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intro’d to it in *2011 via Seth.. via trailers.. watching it just now via top documentary site..

1:24 (2011)

the human spirit.. when it’s allowed to make manifest through art.. invariably is going to create greatness.. almost doesn’t matter what the medium/financials/delivery is.. when humans make stuff.. we tend to make interesting things… in the olden days.. 30-40 yrs ago.. people didn’t make things.. they’d go to exhibits.. buy records..  and there were professional artists .. and now.. everybody’s a photographer/filmmaker/writer/musician  – moby – @thelittleidiot

1 min – before could sell record for .. 16.90.. because still this inherent mystery.. about how it was done..  now that mystery is dissolved .. because anybody can make it.. they know the secrets now.. – hank shocklee  @hankshocklee

2 min – this is an incredibly fertile time for artists .. tech has given artists an open door.. for creating as much as their capacity will allow – brenda walker @rebelcontent

imagine if we set them free during the day.. them being .. all of us.. 7 bn..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake


anybody can make a movie.. anybody who has$1500 can go out and buy a camera .. even if you can’t.. there are so many ways to make a movie and distribute your film…. but also makes it a lot harder to break through the noise.. – lena dunham @lenadunham

again.. let’s really change the game.. and make this ‘everybody’ ness legit..  and make listening to everybody legit..

3 min – a young van gogh/hitchcock/scorsese.. wouldn’t make it in this business.. it would get lost.. in the ocean of garbage.. 2007 – time gave award to best person to ourselves to you and i.. it’s global masturbation – andrew keen  @ajkeen

used to be.. didn’t become artist to become rich.. became an artist because had idea to share.. and that’s what we’re going to see again.. more art.. than ever before – seth

4 min – almost everybody i meet.. is equally excited and afraid .. nobody really knows where their next pay check is going to come from.. but they’re really exicted at their ability to create work and communicate (?)- moby – @thelittleidiot

imagine if the paycheck weren’t an issue..

5 min – iceland.. trying to make classical music popular.. not years of prep.. just a few months..  i’m just a musician.. contrast.. mixing two diff worlds.. but just some frequencies.. computer and piano.. both coming out from same speaker.. just sound waves.. i think a lot of the classical are divided from rest of world.. i’d like to see it as just another genre  – olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds

7 min –

tech is great

when i started making records.. you almost had to have hardware for every task .. ie: wanted to give it an echo.. delay.. make it feel as though came from a cave..  each of those things had to have its own specific box- zack hancock

if had a drum machine.. would only talk to your sequencer with a weird midi dins sync converter.. so just making electronic music.. was difficult  – moby – @thelittleidiot

8 min – i remember back in the days i was doing louder than a bomb for ie.. and we needed to make a mute.. of all of like about 10 tracks.. mute at once.. and we didn’t have any automation on our board.. so had to listen to song.. and go one two three. and everybody had to be on sync..  – hank shocklee  @hankshocklee

a big diff – is that at that time you had to be around 30.. know people.. and have a little bit of money.. whereas now.. anyone can. . – robyn @robynkonichiwa

9 min – one reason we were ably to get going.. you could just use the home computer to make multi tracks.. easy to do.. – al doyle & felix martin @Hot_Chip

10 min – it’s software.. so now any kid can use a cracked version or buy a version of reason/logic.. and in about 5 min do what took about 6 months or years.. 20 yrs ago.. – moby @thelittleidiot

11 min – aspects of being a colorist.. give the footage a look – .. now working with files/sequences instead of a roll of film.. most revolutionary about the red (?) camera.. is they knocked some zeroes off the price.. – mike cosola

13 min – part of the rebellion was refusing to believe all the people that said.. you can’t do this..  – @virtualteds ted schilowitz – redstudios – red rebellion

16 min – tech comes first.. then artist comes along and abuses/changes it.. ie: jimi hendrix and electric guitar – bill drummond

17 min – on collabing with fans – olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds

19 min –

the industry is dead

ie: blockbuster

20 min – someone else making your decisions.. traditionally/typically representative of self-empowered groups.. ie: typically white guys.. telling us what will go into .. museum..- david weinberger

21 min – art been around for long time.. but only last 50 yrs there’s been an indusry.. that’s new..   – on writing idea virus in a few days.. and giving it away online.. then publishing it for 40 dollars per request.. from 5 mill who read it online. – seth godin

24 min – the lesson is.. not that this is a good way to make money.. the lesson is.. that this changes everything.. the industry is dead… – seth godin

26 min – when you fall into the trap of confusing the artist and the audience.. when you believe the audience knows more than artist is more authoritative/creative/talented.. and art ends.. you have something else.. you have cacophony (a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds).. you have simply an apology for radical democratization.. and it’s wrong to confuse democratization in cultural/political terms.. with the creation of art.. which is by definition .. for better/worse.. and elitist business   – andrew keen  @ajkeen


27 min – in our post industrial age.. because of atomization.. loneliness.. because of the break up of the community.. the way to reify or deify ourselves.. is thru creative act… everyone thinks they have a novel in them.. that they can make a movie.. write a song…. that’s why everyone is ie: throwing their stuff up on youtube.. – andrew keen  @ajkeen

28 min – a lot more people making music.. and music definitely more democratized now to where anyone can make an album .. *the problem is everyone’s doing that.. – christopher weingarten @1000TimesYes

again.. *the problem is .. it’s not everyone.. ie: not refugees.. having to spend day swimming to safety..  not kids.. having to spend day in school.. not adults having to spend day at job.. won’t take off like that .. won’t dance.. till we set everyone free.. first

28 min – should everyone be able to position self as musician..?  to have fan base..? people buying their music..? .. to make their living from music..? no.. absolutely not… there are talented people and there are not talented people   – amy phillips  @amyhphillips

again.. the dance will dance.. it hasn’t yet.. because it hasn’t ever been everyone.. yet.. making a living could become irrelevant.. and that .. would change everything..

that’s a reality that most people don’t like.. because most people don’t have talent –  andrew keen  @ajkeen


whoa.. ugh..

we have no idea.. what reality is.. science of people ness

29 min – so for a serious young filmmaker.. these are very depressing times.. when you leave everything to the crowd and everything becomes democratized.. where everything is determined by number of clicks.. you’re by definition undermining the seriousness of the artistic endeavor –  andrew keen  @ajkeen

ok.. so that is true.. we’re not leaving everything to clicks.. again.. clicks ness has to do with the whole idea of earning a living.. once we disengage from that.. new game.. gershenfeld sel ness..  people aren’t doing things for clicks.. they’re doing things they can’t not do… and by that nature.. that art.. everyone does have talent..

29 min – it’s that idea of grey goo.. little bitty bio machines that can replicate themselves.. there’s nothing to stop the world from being covered in grey goo.. art/culture might potentially succumb to that same principle.. where if .. everybody’s a musician and everybody’s making mediocre music.. eventually the world is just covered with mediocrity.. and *people start to become comfortable with mediocrity **and that to me is the danger.. – moby @thelittleidiot

that all has to do with  people not being free.. if we all (has to be all of us) are really free .. ie: as the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…] .. we won’t all want to be musicians.. and/or. .we won’t have such a strict defn of what a musician is..

and *people don’t start to become comfortable with mediocrity.. they just adjust.. give in.. no energy to do otherwise.. it’s the best they can do.. given their day is already spent with supposed to’s.. et al..

the **danger is believing our souls are/would be ok with mediocrity..  that’s why we haven’t yet gotten to equity.. we don’t trust us..(has to be 100%.. all of us.. all the time.. or it’s not trust.. it’s judgment)

30 min – there’s no evidence that we’re on the verge of a great new glittering/cultural age.. we may be on the verge of a new dark age.. where creative world is destroyed –   andrew keen  @ajkeen

right now is a time of hype and backlash ..constant embarrassing movement of sub genres that we thought were the next big thing.. where are they.. so a bunch of critics/bloggers going off on each other.. .i think it’s going to look a little embarrassing.. we’re going to be ashamed of ourselves..  – christopher weingarten @1000TimesYes

because we’ve got all these people.. (but not yet all the people.. which is huge..).. trying to be artful.. at the end of a work day..

34 min – andre de ridder @andrederidder – invited olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds to manchester to arrange for whole orchestra – saying olafur was surprised they were all kids.. then even more surprised when he heard them play..  because they are already very good/mature musicians

basic idea we try to do at end of each year.. go somewhere else.. outside bldg.. and take music into place doesn’t exist.. so this time.. this is concert hall.. decided to turn on head.. and take music that wouldn’t normally be in the kind of space.. toby smith – royal norther college of music

35 min – i’ve never done this before.. and all this hype.. and people expecting great things will think i’m doing everything wrong.. but .. it sounds good.. and ..

i hope people see that it’s not about elitism and rules.. it’s about.. doing something nice.. – olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds

artists have the power

36 min – i was recently on a panel called.. a shortage of digital talent..  and all these big ad execs were talking about how there’s a shortage out there.. there are fewer people than ever before… i disagree.. i think there are more.. but they don’t want to work in small little cubes..agencies.. on madison ave.. they want to work on their own terms.. w/own hard/software.. on projects they’re motivated/passionate about.. – scott belsky

yes.. which is what we can finally do today.. we have means for mech to facil chaos of 7 bn people doing just that.. and not needing to earn a living..

37 min – we’re at a time when artist’s have the power .. and i’m often puzzled that they don’t recognize how much power they have.. *no record co.. no venue to fill .. no t shirt to sell.. – – brenda walker @rebelcontent

*those are all related to moneys/measures.. we have to go deeper.. that’s why you’re puzzled.. that’s why people aren’t being/becoming.. myth that power comes from measure/money

the creative world was always segmented by who you knew.. and who happened to know somebody you know.. too much happening by circumstance.. that’s the diff.. can work on own now..  – scott belsky

38 min – we are seeing new breed of artists who are very independent.. and who are often self-managed artists.. who *have these careers that they’re dictating..  based on their fans… and  – (?)

super.. but imagine didn’t even need to *have careers.. based on fans..

39 min – we’re trying to create mix of music and moving images .. we start with music.. sound waves.. creating a kind of interaction.. -takafumi tsuchiya

before i only used my keyboard creating music.. even though computer made that easier want to avoid my music sounding technological.. – yasuhiko fukuzono

can be limited by software capabilities when create images .. on other hand.. take drawing.. even with cave paintings of stone age.. we are still bound by human limitations.. you just can’t avoid limitations.. – takafumi tsuchiya

42 min – we’re a traditional production co for the most part.. but come at it from a very untraditional sort of way..a more blended model.. anybody can do anything/part – andre stringer (shilo)

if designer comes at directing .. might have diff approach.. not oabout better/worse.. but diff because coming from diff perspective.. – tracy chandler (shilo)

44 min – an essence of .. make it happen.. do it yourself.. who cares what the man/world says – you just go out in streets and skate.. not like waiting for org’d baseball team.. you just do it.. tracy chandler (shilo)

45 min – doing it ourselves.. allows us to be more free/visceral/alchemic.. with way components come together.. a lot less pre planned.. more entirely improvisational..of the moment.. reflective of the moment – andre stringer (shilo)

grassroots – andre… majority of people.. are self-taught.. there’s no formal training for what’s going on in prof world right now.. nothing to prepare you for base sense of values to make it or enjoy self.. – tracy

47 min – on need for film school – adam watson

48 min – even 5 yrs ago.. students wouldn’t know terminology.. but things they’ve done since 4th grade.. they come to school having made a lot of movies themselves.. where they did everything.. so they could keep vision up in here.. and not have to explain/collab it.. so at core of what i teach.. is understand your story so you can describe.. so others can join in..   need to teach how to tell effective stories using imagery.. and to be comfortable with how tech is changing every year.. – norman hollyn

50 min

the craft is gone

one of fascinating things.. is how it separated knowledge of craft and creativity ..had to understand ie: how camera worked.. and now.. doesn’t matter.. – moby @thelittleidiot

51 min – guy in cabin making record vs 20 people making it.. hard to say.. experiences he went thru..maybe the personalization of the recording studio has led for some interesting art.. there’s certainly some things i miss about it though.. (?)

52 min – some.. guilty of relying too much on tech –  substandard/par performance.. and expect tech to compensate for it.. ie: you can tune/edit that w tool.. and yes.. we can fix everything.. after you’re done fixing it though.. there’s no performance there..  – nick sansano

the craft is no longer necessary.. the craft of writing/art/music is gone (?)

53 min – 10 yrs ago – if ie: drummer couldn’t play to musicality.. would have to work with him.. now i just edit it.. think of motown.. those were all amazing musicians.. and now much of what you hear.. pop records.. are generally mechanically edited to a sterile precision.. (?)

i personally find perfection in art/music to be off putting.. i like listening to billie holliday.. because there’s vulnerability.. i get almost intimated/bored by perfect digital art.. w/o vulnerability/beauty/humanity.. – moby @thelittleidiot

54 min – to me.. it’s to see work that’s honest/interesting/complicated.. easy to get worked up with tech. .. w/o seeing where everything is artistically.. nobody interested if doesn’t have idea beyond.. i’m a modern person using modern tech.. – lena dunham @lenadunham

56 min – they thought no need to rehearse.. it’s easy.. just a few notes.. and then after we started.. they got it.. and thought.. oh.. he’s doing something diff than what we’re used to.. and we have to adapt to that..and then they really did.. and they started playing it beautifully.. without thinking about their classical training.. and just thinking about their feelings .. and an expression of that – olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds

love olafur  and all he’s saying/doing

so much res w/rp music ness

57 min – i definitely don’t feel like a part of the classical world.. i’ve never considered myself a classical musician in that way.. i know people.. split into sides of how they look at what i do.. –  olafur arnalds  @OlafurArnalds

58 min – the classical/contemp music scene is quite a closed circle.. and that’s a shame.. they have a problem with music that is just trying to be beautiful.. and use language that may have been used before.. but used in a diff way.. and very often get a very aggressive .. reaction against this music.. thinking it’s not worth money/effort – toby smith – royal norther college of music

classical world says you’re not classical enough to be included in what we’re doing.. do classical for pop and too pop for classical.. i’m no where really.. – olafur

maybe they’re not comfortable with this.. because they can’t categorize it.. and it makes them feel uncomfortable.. i think – toby

time place and occasion

1:01 – so i founded napster with my friend..we were both hs students.. never even met in person when we founded it.. the vision was to come up w system that made sharing of mp3’s so easy – sean parker

first time i used napster… it immediately felt like it just changed something in the way that i think about media/music – anthony volidkin @fascinated

1:03 – we were the wake up call.. for the record co’s.. first time they were forced to recognize what was happening with content distribution on the internet – sean

people don’t sit today and go through a record track.. used to be.. buy a record.. listen to every little bit.. read the cover.. watch the vinyl.. watch needle turn around.. like a full concentration.. and now.. i always do something else when i listen to music.. pretty much always.. – anne hilde neset  @annehilde

1:04 – it becomes like you’re just processing data and do it all thru a computer screen .. you’re denying yourself the pleasure of .. just listening to music.. and you’re making it just like another task.. like checking emails.. updating your twitter or whatever.. – felix martin – hot chip

1:05 – i don’t think we value it any less.. i think that we listen more personally on personal .. perhaps a way of listening is a bit more distracted.. i’d say –  anne

1:06 – there is a psychology i think that’s changed.. i mean if you’re going to go to a movie.. you have to leave.. make decision to get out of house.. where if you’re in front of a computer in your house you’ve got 2000 movies.. you could try one.. you could stop it can try another.. they cost $3 – hillman curtis (died of colon cancer in 2012)

1:07 – i realized the other night i was watching a movie and reading a book.. that’s like sacrilegious..that’s crazy..we live in an attention deficit culture.. even in the way the tv is edited now.. it’s not about a strong desire to consume art.. and that’s what a creator is up against.. is that *they’re kind of having to trick people into watching what they make.. – lena dunham @lenadunham

what happens when we think we have to do anything for money/earn-a-living ness

1:08 – the invention of tech to record music defined the music of the 20th cent – it all wanted to be recorded.. it all wanted to be out there and sold..  and that narrowed what music could be.. 

..we’re entering a period where time.. place.. and occasion.. are going to be far more important elements of how music is made and how we jointly experience it – bill drummond

as people are able now to sort of download freely .. all the music that an artist has produced..  it doesn’t really .. necessarily.. id you as a fan..  but to go and see them live is a commitment.. which id’s you as more of a fan.. the life size.. gives the fan the opp to buy into the act and show that they are committed..  it’s part of what’s known as a person’s self.. – keith harris

1:09 – perhaps the actual experience is valued more .. of seeing a one off.. of seeing a situation which happens only that night.. because recorded music feels cheaper now.. and you don’t need to buy the whole album.. you can just get a track that you really like..  – anne

1:10 – i think the live show is what’s going to keep music dangerous.. no one is going to get surprised by an mp3/record.. they’re always coming.. you’re not getting excited to wait in line on a tuesday release day.. it will just show up one day.. but a live show.. who knows what’s going to happen.. anything can happen .. and it happens once.. – christopher

when you have a cd or mp3.. you have a great flat bit of music.. and when you have it live it’s like that (widens hands).. and i think people miss that.. miss being able to go like they’re.. like they can escape inside the music – speech debelle @speechdebelle

1:11 – people say there is no magic.. but what is.. you know that feeling when you see somebody live and you totally like go out of your mind.. you connect .. and.. your treasure that memory.. i have certain memories to like.. leonard cohen.. and i will treasure them forever.. because .. what happened.. goosebumps..  – lykke li @lykkeli

we humans.. we evolve.. but we’re funny animals .. so we like to dance and interact and have fun or learn or .. that’s what we are possessed about.. – georgia taglietti @geonaima

it’s great for like the music environment.. and for kids.. and people to experience.. for real.. i love that.. that that’s a part of music industry again..  or.. it is a part of my world again.. which is wasn’t really when i was a kid.. i was like a club kid and live music was more for like rockers..  – robyn

1:12 – i think a lot of musicians are now.. increasingly compelled about how to figure out how to stand on stage and connect with an audience.. whereas before .. the connection was playing the one hit single.. that the audience might have heard on the radio.. and now the connection has to be a lot more genuine.. and i think a lot more .. human.. in a way.. – moby

you could listen to .. record.. and then you see.. and there’s nothing comparable to see them live.. it’s a completely diff experience on how the artist approaches the audience.. 1 or 2 or 15 000 people – georgia

1:15 – olafur live in manchester..

1:16 – when we look back at history of every other industry that got build in 20s 30s.. say.. we wish we were there then.. because wow wouldn’t it been cool what we could have done.. this is even bigger than that.. and people are missing it.. saying.. oh there’s a recession.. oh.. this is the best shot you’ve ever gotten.. – seth

i think as an artist you have to accept the unexpected.. i think that right now we’re not in a world where we can determine/pre-determine what we think things are going to be.. we don’t.. we’re all operating in the dark.. no clue of what’s going to happen.. and that to me is what makes it all fun..  – hank

1:17 – i think that the music industry is changing and there’s not going to be like one new solution that replaces everything else.. it’s going to stay diverse/undefined .. maybe forever.. – robyn

it’s going to be really interesting .. to look back in 10 yrs and see if the film industry has kind of leveled out.. if this fast rate of change stops.. or if this is sort of the reality from now on.. that we’re so tech savvy that things are constantly shifting and there’s not really stable ground..- lena

what does stable mean..?

1:18 – the problem with the revolution.. is that in egalian terms.. we assumed one world dies and automatically is replaced by the next.. that’s not how our revolutionary periods were.. that’s not how the media was.. so we’ve destroyed the old world.. but we still don’t know what is going to replace it..  we still don’t know if anything will replace it.. it’s quite conceivable.. that we will *see the end of a cultural econ – andrew keen

*god i hope so.. so that music – olafur et al – can become .. us.. culture.. nothing to do with economy ness.. measuring and money ness..

1:20 – i think in 20/30/50 yrs we’re going to look back at now with sort of like a wistful nostalgia.. like we look back at big/clunky cell phones.. or way we look back at vaudeville..  unique.. had its own charm.. but we moved on..  – moby


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