new story for humanity (doc)

The film finds its roots in the New Story Summit. Presented by the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community of leaders, activists and teachers throughout the globe, the event included a series of presentations aimed at spreading an inspiring message: the world we seek lies within each of us. Each presentation throughout the summit constituted a different thread in the discussion, including economic concerns, social issues, education, the environment, the importance of embracing our diversity and establishing a sense of community, and the virtues of friendly competition.

The film contains a wealth of excerpts from these sessions, and in-depth conversations with the panel of multi-cultural teachers, including activist and author Satish Kumar, General Secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network Lua Bashana-Kekana, spiritual educator Dororthy Maclean, and Andean medicine man Puma Quispe Singon


2 min – it’s all a question of story.. we are in trouble now because we do not have a good story ..we are between stories.. – Thomas Berry (

a nother way

3 min – change the story change the world.. inspired by the new story summit 2014, findhorn scotland

drew dellinger (@drewdellinger): having thomas berry as a mentor..for 20 years.. talking about the power of world view .. he said: it’s all a question of story.. we are in trouble now because we do not have a good story – Thomas Berry

the old story

4 min –satish kumar:( we have come to believe that nature is separate from us .. we are superior.. rulers of nature.. that’s the old story.. we are putting so much pressure on the planet on poor people on the atmosphere

kosha joubert ( the strangest of all beliefs.. that as humans on this planet.. we cannot help but destroy the planet as we are living on it

5 min – puma quispe singona ( the glaciers residing..and the weather changed very quickly in last 3 yrs for us

ray savage (ex police segeant): w mining of gas industry..fracking

herbie girardet ( chain saws.. bulldozers.. chemical sprays

lua bashala-kekana ( the lungs of our planet being destroyed at a rate that leaves one breathless.. all for the resources..

charles eisenstein: we live in a very brutal system.. not only toward those we can see as victims but equally brutal toward perpetrators.. otherwise how would they become perpetrators.. what has to happen to a human being for them to do the things that people do to each other..

i know you ness

a’idi shibli (political network and peace educator GEN israel-palestine): every 4 sec.. child in africa is starving.. girl genitals cut.. woman raped.. honor killings..

6 min – lua: people being killed as we speak.. for diamonds.. gold.. copper.. cobalt..

7 min

jonathon porritt (@jonathonporritt): we live in a for profit world.. essentially.. a market based econ.. success measured by return on investment, market share, level of profitibility, by margins.. all these things.. that’s the deal

joshua gorman ( just the narrative.. to get a job, make money, play the capitalistic game.. it’s not working for young people.. today’s young people don’t want to just work work work

polly higgins (@PollyHiggins): all the kids.. at war against teachers.. they were at war against us.. all based on massive harm.. destruction..psych/violent physical harm..

shaun nannup ( when grow up in gangs in very angry controlled environment ..had to learn to fight .. defend self in ways didn’t realize i had to because i was black and i had this history

charles: we were born with this perception.. a knowing.. that gets beaten out of us.. and that’s a very painful process be ejected from a magical world..

8 min

kalani souza ( singing: heart moves to the rhythm of a big blue swell.. i know our children will survive.. there are things we can count on in our lives.. wait a minute (?)

the summit

telling of summit – looking for collection of story.. pre designed experiences..

charles: a glimpse of the future

11 min –

andrew white (@drandrewwhite)(@OxfordSBS): i always come to these events with a high amount of expectation and this is just blowing me away in terms of the spaces we have been in

event not happening at a conference center… part of a community.. ie: existing village.. that did harvesting food, cooking in kitchen.. et al..all here to co create..

( (@FindhornFound)

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, an ecovillage and a learning centre – a unique laboratory for change.

15 min –

nancy roof ( in personal transformation we go thru a period where nothing works.. void.. don’t know where to go.. and now happening at collective level in groups.. and we really don’t have skills yet.. to get thru that.. but we saw some of that here.. ie: opposition between old/new story.. which is going to be the big opposition in the world.. there it was .. right in front of us…

why perhaps.. a simple enough mech.. would help us (temp placebo) leap there.. for (blank)’s sake

no more waiting..

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data..

17 min – charles.. on waiting for someone else.. waiting for permission

18 min –

matthew bailey – musician – all notes connected by skin of shell.. so one note.. whole shell is vibrating..

b  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l

nancy: we didn’t completely learn how to do this one meeting.. but i think it’s a skill set.. that will happen in all our groups.. becasue systemic changes will go through what all transitions go thru.. ie: chaos..opposition..

and we can’t wait.. let’s hasten that transition.. we can’t not.. the timing is so right.. for a leap (ie: findhorn ness could be global by now.. if this summit was in 2014.. findhorn founded in 1962..)

a nother way.. to hasten us..

19 min – charles: never before has a mass industrial civilization run on principles of interconnectedness. inter beings ness.. understanding we’re all one.. that’s all new.. in our context.. and everyone here is experiencing that in a diff way..

20 min –

manish: the new story is cow dung

21 min – so many have been working on new story for so long.. so not new.. goes back many years

ancient wisdom

flute sound i’m seeking.. looks like recorder..

puma: our role (indigenous) is to constantly be a reminder

22 min

pat mccabe ( if anybody doesn’t uphold their part of the hoop.. right now we’re falling down on that job

alixa garcia ( we’re like in this deep process of rebirthing ourselves from history of colonization

pat: when they came over.. we were singing/dancing/pretending..we were seeing things they weren’t.. to them.. these were activities of children.. so must make them a primitive people

alixa: even more important for colonizer.. to acknowledge pain/hurt in that.. no excuses.. just pain/hurt

24 min – puma: when you are in harmony.. no fear.. no chaos.. no worries about where we are going.. in harmony w transition

pat: from time we’re children thru eldership we’re encouraging/using/developing a very broad spectrum of ways of knowing.. that includes dance/singing..creativity

25 min – dancing for someone who is sick.. that is my childhood memory…

ousmane pame (@oalypame): when someone is ill..mentally disturbed.. not locked ceremony w music..dances.. each one of us has a sound/code/bar.. person goes to trance.. people usually recover.. they feel loved and taken care of by community.. music is in our blood..rhythm… and life is about rhythm.. and being in tune with nature

your song ness..

26 min – pat: we made our science look beautiful.. west science don’t understand how to incorporate beauty into functionality.. deep sci functionality.. indigenous cultures know how to put all those things together…

polly: i think they (indigenous) can see energy in a way we can’t.. that these rocks that were marked.. very significant

think of everything in terms of life force.. manifestation of a being

27 min – kalani: the subtle realms.. the energies around us.. are always informing us..

lua: indigenous people are used to getting their medicines from the forrest from the forrest. they know the forrest more than anyone else.. so to incorporate them in protecting/stewards .. as they have been

cancer ness

28 min – pat: if want to live in place for long period.. need deep science.. and their science was thriving life..

kalani: our culture is still a matriarch.. the last of the polynesians to be still a matriarch.. our mothers/grandmothers guide us.. the old women.. more beautiful the older they get

29 min – ousmane: my grandmother.. 107.. up to last minute was there.. fully present..teaching us..  today .. unfortunately esp in urban areas.. grandmothers replaced by ie: fb

karambu ringera ( (@karambutwits): today our leaders are actually looking west..emphasizing ed with tech.. talking about building cities.. in kenya thinking about building a las vegas.. i’m like.. this is not the way forward it’s really the way backwards ..these systems in west not working anymore.. but those are kind of projects that got a lot of money for corrupt leaders to pocket for themselves…

30 min – ousmane: not all our traditions are perfect..look/review at them and take best.. and take best from outside world..

lua: to be global family need more love.. more trust.. count with each other.. be there for each other at any moment..

pat: eagle and condor.. come together..

change the dream – eagle and condor ness

32 min – satish: 3 important words: 1\ yagna – soil  (human/nature relationship.. how we live w nature – we are nature) 2\ dhana – society (not only replenish nature.. but human society.. by giving)  3\ tapas – self (personal energy thru fasting/solitude…)

33 min -drew: won’t have peace on earth until we realize the interrelated structure of all we have mlk: speaking ecologically.. in terms of systems thinking

charles: ubuntu – i am only existing because you are existing..

vance martin ( (boulder): when i started in conservation.. the target for protected areas was 10%.. and if goes below threshold can’t produce life support

34 min

paul allen (@paulallencat) (center for alt tech @centre_alt_tech) (carbon zero britain crucial thing for me is that as part of that path.. we in west reduce impact to fair share.. and in journey enjoy finding love..

shaun chamberlain (@DarkOptimism) (

Since 2005 I have devoted myself full-time to exploring the dominant cultural stories and ‘myths’ that chart the course for our society and, in particular, how we might change direction before we end up where we are headed.

one of things i’m involved with ecological land coop ..approach there is to raise community finance to buy land that is currently industrial farming use.. to build dwellings on that land so can turn into small scale..agro ecological growing

a simpler way

35 min – satish: food is sacred.. we have to be connected with food/soil/animals..

kalani: as if the seals are not having an unjust experience.. or the dogs we keep roped up.. we are all experiencing the injustice.. it’s not just us.. it’s going on everywhere..

36 min

anna breytenbach ( ( my life has become dedicated to being a voice for those whose voice are not ordinarily heard by humans.. personally.. no way for people to care than to have direct experience.. so mostly i work with humans to help them re connect with nature.. lending an ear with what’s being said..

ousmane – went from forest to desert.. sorry to say.. but from stupid agriculture policies..

37 min

jodie evans (@MsJodieEvans): bought farmland in oregon.. and learning.. how land dictates what you do

see the beauty of waste as compost for life..

jodie: what happens when you nourish the soil.. the magic of farming.. so gave it to anyone who wanted to live there.. to create beauty

38 min – satish: food should be local.. we should participate in it.. should be organic

karambu: looking at how we can reclaim our traditional seeds also.. have seed banks.. permaculture.. being brought back to us… named my ecocenter tilogy (?).. a place of remembering

shiva ness… seed freedom

39 min – charles: we can solve co2.. it’s not hard.. but that’s not the end of the story.. the next crisis will go deeper.. and bring us to a relationship with nature of mutual honor/respect..

the subtle realms

paul: you can call inner world.. subtle beings.. anything you want..but they constitute the greater part of nature.. by bringing these other allies in.. you could create a force.. that we will need.. we do need it.. not going to get out of this environmental mess by science and policy alone..

40 min – nancy: it’s very important to start looking beyond rationality to our inner lives..  i hope it hastens up and gets faster and faster.. we have so much guidance that most people don’t know about… and it’s so important..

again.. a means to hasten: short bp

sign on garden gate: come closer

thinking caleb ness – listen to the language of plants.. et al

42 min – living by lab where first atom bomb was thought up

45 min – the scientific people of our world have to be open to ask.. (nature)… because many of these things will be in terms.. that i couldn’t put in.. because i don’t have  sci mind.. but we can get precise answers from intelligence of nature..

46 min –

om sunisa jamwiset ( before entering forest i feel i have to ask permission of the forest..

46 min – spending time in nature.. hugely important..

anna oposa (@annaoposa): we took them snorkeling and when they went underwater.. they were blown away.. didn’t realize there was so much life underwater.. and so much trash.. from their started incorp ing marine ed in curriculum

47 min – charles: saying we must value forests now because if don’t not going to have planet.. that’s still saying value of nature is for service to us.. what about valuing forest on its own terms.. because it’s sacred

polly: i’m an advocate for earth.. working on ecocide law .. to criminalize mass destruction.. to create a legal duty of care.. takes courage to support ecocide law..calling in the support of law.. to help indigenous

j kim wright (@cuttingedgelaw): kind of work i’m doing required that people actually go inside and take responsibility.. it’s not about you you you .. it’s about.. what have i done.. how can i come to the table.. as a person impacted and come up with a resolution..

49 min

mumta ito ( ( this law for the rights of nature.. brought in mexico.. had indigenous ceremonies.. everyone sitting in meditation together.


satish: this new story can happen only if we transform education..

yes.. and only if we do it.. deep/simple/open enough..

50 min – joshua: i see the new story happening in education.. where young people are self-directing themselves in their own learning.. i don’t need to sit in that classroom .. i can take learning in own hands

emmanuel marquis participant in belong project ( support to do whatever they want to do..

super.. perhaps even better.. in the city.. as the day.. aka: all of us..100% of us and not partial

and to ground the chaos of all of us ness.. a mech to facil.. ie: daily curiosity..

get these p2p networks so they can learn from each other..

yeah.. to limit of infinity.. meaning: 24/7 and accessible to 7 bn.. today.. ie: host-life-bits via self-talk as data

52 min – satish: a new story ed.. also about heart..

53 min – first time it’s not been adults observing..

why it needs to be all of us.. living the new story together..

jake jay-lewin (@jjay_lewin) (

I was born into and lived for most of my life (age 7 till now) in the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

i have this idea in my head.. the fact that there’s so much knowledge/wisdom in elders.. in this whole movement.. and so much energy/imagination in young people.. that if we could find a way to bring them together.. than anything is possible.. ..not looking for parents.. looking for grandparents..

hello Jake.. host-life-bits via self-talk as data.. the energy\ness

54 min

boe huntress (@boehuntress): we are culturally so starved.. of initiation and ceremony in general.. we don’t even know what it is .. many of us

mark morey ( my inspiration to help out the next gen has been from profound wisdom of indigenous cultures.. adults who have not been initiated into culture.. uninitiated behavior..  can reek havoc

kalani: the initiatory experience is a guided experience to assist that young person so that they can then in a healthy way take their place in the mosaic

55 min

ana rhodes ( i was 17 i left spain and landed in the findhorn community.. elders saw something more than i thought i would be..

we’re living in a society where our parents/grandparents haven’t been initiated..

56 min – kalani: from elder women can learn how to serve.. from elder men.. can learn how to forgive themselves.. most men i know don’t actually like women.. they’re afraid of women.. disguise fear.. by getting as big as they can .. hoping women will be afraid and run away.. they basically drive women off.. and spend rest of life regretting it.. sexual drive.. need to be mothered.. and present self as if have no need.. an inability in selves to see themselves clearly.. and if can’t really see selves.. don’t know who to forgive..

sounds too binary.. too perpetuating of an intoxicating mode.. ie: is that really us..?

58 min



59 min

kalani: women have been turned into a material possession for consumerism.. women have a right to lash out.. but a smart woman would find a way to heal..

here: a nother way

kalani: a women in her power/genuineness.. nothing more beautiful than that.

true.. for all people.. so.. a and a ness.. deep enough.. for all of us

1:00 – manish: the manish of now knows there’s a man and woman inside of him..

yes.. that..

no more binary ness


community and sustainability

nick joyce ( creating a new story/culture.. happening on a global scale..

1:02 – intimacy.. where life comes from

1:03 – community is a remedy for the global disease of loneliness and separation..

yes.. 2 needs..deep enough

a person is another person’s medicine

jake: one of reasons i want to live in community is for my kids.. these spaces are really rich/fertile for kids to grow up in..

indeed. for all of us..let’s just facil that.

1:04 – eco villages have been very sustainable in times of econ depression..just because hunger for community becomes bigger

karambu: how villages can transition in ecovillages

christina figueres (@CFigueres): it is entirely possible.. just a question of having the political will.. the financial decisions.. and the regulatory context..


1:05 – we can power down energy demand by 60%..

christiana: carbon neutrality is the only possible way to go.. it is what the intergovt panel on climate change tells us..we have to get to neurtality by second half of century

charles: sol isn’t that someday everyone will move out of city to eco village.. idea is that someday .. what has been developed in eco villages will be translated into everywhere

naresh giangrande (@nareshgg)(

Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town, and of Transition Training, Naresh has been involved in designing, running and evolving many of the events, groups, and trainings that have been at the heart of the enormously successful Transition project. He has delivered the hundreds of Transition Trainings to thousands of participants in twenty countries worldwide.


His work for Transition Network has lead to a passion for working with self-organising systems, and how participatory learning can be fostered and strengthened across the movement. This has lead to coordinating Transition Network’s work with academic researchers. He is fascinated by data analysis and the block chain, while being painfully aware of the preciousness of life, his capacity for love, and acceptance of his own mortality.


what i see transitions doing is.. creating a new cultural story.. by building it. i don’t want to put ecovillages down.. because they have their place.. fantastic ie’s of where we might be going..and where we might get to.. really inspirational.. but to bring those eco concepts and social tech into where most people are living at this time is a really crucial piece of what needs to be done and that’s what we’re doing that’s what transition towns are.. you don’t have to go away to an ashran somewhere to an ecovillage.. you can just start where you are now with the people you know and start to create the world you want

we need a way that both (all the ways) are good with.. a nother way… eagle and condor ness and nature.. north and south.. male and female.. binary and interconnectedness.. a and a

transition towns



nick: important to have a model of how we collectively discuss issues.. do we want somebody to be in control.. do we not..

2 convos ness.. and .. hosting-life-bits via the self-talk as data

stigmergy ness.. self org ness

what kind of  leadership can facilitate radical change..

7 bn.. as leaders.. by listening to hearts/whimsy.. with tech to facil that chaos..

andrew: *how do you change complicated structures.. that requires leadership.. that requires managers who are clever.. not just from intellectual pov but from emotional pov

or rather.. *requires.. modeling a nother way ie: short

i come from corp.. with top down structure.. and then i come here to findhorn.. deep democracy..*it’s much easier to get something done in a corp than in a community

*1\ perhaps because findhorn et al.. are only partial of potential.. ie: not using tech as we could to facil whimsy/curiosity et al so we have no idea what we can do.. the ease community can have 2\ perhaps because things we – get done – in corp.. don’t really matter to a grokking/living people..

jake: next phases.. leadership from a collective.. not an individual perspective

yeah.. like 7 bn everyday..

gigi coyle ( that’s where my leadership comes from.. out of listening…

quiet enough ness


polly: like geese flying.. easier when you fly better together.. shared space

andrew: i once bumped into an individual who works for one of largest headhunter co’s.. recruitment co’s in ny.. these are the people’s who are placing directors.. into big co’s.. i’m talking about what i believe is the in edge (?) leadership develop.. and it’s about.. personal develop.. shadow work.. org shadows causing damage to world.. tension.. he keeps nodding.. so i saw.. and it’s about spirituality and he says.. absolutely.. (laughter)


ana: i think there is a style of collective leadership right now that is still coming from this (hit fists together).. and not enough of this (arms open up).. they are integrated in us.. so the style is still about winning/losing.. not about 3rd position.. not about finding/holding enough the tensions that we can find the 3rd position.. i think female style has ability to birth the tensions and thru tensions 3rd position comes through


andrew: first thing that has to happen.. i have to be aligned to a purpose that’s greater than my ego.. and aligned to a purpose that’s greater than the ego of the co..and greater..

satish: not to seek financial success or name/fame/prestige

andrew: where i have the confidence to lead into a period of decline.. and actually take something into a cycle of death.. whether me or my co.. i create a space into which innovation can come.. and speed up process of evolution

satish: to seek fulfillment of members .. of local community.. of need of the land.. that is the intention



charles: purpose of our gathering.. actually gathering of the secret world govt..

joshua: there’s a new story for politics in our time.. not an either or.. a both and.. a politics of deeply listening and working together on behalf of the common good..


rachel bagby  (@RachelBagby)( where we the people are saying.. you know what.. what do we need to do differently with how we are governing what we care about..

robert steele (): lady rothchild in city of london just sponsored a conference on inclusive london.. this is a primal screen.. translated it means.. stop the pitchforks..

rachel: another big challenge.. when an org or the power that can be accumulated around an org.. and there the power is defined as money.. when that kind of econ power is in bed with political power..then what happens to the governing..

robert: on west coast the billionaires in seattle and portland they’re talking about something called redemptive capitalism.. a primal scream .. for stop the pitchforks..

1:12 – charles: what power is.. you have a lot of force at your disposal.. money.. whatever kind of force.. but.. these people have no power.. i was speaking to some mp’s in africa.. they were just struck.. privately they agreed with everything i said.. but they felt helpless.. to do anything with this knowledge.. because their job description didn’t allow for that kind of thing w/o some kind of extraordinary leap of courage

h  u  g  e   … so resonating.. why tech helps us here the private ness

robert: what’s missing from collective dialogue is the citizen’s craft of intelligence.. intelligence is about decision support.. it is not about spying and secrecy

redefine decision making

1:13 – satish: my national interest/security.. like a human being.. personal interest.. nations develop idea of national interest/security and then we go to war.. there are no national interests.. only interest of the earth..of whole of humanity

nationality: human

robert: we’re totally totally disorganized.. there are 8 tribes of info: academic; civil society (including labor..religion); commerce (esp small business); govt (esp local); law enforcement; media; military; and non-govt/non-profits.. all of them stink at the craft of intelligence.. *they also don’t talk to each other.. don’t talk across borders.. between orgs.. between individuals w/in org.. one of things we have to do is we have to create a **world brain as it were.. but ***has to be a deliberative dialogue world brain

*io dance ness

**hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

***2 convos ness

satish: i would like to see all national govts be on a pilgrimage.. and we are on a pilgrimage in the service of humanity.. in the service of the earth.. and thru service to humanity/earth.. we have self realization

free\dom ness



funny.. last words before this heading.. self realization..

david korten(@dkorten): the key is not money.. the key is not money..

so let’s stand by that.. and disengage.. ie: no transition town local money et al.. let’s stop measuring transactions..let’s just facilitate them..

charles: the economy is *almost the antithesis of the sacred.. both.. what it’s doing to planet/people.. and also because it’s kind of this realm of calculation and utility and selfishness..

or *it’s spot on.. totally

andrew: no co exists without customers.. so we can blame co’s.. but there’s customers that chose to buy

1:15 – david: those institutions.. the corps.. are totally human creations.. money is totally human creation.. there’s the thing about money.. it has absolutely no existence outside of the human mind

money as os

andrew: there are far more sr people in boards searching for purpose

david: we need to organize starting that life is the defining value..we need to align power with that value.. which means aligning power with living beings/communities that are everywhere local

ie: a nother way

andrew: they’re people like you and i who care.. and they have employees..who look at these things.. and say .. this is not the world we want to help shape/create.. *i‘m not suggesting they’re all like that.. but certainly a growing number that are thinking in a diff way

*perhaps they are.. we just can’t yet hear them

1:16 – david: what we need to do is learn to meet our own needs locally..

just do life bits..

david: balance co productive relationship w local environ .. begins to look like ie: eco village in findhorn… using own resources.. org ing community.. working in co productive partnership with nature to meet your needs.. now you don’t meet all your needs so you exchange with neighbors in a *balanced/fair exchange.. and that ripples out into an interconnected global econ.. but one that is rooted in community and org’d around life.. rather than one that is org’d as a rapacious system responsive to global financial markets

*huge.. this is compromising us.. we have to trust balance.. not measure it.. which means.. not even talk about it..

(?): i think we’re going to move to somewhere where there’s some kind of balance.. where’s there’s going to be say a yang based currency system.. about exchange/competition but also a yin based.. about coop/giving

1:17 – david: you get those foundational ideas and then the whole frame shifts

nick: so thru these 3 techs: crowd funding/speaking/sourcing.. we’re able to build abundance in our lives in a way we haven’t been able to before..

david: my friend tom heartman talks about walking away from the king.. the all powerful roar.. control of life/death.. but if the people walk away and say.. we’re not interested in your game.. not working for us.. the king is absolutely powerless.

christina: so whatever way we choose to transport/feed/dress ourselves.. all those have to be understood as voting with your wallet..

i thought no money..

david: we haven’t invested in finding our shared framing story that connects all the dots.. the key to me is living earth.. earth is a living being..

a nother way book

1:18 – charles: sacredness has to infuse all aspects of our lives.. including aspect of giving/receiving .. which is really what econ is about.. how we coord our joint creativity and how we take care of each other.. what could be more sacred than that

manish: we started a gift culture uni.. maybe first one in world..swaraj.. over 250 faculty members that work in gift culture

charles: like i have this habit too.. jumping into.. where’s the money going to come from.. like that will make it possible/impossible..

jodie: when foundation decided to make summit gift econ.. people said.. stupid.. will never work.. people will see as freebe.. will exploit.. will lose money big time.. too huge risk to take.. we did it anyway..

sounds like simple things like.. scavanger hunt

1:19 – charles: usually i find.. that money issue is way to validate disempowerment that’s coming from somewhere else.. and that when you take that first step.. the money appears

jodie: we did tell people base cost.. 77% gave below.. 8% gave 50% of income

similar.. prob 7oish% gave more

charles: so.. when you offer something sacred.. what’s the right price.. any price is too much.. you don’t want money to be a limitation.. you want to give it

jodie: the gem in that.. we would never have had such a diverse mixture of human family here.. young people could never have paid even base cost rate

charles: at same time.. any price is too do you reduce..sacred to a finite number.. so one solution to give it away.. not to say that it’s free.. it’s just a gift

jodie: for us to chose giving econ.. was a brave experiment to try a diff model..

1:20 – jodie.. financially.. which is what a lot of people are interested in.. we had a net abundance of 25 00 lbs which was fantastic..

1:21 – david: if we can change the story.. then that’s the key.. then everything else follows and can follow .. very rapidly

jodie: interesting.. one of gift philanthropists said.. i want to take part.. i want to see where human consciousness is.. are we ready for gift econ


1:22 – amazing grace in each one of us

manish: in a most humble sense.. it’s within us.. the seeds are w/in us already

for something new to emerge.. we need to make space

enormous potential in inner world.. transform inner.. nancy: so at peace w selfs

alixa: as we set ourselves free we inspire many others to be free.. many have said it.. 15 000 yrs ago.. it’s been said..

1:23 – nick: the first step is not self mastery and awareness of self…. whatever creating in world is coming from certain craving/desire/frustration/gungho ness.. that can ultimately be damaging in creating something that is very grounded/balanced/heart-centered..expansive

talking of need for detox.. for need to return turtle shell..

shaun: it takes patience.. self awareness

vera: as much as i can.. be present w what is happening

ana: to have courage to sit in those places that feel uncomfortable and not immediately judge those moments..

spaces of permission w nothing to prove.. uncomfortable yes.. but nothing to prove

lots talking about their coming to themselves.. journeys…

boe: once i started to question my belief system.. i had this desolation.. that fear of the wild.. suddenly became my landscape.. i don’t understand anything.. terrifying.. but so wonderful .. as a kind of training.. of what it’s like to be in the unknown.. which is what life is  (then her singing)

rev of everyday life

1:26 – just stop playing that game.. i’m here.. because i was created out of love.. i’m here to bring that love into the world..

1:27 – ana: wasn’t about others making it better for me.. but about me healing and finding my sense of inner power

charles: that pain is always going to block us from believing.. that’s why the pain has to be cleared/face.. and that’s why grief is so important

same girl as 1:26: out of the doubt.. i can recreate again.. i can decide again.. who i am right now..

bravery to change mind ness

1:28 – polly: it was a very powerful moment for me to say.. *enough… that’s no longer my story.. i choose a very diff story indeed.. one that goes back to my **childhood where i really was happy

*enough ness..

**1 yr to be 5 ness..toward eudaimoniative surplus

nancy: everyone has gift to give to the world.. but we have to remember .. that transformation process.. it’s so.. wounding.. and yet..what it brings.. the prize for going thru that.. i can’t even speak about the diff that happens in one’s life

poe: she has green dragon eyes.. she can see thru the lies (singing)

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call to action

drew: we need to build a movement that connect ecology.. social justice.. and cosmology.. using the power of dream/story/art/action

charles: people are always talking about .. how do we create a movement.. how do we turn from org to movement… this is not something that one can do .. something that one creates.. a movement creates us.. it’s something that we can serve.. but you can’t make one up.. if you try you get a fake movement.. a movement is a movement.. it’s something that moves on its own.. and moves us

1:31 – charles: we’re facing a challenge that we have no idea how to deal with.. even is say.. tech for living sustainably on earth are already here. all we have to do .. well who is we

we need perspectives of diff cultures in order to weave.. for future.. we’re one but see diff world..

so mech that facil’s that

charles: our role then becomes a role of service.. not that you have to force this.. it wants to happens

1:32 – i don’t know how to help people.. tell me how you want to help yourselves

charles: your role.. quite like baby being born.. mom does most of work

1:33 – tuitions we perceive as problems are actually an opp we have been given to remember

drew: we have to believe in the power of our deepest impulses/inclinations.. follow the instincts of our hearts

new os: self-talk as data

manish: on making cow dung soap.. a fantastic alt

vital that people follow their creativity/heart

people telling what they’re doing..

1:37 – there’s no shortage of time.. time is not an enemy.. time is not running out..time is coming (satish)

1:39 – charles: the change really doesn’t start with the elites


indigenous peoples