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intro’d to Mikkel .. via watching his 2014 doc: the price of the world cup


..around 200,000 people are expected to be forcibly removed because of World Cup related constructions. .. … the logic behind all this was the logic of profit and money.

In the north of Brazil, the city of Fortaleza will host six world cup games. 3 million inhabitants live in the city known as one of the most beautiful beach areas in the world… paradise on earth. But the city has a dark side. It’s the fifth most unequal city in the world ..

..In Brazil the official number of street children is 24,000 but the actual number is much higher. To put things into perspective, the state of Ceara, where Fortaleza is located, has invested more than 110 million euros in the rebuilding of the World Cup stadium Castelao. This amount is roughly the same as the amount the state has invested in public schools in the last four years combined.

..Fortaleza is not only rough, it’s also dangerous. It is ranked as the 7th most violent city in the world with a murder rate of 73 killings per 100,000 inhabitants and it’s the most dangerous World Cup city in history.

FIFA, The Brazilian Ministry of Sports, The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of Security in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza did not wish to participate in this documentary.


children who do not play..


Mikkel Jensen journalist and CEO of Happy Child International alert in an interview about the problems of Brazilian children to the World: poverty and prostitution


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