try to gather the lose ones here (just in order i remember)..

besides ones listed on these pages:

thought maybe (site)

top documentary (site)

films for action


#thisisacoup (doc)

prison kids (doc)

powers of towers (doc)

rebel architecture (doc)

voices of guantanamo


the commons (doc)


the undocumented

shareconomy documentary

war on kids

dirty wars

amy winehouse

being and becoming


cat to yusuf

fourth industrial rev


the trap

the newsmakers of n korea

joan baez – be watching these for a while..

wild city of ants

jihad – deeyah khan

white right – deeyah khan

the boy who started the syrian war – aljazeera

death of alepp and syria – under russia’s fist – both here: aleppo

killing richard glossip:

driftingai weiwei

human flow – ai weiwei

us & them – by KristaLoughton w Gabor

accidental anarchist – carne ross

documentary in june

EuropeanAlternatives (@EuroAlter) tweeted at 6:05 AM – 22 May 2018 :

While we prepare the release of our documentary, take a look to some of the interviews we are publishing in #politicalcritique! Now available two conversations with @ZoeJardiniere and @BaobabExp about migration, borders and human rights


emma (@bymyelf) tweeted at 9:44 PM – 15 May 2018 :
16 must-watch videos on the history and current state of the Israel-Palestine conflict. #Gaza #Palestine @AbbyMartin @EmpireFiles @jimmy_dore @LeeCamp (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 6:42 AM – 30 Jul 2018 :
‘Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story’ leads a wave of new documentaries about racial justice




Steven Kotler (@steven_kotler) tweeted at 5:10 AM – 23 Aug 2018 :
The effortless grace of skateboarding leavens the reality of the lives portrayed in Minding The Gap, a new film now out on Hulu. Check it. (


surviving progress


paywall (doc)


ahmed fb share

#Hiraeth is a short film about Hasan, an Iraqi refugee, played by me. Told by way of conversation, this humanizing story reveals some of the inner complexities of living outside one’s home country and highlights the struggle many refugees face when trying to make decisions in the best interest of their family. #Hiraeth, true to its definition, is about more than mere homesickness; it’s about a deep connection one feels to their homeland and a longing to return to a place which is impossible to return. Hiraeth will compel you to rethink about the meaning of “home”. #shortfilm #filmfestivals #actor #iraq #refugeeswelcome#refugees

trailer: []


down here – bud osborn


Painkiller: Inside the Opioid Crisis []


food waste (doc)


bohemian rhapsody


after maria

kalief browder story

when they see us


the look of silence

50 min – we did this because america taught us to hate communists

just mercy


Ethan Nadelmann in doc – weed the people

21 min – reason it was criminalized was racism and xenophobia




3 hr on malcolm x via spike lee

2:12 – only solution for white/black man is complete separation of white/black man
focus on intelligence.. against those who preach to forgive whites.. focus on mohammad as king.. worship him.. then wife brings ups his indiscretions.. ‘are you so committed that you blinded yourself.. are you sure or are you blind.. you can face death.. but the possibility of betrayal never enters your head.. open your eyes’
so x seeks answers – from mothers et al.. and finds out 12 yrs of service and no longer believes in him
sees kennedy assassination as justice.. mohammad silences him for 90 days for saying that.. ministers want to kill him
2:32 – then announces he no longer speaks for mohammad.. then goes on trip to arabia/mecca.. all colors of people there.. in unity.. no longer subscribe to sweepings of one race.. freedom/justice/equality.. for all people
2:43 – muslims over there look at themselves as human beings.. part of the same human family.. islam to dispel the cancer of racism
2:47 – best org a black man has ever seen.. niggers ruin it
lots of transformation in the man (per the film).. like most all of us
imagining a way to get to.. nationality: human.. for 8b people


great nhs heist


trials of gabriel


crip camp


planet of humans


audrie and daisy

Daisy Coleman, whose allegation of sexual assault and ensuing harassment was chronicled in the Netflix documentary “Audrie and Daisy,” died by suicide on Tuesday, her mother confirmed on Facebook. She was 23.
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the social dilemma


theo who lived (doc)


kiss the ground (doc)


trial of the chicago 7


a love song for latasha (20 min)




28 min – george monibot – 46% of plastic pollution from fishing nets

george monbiot

30 min – plastic pollution..  plastic straws 99% of what they talk about account for 0.03% of plastic entering ocean..

32 min – eliminate fish consumption is best means.. (dophins/whales dying big time when caught w commercial fish.. and thrown back)

33 min – why the media for straws et al?… plastic pollution coalition same co (earth island) as dolphin safe (shown earlier to lie/bribe/et-al).. who work w fishing industry to sell more seafood

george – biggest issue by far .. commercial fishing (5m killed/min).. more damaging than plastics.. and even more damaging than oil spills

above.. only drop in bucket of data in this doc.. mostly against fishermen and eating seafood

38 min – we are at war w the ocean.. and if we win the war.. mankind won’t live long

40 min – if want to improve climate.. ocean is focus.. answer is to leave it alone.. we’re killing off the crew.. store more carbon than forests et al

43 min – george – where all the big environ orgs.. it’s so obvious.. they are not speaking out on this.. they are deliberately not engaging with the most important issue of all

45 min – no fishing industry is sustainable.. #sustainable is a marketing gimmick.. it’s a business.. ie: oceana’s web site.. 2nd best thing so save fish.. eat more fish

53 min – (after section on official labels on foods for sustainable fishing.. being non legit.. and co’s (unilever mentioned – bif) making most of their money off selling the labels) – even if not eating fish.. you are still subsidizing fish industry via taxes.. 35b of tax money subsidizes fish industry.. in comparison to 30b we need to combat world hunger

subsidies originally started to help food security.. now cause of food insecurity in many developing regions.. continuation of history of plundering the african continent et al

57 min – vessels as floating slaughter houses.. then.. could sell as sustainably certified

1:01 – george: fish robbery.. causing locals to eat animals on land.. causing ebola outbreak

1:06 – slavery at sea is a massive problem

1:18 – (after wrenching filming of whale catch).. in the chaos that happened.. i finally understood what was meant by sustainability.. it simply meant that something could go on forever and ever.. regardless of how much suffering it caused

1:19 – the whaler had a point.. i’d only looked at sustainability via fish industry/impact.. never considered other animals

1:23 – there are no clean fish.. so if quit eating.. you’re no longer eating pollutants.. mercury is a toxin to the body.. out weigh benefits of nutrients.. and.. algae cells/oil make ie: omega 3 et al.. so just eat the algae.. ie: seafood from sea plants.. food from plants rather than all animals

1:25 – best protection.. is to simply not eat them

1:26 – george.. real hope here.. because marine ecosystems bounce back rapidly.. prospects for rewilding.. only ethical thing to do.. stop eating fish (and all animals)


his own life (doc)


wisdom of trauma (doc)


amy tan (doc)


born in gaza – on 2014 attack

21 min – i often think of our situation.. and i never see an end




678 – It is the movie based on a true story that once happened in the Egypt, that three women raised their voice against the heinous and poignant situation of sexual harassment against the ladies in the Egypt.


won’t you be my neighbor


split at the root






am sure i’ve missed a ton


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I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers…


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