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In August 1943, General Patton slapped a young soldier who was hospitalized with nervous exhaustion. He was reported to have said: I won’t have the hospitals cluttered up with these sons of bitches who haven’t got the guts to fight. Send that yellow son of a bitch back to the front line.

wartorn 1861-2010

2 min – letters:

1\fighting for stars and stripes.. i love the flag dearly


3 min –

2\ suicide.. 100 or more gone home.. cowards….

3\ after 1 year.. i saw 100s of dead men…

4\ after 16 months.. friends died by my side.. i saw things that will be remembered until death..

5\ after 20 months.. day spent burying the dead.. makes me feel lonely.. can’t see end to this war

6\ after 2+ years.. no one except he who has been a soldier can expect what a fighting man has to endure..

how many young men are ruined by this war

7\ in hospital.. took me off books.. said i wouldn’t be fit (1863)

returned home.. pa..  1864 – turned violent.. suicide..

reminds me of Kalief.. and so many others.. and so much else..

something he did in army prayed upon his mind and wounded him

commander: ideal youthful patriot.. the heroic american soldier….

dead at 21

7 min – after civil war more than half of patients in mental institutions were veterans

In 1980 post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) became an accepted diagnosis for veterans with psychological wounds.

8 min – dc – ptsd – via producer – James Gandolfini


After finishing The Sopranos, Gandolfini produced the documentary Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq(2007), in which he interviewed injured Iraq War veterans. His second documentary, Wartorn: 1861–2010(2010), analyzed the impact of post traumatic stress disorder on soldiers and families throughout several wars in American history from 1861 to 2010.

died 2013

8 min – col john bradley – chief of psychiatry, walter reed… hallmark.. keyed up and on edge… w ptsd.. those symptoms don’t go away when come home..

nobody is really unscathed.. unless have no compassion for human life.. everybody else carries something with them… john bradley

14 min – he thought of himself as a murderer.. us army trained my son to kill.. they forgot to untrain him..

or not send him in first place

iraq 2003 – freeing myself from desert once and for all.. i am not a good person.. i have taken lives..

16 min – george patton: In August 1943, General Patton slapped a young soldier who was hospitalized with nervous exhaustion. He was reported to have said: I won’t have the hospitals cluttered up with these sons of bitches who haven’t got the guts to fight. Send that yellow son of a bitch back to the front line.


17 min – in ww2 they called it combat fatigue

18 min – 50 yrs after ww2.. veterans diagnosed with ptsd.. these telling stories for first time

19 min – in old days.. called it battle fatigue and it was a no-no… lack of intestinal fortitude they would put in your record.. that was the worst.. i found out.. everybody has a breaking point.. i thought i was the only one.. something wrong with my head.. i didn’t think it was a good thing to bring up.. even with my wife.. i couldn’t tell anyone

22 min – they had an onslaught.. and didn’t believe it.. so  just gave out drugs

all i could do was inhale.. i could never exhale

24 min – it just goes inside.. you can’t get it out.. it’s like you have a camera in you

28 min – marine corps teaches  you to kill like an animal.. you growl.. and i don’t know how to get rid of it

reminds of 61 in bathroom

31 min – made me realize.. there is a cost to what we do here.. son shot

not to mention all people killed.. both sides..

34 min – you just can’t get yourself right.. you can’t figure yourself out.. talking to others.. nothing helps..

36 min – flag given when son died


stupid perpetuation gift

37 min – dad..this guy talked to me for 10 min.. gave me a test.. and said i was faking it.. it’s in the paperwork.. can’t do anything.. killed himself.. they had told him to go clean his weapon.. and told buddies to stay away from him..

40 min – trying to drive down army suicide rate.. fighting a culture.. that you are a weaker person.. because you see something that no one else has to see.. no one takes these hidden injuries seriously…

42 min – gotta take him off the battlefield (if good soldier with ptsd)

let’s get rid of battlefield..

48 min – 39% of incarcerated veterans have screened positive for ptsd..

no way it’s that low.. we’re so crazy

in ww1 they called it shell shock

52 min – the flags..

god.. the flags

my country.. my friends.. spoke a diff language.. back.. but not back at all.. an insane desire to kill myself..

53 min – trouble in washington as means to care for these 1000s of men..  utter alone ness..  of a shell shocked man

1:02 – the words.. get over it.. you were just doing your job.. i did it well.. i got a medal.. and now i have nightmares about it almost every night..


thinking oh so many things .. and i’ve barely started watching it..

first thought reading description was Dennis Charney‘s resilience.. hailing mccain…

2013 – prescription for resilience


I was studying PTSD and depression. We were doing a lot with military veterans, and ultimately we said, ‘May- be we can learn from people who have been traumatized but who did not develop PTSD, depression or substance abuse problems.’
thinking about this a lot.. like.. how can that be.. and why mccain..
reading description for wartorn.. perhaps this is why.. not so much resilience.. as low empathy..
So what about the people that don’t get it? Is there anybody that you can honestly say was in a great deal of intense combat situations and comes back completely fine? Those folks are pretty rare. There’s that mythology of the warrior that the only thing you should feel when you shoot an insurgent is recoil. But in fact, nobody is really unscathed unless you really have no compassion for human life. If you have a total disregard maybe the only thing you feel is recoil. Everybody else carries something with them.
fitting too with this share by Jason.. alive people in toxic world.. we label as having dis order..
Artistic mania? Inspiration linked to bipolar disorder risk psypost.org/2014/03/artist…
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musicophilia et aldepression


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