preempting dissent (doc)

9 mi – broken window.. any disorder left unchecked could lead to chaos

14 min – funding driven by fed anti-terrorism and war on drug

15 min – oh my juxta – bush speech.. over events of protest…. to prevent american people from being harmed.. as they’re being harmed by police

33 min – david– kids angry at occupy wall street.. we played by rules.. and in debt.. occupy didn’t and doing great.. so we are no longer playing by rules..
occupy first where protesters were diff.. no playing by rules
36 min – occupy.. zuccotti park.. showing an other way
37 min – security logic.. is insanity.. it is constrained by nothing except available dollars.. there is no proportionality to security logic.. – michael vonn





voluntary compliance

is compliance ever voluntary…
manufactured consent ness toward pluralistic ignorance ness. perhaps we reimagine our broken feedback loop of assumed supposed to’s..

wilde not-us law.. science of people in schools ness

public consensus always oppresses someone…

a nother way

for (blank)’s sake


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