change the dream (doc)

awakening the dreamer: changing the dream (doc) – 2012

the land is your body

wangari maathai ( humans only part of ecosystem

intro to the achuar (ancient dream colony still living in connection with land… mainly in ecuador and peru) and the pachamama alliance

2 min – achua elders dreams reveal threat.. coming from pursuit of oils in land.. so reached out to create bond with very world that was threatening to destroy them.. in 95… that call out heard by small group of people in modern world…. and two worlds come together.. & pachamama alliance was born

3 min – lynne twist ( – from very beginning our indigenous partners told us ..really great working with them.. but only half the battle.. if really want to protect their lands permanently.. need to go to work in our part of the world..we would need to

change the dream of the north..

the dream of a modern world..a dream rooted in consumption and acquisition w/o regard to the consequences to natural world or even our own future..

bill twist ( changing dream of modern world..daunting/impossible task.. we took request very seriously.. came to see .. we in modern world truly are in some kind of a trance.. living in a dream that’s threatening to destroy not only rainforest and their way of life.. but entire planet..

4 min – so offered symposium – awakening dreamer, changing dream.. offered in dozens of countries.. purpose: bringing forth an environmentally sustainable..spiritually fulfilling..socially just.. human experience on this planet…

5 min – interrelated facets of one interconnected whole..  not only see urgency.. but that …

the possibility of our times is greater than the crisis

indigenous cultures across world have legends/prophecies that identify this time we’re living in as a turning point for humanity.. one such legend: prophecy of the eagle and the condor

prophecy of eagle (reps cultures used creativity of mind and sci insight to harness the wonders of tech and increase material wealth) and condor (more spiritual.. deeply in touch with sacredness of natural world and the interconnectedness of all things)

6 min – john perkins (@economic_hitman): this legend said that every 500 yrs go thru cycles.. last.. began end of 1400s.. predicted eagle would dominate.. but w/in 500 yrs.. would change.. and

the eagle and condor would fly same skies

ni ness..

eagle and condor ness

domingo paez (achuar leader): we believe that all human beings need to integrate these two world..without minimizing the value of their own knowledge.. we need to bring together these *two ways of knowing..keeping the good and rejecting the bad.. for the benefit of the achuar people and the whole world..

well. *all the ways.. beyond binary ness

8 min – where are we 1\changes in population 200 yrs ago..  expo growth… climate in danger..poverty increase.. econ downturn.. system on verge of breakdown… current model requires ongoing econ growth..

10 min – sustainability is the ability of the current generation to meet its needs w/o compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.. – un 1987

environment and other species

randy hayes ( in real dangerous moment in history.. every natural habitat degraded…75% of forest eliminated.. 30% of arable land lost in 40 yrs (soil erosion)… more than 200 oceanic dead zones (polluting)..  over fishing.. toxic burden in people’s bodies (cancer)..  these are shredding fabric of life that supports life support system..

12 min – david ulansey (@dreamlion) ( we are in midst of mass extinction.. but general public unaware.. ie: african lions down 90% in last few decades.. elephants down 90% in past century.. 90% of all large fish gone from oceans..

what this means: we don’t have 50 yrs to solve this problem.. we don’t have 20 years.. we have a decade..

a nother way

for (blank)’s sake

13 min – brian swimme ( – why is this not our central concern.. suddenly confronted.. and don’t know how to respond… we haven’t deepened our hearts to make possible the grief that is wanting to be felt

14 min – joanna macy ( the anguish we feel for what is happening to our world is inevitable and normal and healthy.. pain is very useful.. just don’t be afraid of it.. if we’re afraid to feel that.. we won’t feel where it comes from.. from love.. our love for this world.. that’s what is going to pull us through

15 min – affecting human family – social justice – listing of female abuses.. honor killings.. et al

17 min – on the oil we live off.. ruining/killing the land/people it’s coming from

18 min – showing disparity in terms of earth as 100 people… if roof over head, food, clothing.. better off than 83% of people on planet..

19 min – marjora carter (@majoracarter) ( environmental justice is the belief that no community should have to bare brunt of disproportionate amount of environmental burdens and not enjoy any environ benes.. right now.. race and class tells

20 min – native americans continue to be marginalized

enei begaye – (@eneib) ( all mining done on our lands doesn’t go to our people.. the people who live in black mesa.. right off coal mine… don’t have electricity or running water.. (all that electricity goes to ca,las vegas, pheonix) our lands have been labeled a national sacrifice area.. this  isn’t a sacrifice area.. i have 2 kids..

voluntary compliance ness..ugh..

21 min – van jones (@VanJones68) ( a socially just world is a world in which if you had to draw a line and put you anywhere.. you would feel perfectly confident.. every person has a decent shot at living life fullest… if  you wouldn’t trade places.. work to be done

equity: everyone getting a go everyday..

22 min – how did we get here.. current paradigm and our unexamined assumptions

23 min – drew dellinger (@drewdellinger) ( thomas berry: primary prob w/western civ.. creates/perpetuates radical separation between human and natural world.. we think we’re behaving rationally.. on logical econ course.. actually heading toward destruction.. been locked in mythic entrancement.. a world view that’s become dysfunctional and therefore destructive..

‘planetize the movement’ – drew’s site

for (blank)’s sake

23 min – brian – one way to describe cosmology really at work.. natural world there to satisfy us.. like a lumber yard.. earth filled with resources.. not that bad so long as humans not so powerful.. then.. pathological.. you can’t call a forrest/ocean a resource.. it’s filled with amazing beings..

25 min – on competition

vandana shiva: so much sort of pseudo sci has been done trying to show that the world is in competition. survival of the fittest and all of that. i think human beings are more prone to cooperation and compassion. if you look at the work that’s being done in sci it’s about cooperation. cells/species must cooperate. cooperation rather than competition is the way nature works.

26 min – julia butterfly hill (@juliabfly) ( ( – lived in tree for 738 days so wouldn’t be cut down): when you say you’re going to throw something away.. where is away..there’s no such thing.. and where away actually is.. is social/environmental justice issues…. everything that is called waste/disposable is the ways in which we are saying that is acceptable to throw our planet/people away.. disposables one of huge magnifiers of how we’ve lost our connection to the sacred.. i’m very passionate about it because..

27 min – i know in my heart.. that as long as we are trashing the planet and trashing each other..a healthy/holistic/healed world is not possible..we cannot have peace on the earth unless we also have peace w/the earth

van: we don’t just have unexamined assumptions about how we relate to planet.. but how we relate to each other…we have a society that believes we have throwaway resources/species/people.. the same mindset that says i can ball up this can and throw it away.. says i can ball up this child and throw that child into prison forever for a mistake made.. that’s the core mindset

28 min – the paradigm that we are all one

29 min – of all assumptions.. one all encompassing.. that we are separate.. shapes virtually all our perceptions/actions

jakada imani (@jakada_imani): a fundamental misconception that we are separate.. if we are one.. then whatever i do to you/air/society.. i do to me/family/children

30 min – indigenous cultures.. not so concerned with progress.. but health and durability of their community and see interconnection of all things..

tom goldtooth (@IENearth) ( we use another terminology.. mitakuye oyasin.. all my relations.. we try to recognize we are related to everything..

a phrase from the Lakota language. It reflects the world view of interconnectedness held by the Lakota people of North America. This concept and phrase is expressed in many Yankton Sioux prayers, as well as by ceremonial people in other Lakota communities….The phrase translates in English as “all my relatives,” “we are all related,” or “all my relations.” It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys.


In 1940, American scholar Joseph Epes Brown wrote a study of Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ and its relevance in the Sioux ideology of “underlying connection” and “oneness.” He noted how the phrase has been misappropriated and misused as a slogan and salutation by peoples from outside the Lakota cultures.


bob randall ( (was an Aboriginal Australian elder, singer and community leader.): we’re only caretakers for our time on this earth, for our children’s children, who’s gonna come after us. and we are not the owners, we are caretakers, for mother earth..

31 min – cormac cullinan ( (practising environmental attorney and author based in Cape Town, South Africa.. book: wild law..): indigenous people have a particularly important role to play at this moment in history.. we need them to come forward and explain how they see things because these are things that have been forgotten..

tom: somehow industrialized society has not caught up with itself to really appreciate/respect what indigenous people have to offer..but it’s something that’s very important that’s going to save this planet..

by combining the tech brilliance of industrialized world with earth honoring spirit of indigenous cultures we have opp to merge genius of human mind w/wisdom of human heart

32 min – bill: and now starting to wake up to how world really is organized.. that’s a real moment of hope for us..not evil people.. misinformed..and informed properly.. we can count on ourselves..

careful with that.. then get into.. informing properly.. and mis 100% trust ness

if listening to heart.. that’s how we count on selves..

(he may mean this.. ‘properly’ is unsettling)

so we are mistaken.. not flawed.. this is good news..

33 min -brian: we’re not any small category.. we are the universe in the form of a human

nationality: human

(still brain):..true of everyone.. amazing new understanding.. profoundly inclusive.. – we’re all kin/related.. a massive change to human consciousness

34 min – you are the story. you won’t remember the details, but you know it because you are it. – miriam macgillis


grok ness.. a story about people grokking what matters.. rather than spending days detailing/explaining/defending/proving/validating…

34 min – possible for future..?

focus on women/girls..

too binary.. today we can do better.. we can focus on 7 bn

investment in girls ed.. highest return of investment- larry summers

oy.. girls (too binary.), ed (too directed/volunatary complianced), return (too money as os‘d)

oy.. what happened to the universal ness.. the all of us ness.. and what happened to the listen to the heart ness.. (rather than ed et al)

35 min – 2012 women in world summit

36 min – meryl streep intro’ing hillary clinton.. this is what you get when you play a world leader – holds up her oscar..


38 min – hillary – women should have right to make own choices.. a fundamental test of democracy.. why extremists always focus on women.. they all want to control women..

? oy .. so not fitting to this doc..

39 min -hillary.. america needs to set an ie for the entire world..

? same doc..? whoa..

41 min – part of american mission… men and women

good on men and women.. but.. american mission..?

42 min – jon symes (@jon__symes): moment in life of caterpillar that it wants to eat more and more.. becomes a veracious consumer.. eats many times own weight in food..becomes bloated/immobile.. in that very moment inside.. there are these tiny cells waking up.. imaginel cells.. joining together as clusters..  before majority.. become genetic director of whole of catepillar.. rest of cells collapse.. and feed emergent cells.. the butterfly..

43 min – the emergence of *feminine face of **leadership is the key to a sustainable and transformed world.

oy.. it’s *all of us .. no **leadership ness

so frustrating that they are ending this way.. and so .. too.. why we haven’t yet..

43 min – natalia greene ( ecuador is the first country in the world to recognize the rights of nature in its constitution. recognizing the rights of nature means treating nature as a somebody. as a someone to protect and not as something to be exploited/destroyed.

un 2015 development goals..

eric lombardi ( waste is the product of bad design and bad design can be changed

44 min – paul hawken: there is another super power here on earth.. an unnamed movement.. flies under radar of media.. nonviolent.. grassroots.. no central ideology.. the very word movement is too small to describe it.. this is humanity’s immune response to resist/heal political disease.. econ infection.. and ecological corruption caused by ideologies... fundamentally a civil-rights/human-rights/democracy movement.. the coming world.. list of 2 mill orgs… largest social movement in history of humankind

47 min – desmond tutu – we have defeated awful things like nazism/communism/aparteid..  seen some wonderful human beings.. it is a moral universe..

48 min – tikkum olam: hebrew for healing the planet.. how can a spirit of loving kindness strengthen humanity’s immune system

zainab salbi.. one woman can change anything..many women can change everything..

none of us are free if one of us is chained.. please.. no binary ness

48 min – section on women/girls.. when women earn an income.. 90% is reinvested into families..

oy. oy. oy.

earn a living ness


i swear.. that is not women (or anyone) listening to their hearts..

49 min – able to buy health care ins for son

not a new.. immune working world.. if talking health insurance.. go deeper

50 min – many women.. sad rwanda story

51 min – classes educating about rights.. learning how to generate income.. to send kids to school.. she says: my life restored

oh my.. we have to do better. deeper.. simpler..

53 min – zanaib: training program for men – who didn’t know how to protect wives

ngozi eze ( we see men as partners in progress.. i don’t see us moving far ahead if do not involve men

christine karumba ( change attitude of women.. not blaming the thing in front of you..

ngozi: help men see to include women.. help men explore their potentials..

56 min – lynne: people want to know what to do.. but more powerful question.. who do we need to be.. people who know that decisions/choices we make now impact future.. everyone.. playing their role..

george bernard shaw quote .. quoted by many people

57 min – van: i don’t think an authentic stand comes from your head.. comes from your heart.. if your child is sick.. something happens in you.. to make a miracle..if you think about it..  you’ll sit down.. but if you feel it. .you stand up.. when you stand up.. you license other people to stand up

59 min – zainab: time for women to speak.. enough is enough..  survivors of 94 genocide… stop of rapes

1:01 – wangari – peace prize speech: new level of consciousness.. shed fear.. give hope.. that time is now

1:03 – just one.. so get it in gear..


indigenous peoples


top documentary (site)