try to gather the lose ones here (just in order i remember)..

besides ones listed on these pages:

thought maybe (site)

top documentary (site)

films for action


#thisisacoup (doc)

prison kids (doc)

powers of towers (doc)

rebel architecture (doc)

voices of guantanamo


the commons (doc)


the undocumented

shareconomy documentary

war on kids

dirty wars

amy winehouse

being and becoming


cat to yusuf

fourth industrial rev


the trap

the newsmakers of n korea

joan baez – be watching these for a while..

wild city of ants

jihad – deeyah khan

the boy who started the syrian war – aljazeera

death of alepp and syria – under russia’s fist – both here: aleppo

killing richard glossip:

driftingai weiwei

am sure i’ve missed a ton



films to see

books to read