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intro’d to Issa via Gavin‘s doc – indigo children – indigo children (2016) – 23 min – found on top documentary site:

how can you tell if your child is gifted or has a disorder – Anderson Cooper

dis\order – adhd et al

refusing meds… a stab at trying to apply a more positive label to these children..

yeah.. because we need more label (s) .. no doubt we needs something.. just not more labels.. unless we go all out – and label every curiosity.. everyday.. for 7 bn people.. that’ll do it..

3 min – *non conformity to anything.. from school… to parents.. to jobs.. that’s why many of them are out of place… **there is no label to it..

*should be all of us..

**but there is.. indigo children.. that’s the problem..

the whole notion of indigo is to change the way of the world.. in every aspect..

sounds much like crazywise ness…  but again.. should be all of us..

5 min – you are an idigo.. find what makes your soul/heart sing.. and do that..

advice to everyone..

7 min – kids institutionalized/labeled with some horrible mental disease which they don’t really have

11 min – daughter needed sugar diced if she had a test .. it would calm her down

our measures of what we do.. all centered on assuming school is natural.. people in school is natural – even people countering it.. use it as a barometer.. that’s why they’re special..

12 min – modern pscyh: george sachs – i’m a clinical psychologist.. i specialize in adhd… key symptoms: lack of focus, inattention, procrastination, ..once you get started.. hard to maintain effort

sound like anyone living in a supposed to world.. where your agenda is made by others..

gavin: that sounds like a lot of people i know

13 min – treatment: lists 5 plus meds..

gavin: so you believe adhd add are real things.. diagnosable.

eric: absolutely..

gavin: what happens if adhd goes unchecked

eric: school failure


eric: year after year of failure compounded..leads to real/pervasive/deep shame.. recipe for depression/anxiety/drug-use/jail..

so let’s go deeper..

finding something kid can do is great.. but foregoing meds.. creates….. narcisists..

14 min – my drawing is better.. when i just don’t judge it at all..

like dogs and home less ness via Glenn – The non-judgmental quality of the dog is central.

16 min – i’m always learning from her..

we do that with everyone.. if we just listen

17 min – azure: school came much easier to me.. she had to contain her attention..

19 min – the underachievers..


issa: i don’t believe in *adhd.. when i was a kid i was smart.. but bad in class.. michevious.. so they wanted to put me on ritalin and adoral… thank god my mom.. i started to research it.. i came across.. indigo… so started telling all my friends.. you’re not adhd.. you’re **indigo

dis\order – *adhd et al

no label (s)

gavin: diagnosis indigo… is that a blanket statement.. how many of your friends are indigo

20 min – issa: everyone is indigo… *because of the power of the internet.. it’s linking us up in a way that we’ve never been able to link up before.. as the indigo shift came the universal conscious…. **every single living thing on the planet.. but the problem is .. we have country lines.. divided by economic class.. intelligence..color..race..culture..religion.. all these different ways that dividing us… ***we lose track of the connection that really keeps us together..

*www ness

** one ness

***our interconnectedness… hey issa (and gavin et al).. how about a mech to facil the chaos of us .. getting back together..

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

21 min – gavin: hearing issa talk.. most powerful vision of culture as i’ve heard in quite some time..also.. never seen so many med marijuana prescriptions in my life..

created a society johann

22 min – gavin: why is indigo happening now.. because people need it… *an important rebuttal to the idea that medicating anyone can solve their problems.. some people just are different.. they learn differently.. they think unconventionally.. **we’re all told we’re special.. it’s just when people are told they’re more special than others.. that the awkwardness starts to creep in..

*huge and **huge.. begging we create a nother way to live.. that doesn’t require meds.. and that sees us all as different and as one..


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The Underachievers are an American hip hop duo from Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 2011, the duo is composed of rappers AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold. American record producer Flying Lotussigned the duo to his Brainfeeder record label in 2012; however, they’ve failed to deliver any releases to the label. Following that signing they independently released two mixtapes, Indigoism and Lords of Flatbush in 2013. Their debut studio album Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium was released on August 12, 2014. The Underachievers released their second official album Evermore: The Art of Duality on September 25, 2015.

Issa Gold and AK grew up just a few blocks from each other in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The duo first met in 2007, after AK’s friend Jacob brought Gold to his house one day to smoke marijuana, where they clicked instantly and discussed psychedelic drugs, which they would later do together along with Juice and Meech of Flatbush Zombies.

AK began rapping at the age of eleven, later on in high school he would work under the stage name The Underachiever. Issa Gold started rapping much later, not taking it seriously until around late 2011. The duo then began making music together under the name “The Underachievers” after a producer pushed them to work together, which resulted in them forming the group. Gold explained the name saying, “I feel like the things that we do could be considered underachieving, like we smoke pot. People would probably meet us at first and be like, They’re probably just potheads. And then they’ll talk to me, or talk to AK, and be like, ‘alright, they’re intelligent.’ So it’s just a flip on that. Like, The Underachievers, even though technically we’re doing underachiever things, we’re bringing positive energy.”

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Marlon Fung (born July 26, 1990), better known by his stage name Issa Gold, is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He is one half of the hip hop duo The Underachievers, along with AK.

Fung’s family is from Guyana. He is childhood friends with Zombie Juice of the Flatbush ZOMBiES.