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A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (2016)

A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity is a free feature-length documentary that follows a community in Australia who came together to explore and demonstrate a simpler way to live in response to global crises. Throughout the year the group build tiny houses, plant veggie gardens, practice simple living, and discover the challenges of living in community. This film is the product of hours and hours of footage that I shot during that year-long experiment in simple living.

a bit of instant resonation: short (for a people experiment)… 1 yr to try commons .. 1 yr to be 5.. et al

2 min – call out for experiment was oct 2014… experiment started 3 months later.. jan 2015

3 min – antoinette wilson

4 min –

elizabeth wade

ross inness mcleish – http://www.wild-mind.com/who/


Loamy Contemplations 

Are traditional meditative practices effective solutions to the challenges of our contemporary world, or a seductive yet fateful distraction from the urgent work that needs to be done? Will the cultivation of consciousness lead to radical social transformation, will a new politics spontaneously emerge from ecologically informed individuals, or is something more required? Does the development of body awareness naturally blossom into sensitive relations with our scaly, feathered and leafy companions, or inadvertently deepen the rut of anthropocentrism?

 After ogling the tantalising array of workshops at this year’s Wild Mind gathering, and trying to settle on an area of expertise to share with you, I have decided that any lessons and suggestions I may have  are vastly eclipsed in scope by my questions. So I invite you to join me, a young, naive and passionately bemused eco-contemplative, to explore, in earthy and visionary ways, the intersection between meditation, psycho-spiritual growth, social activism, and the recollection of intimate relations with the land. I would love to hear your opinions, wisdoms and compassionate contradictions, as we weave our insights into shared understandings through a gently guided conversation, and finish with a meditation combining sensitivity to movement, evocative gratitudes, and lying face down in the soil.  Let’s meet together at the confluence of activism and contemplation, to trace the bones and explore the edges of practices that are personally transforming, ecologically grounded and social reformative, and so called for at this time.

Some ponderings for you to ferment prior to arriving could include; which meditative traditions and forms do you think can offer the most to the eco-psychology movement? Is there a dead end in a  contemplative path that doesn’t explicitly celebrate our relations to the River and Blue-tongue and Wren? How can we broaden the overlap between contemplation and the practice of relating to the more-than-human world?  And where does politics fit into all this?       

Who: Ross Inness-McLeish is an English-born-Kiwi-raised recent arrival to Australia, with a background in organic horticulture and comparative religious studies, and a budding interest in eco-psychology and the psycho-social aspects of cultural change.

5 min –

renee mckie

emmet blackwell


6 min – nick lampell – mother’s ashes.. seed for us.. then intro’d to Samuel’s book entropia.. wurruk’an born – seek

taj gets tiny house

taj scicluna


https://twitter dot com/ThePermaPixie

22 min – graham on needing tech.. but not just tech.. and on needing to do this soon

for (blank)’s sake

24 min – food.. most intimate connection to the land.. – zainil zainuddin


25 min – Helena

27 min – food consumption is a moral/political act.. up to us.. to do something about it.. we can’t wait for authorities/govt to do something about it..

28 min – hayden annable – super adobe domes – curvatecture

30 min – earth house

31 min – toilet

32 min – taj on explaining permaculture

david holgrem – https://holmgren.com.au/?v=3a1ed7090bfa – small scale systems

33 min – what you need is not sustainable.. but regenerative.. – nicole foss



I am a systems analyst with a multidisciplinary background. I run The Automatic Earth, a major big picture website with a focus on energy and finance, with my business partner, Raul Ilargi Meijer. I am an international speaker on energy and finance, and have travelled extensively to address audiences all over the world in the last four years. I am also a permaculture teacher.

The Automatic Earth has existed since January 2008, during which we have been charting the developing credit crunch. We began by predicting the financial crisis of 2008/09 and have since been providing readers with the information and tools to prepare for harder times to come. The site integrates energy and financial analysis with geopolitics, real politique, market psychology, ecology, carrying capacity, climate, pollution, permaculture and many other factors.

34 min – i don’t know what you’re trying to sustain.. i don’t think there’s much to sustain at the moment.. should be looking at solutions.. i don’t think wealth in hands of few is worth sustaining – liam culberston


35 min – we’re going to get to the point of .. localize or die .. blatantly destroying any form of democracy… people are waking up very rapidly to the benefits of localization… helena..

37 min – kitchen/lounge built

41 min – samuel.. on the energy transition..  given close connection between energy and econ.. have to go thru a phase of planned econ contraction.. at least in developed world..

radical econ ness

42 min – the silver lining to consuming less.. is actually consuming more of what we really want/long for.. includes more time.. to sing/dance/make together.. there’s a whole lot of things out there we can do right now.. w/o money.. – helena

43 min – song.. love it .. mental…..

44 min – you don’t need that many material things.. if you know your neighbors have got your back.. (?)

50 min – how difficult it is to be in community.. how we have to re learn that art – easy to fragment back into individual ness.. – ross..

52 min – liam & rachel gets a tiny house

59 min – trying to learn more about myself..

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

1:00 – ted trainer: major benefit.. if you don’t get trapped into working 20-30-40 yrs to pay mortgage on mcmansions.. got a lot of time/freedom from worry to do other things..

1:02 – building tiny house together.. – ross

1:04 – doing for ourselves rather than depending on money – david holgrem

1:05 – instead of a one way solution.. all these bubbles of creative respones.. more resilience –

1:07 – you don’t want to wait till you have absolutely no choice – nicole

1:08 – there’s nothing as addictive/attractive as freedom.. so if we find the right way to explain our ideas to people.. the ideas fundamentally workable in first place..so much to achieve – nicole

1:09 –  fav things in world.. imagination/creativity/teamwork.. i’m way diff than beginning of year.. and that’s all i want going forward.. my plans are as far as that zucchini plant – liam

1:11 – relocate to melbourne.. then.. no plan.. very happy to have that feeling..  emmet

1:12 – one thing i get paralyzed by…. sense of doing it right.. and we’ve made some mistakes.. so from one persepctive we failed.. we haven’t transformed world.. lived this perfect example.. from another perspective.. those very failings are our gifts.. learnings.. put ourselves on line to test them.. no one holds the answers.. going to require a response from everyone..  just hope people can be encouraged to make their own beautiful mistakes.. on the way to integrity – ross

1:15 – song from closing ceremony dec 2015.. oh  my


Samuel Alexander


The Simplicity Institute is an education and research centre seeking to:

– seed a revolution in consciousness that highlights the urgent need to move beyond growth-orientated, consumerist forms of life

– envision and defend a ‘simpler way’ of life at a time when the old myths of progress, techno-optimism, and affluence are failing us

– transform the overlapping crises of civilisation into opportunities for ‘prosperous descent


one of many other similar ish (gen of self created utopias from jan 2020):



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