. always saw world from another perspective.. shocking.. seeing evil going on in world growing up..
14 min – ben .. new convert.. 17.. had a big hangover and i though.. there’s got to be more to life.. i don’t want to become somebody who just drinks all the time and does drugs…
15 min – ben: i’ve seen people who have got a bit too angry at society.. and some .. not enough..
18 min – it’s rich’s indifference i can’t get over… rich: when are you people going to wake up.. from your degenerate lifestyles.. hell fire..
20 min – total resonation – juxta of watching world cup in bar and watching women/children burned with chemical weapons in palestine..
21 min – diff for rich.. always comes back to superiority of muslim
23 min – ben’s mom’s trust in his heart
32 min – where is the truth..
36 min – the dirty hand business…
43 min – self-made fortress to protect from evil society.. the idea that we’re all dirty.. and only way to save.. is to join his group.. bothers.. me.. if you don’t conform.. you’ll burn..
55 min – ben: can’t just side with one group..look at.. from an open heart.. where.. no one says it..
robb: hope he continues to follow his own path.. to think for himself.. i reckon maggie is right to have so much faith in her son
on rich: he was looking for answers to the big questions in life.. now he’s found them.. along with a set of rules that he believes will save his soul


sept 2015 – Terrorist convert’s brother makes fly on the wall mosque documentary to ‘be fair to Muslims’

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His stepbrother, Richard Dart, converted to an extreme form of Islam in 2009, and later became a convicted terrorist. Leech made two films charting Dart’s conversion and later conviction and imprisonment: My Brother the Islamist in 2011 and My Brother the Terrorist in 2014.

In 2015 Leech made a third film, Welcome to the Mosque, which explored the everyday life at the East London Mosque, in Whitechapel, one of the biggest mosques in the UK. Leech’s filming coincided with three schoolgirls from nearby Bethnal Green Academy fleeing to Syria to join the so-called Islamic State, and documented the Mosque’s attempts to help the missing girls’ grieving families, while simultaneously battling allegations from sections of the media that they were responsible for radicalising the girls themselves.


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