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adding page.. and really.. getting intro’d to Patrisse while watching black lives matter doc (2016) – via top documentary site

the magic of virility..i was scouring for some reprieve

5 min – i think what i’m really doing.. is trying to challenge the narrative that black people can’t tell their stories.. that our stories are shameful.. and saying that this is unacceptable.. this should not have happened to me.. and in fact.. this should not have happened to many people

8 min – i want the audience to be reminded of their humanity.. feel/express deeply

10 min – mike brown

11 min – blm goes viral for 2nd time.. 1st was for trevon.. many of us drove to ferguson.. this was the time i could tell the movement was completely blossoming.. what makes ferguson important.. there was an uprising..

they do a vigil that night.. and the police responds with tanks.. these weren’t organizers.. these were black people who were fed up.. if the police had allowed people to protest.. imagine how diff things would have been..

13 min – rise of militarisation.. first in 90s with black panthers.. that’s not de escalating violence.. that’s causing violence

black panther doc

16 min – we are a generation that had been totally consumed by the police and prison state.. most of our family members were addicted to crack.. we watched the complete desomation of our communities.. the continuous defunding of the social welfare state.. and then you have a generation of black folks who don’t have access to jobs.. unions completely destroyed.. jobs we have access to are low/no paying jobs.. we don’t have access to healthcare.. and the list goes on..

17 min – and so when someone dies in our community .. after the 15th time.. something snaps.. some of us will show up peacefully.. some of us won’t.. but whats the better question.. the better question is why… what made us end up in these conditions in the first place.. we don’t have that convo often because media focused on sensation.. the looting/rioting.. can we actually talk about how mike brown was slaughtered.. left in pool of blood for 4 hrs.. the whole community witnessed it.. mom can’t pass yellow tape.. and we are being questioned on being violent..

18 min – it is the most abusive response to someone who is being abused..

21 min – since ferguson.. we’ve had uprising in baltimore.. charlotte.. across the country.. not because people just started killing black people.. not because law enforcement just started beating up black people.. these are issues we have been facing since we came to this country

before .. no?

what changed now.. sm.. sm has changed the game.. sm has allowed for black people to actually be the story tellers .. if we had sm during teh 1992 uprisings.. we would’ve had a diff convo come out of the uprisings..

imagine if we change the game even more.. imagine 7 bn story tellers .. everyday.. as the day.. their self-talk as data.. in order to connect people.. that day.. to do the thing they can’t not do.. all of us

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

22 min – if we had sm during hurricane katrina.. we would have had a diff convo coming out of new orleans

25 min – q: how do you make this institutional  a: you amplify the stories beyond the killings

26 min – the question.. why have we put so much resources into policing and prisons..

28 min – eric garner murder

29 min – marcel baugh: a real disconnect between progressive ideal and black reality..

30 min – on interrupting bernie.. just as he’s saying how progressive seattle is..  patrisse: wasn’t about bernie.. about the demo party.. we expected repub’s to not mention blm.. but not demo’s

32 min – we don’t believe the presidency is the way to turn our voice into political power.. local politics changes the national.. ie: ferguson.. changed the convo..  we don’t need to rely on the president to change the convo.. we need to rely on the people.. who will push that president.. who will eventually… or not.. have to be a party of that convo..

38 min – if we don’t set on all black people.. all of us or none of us

how can it not be all people.. thinking idec.. some not knowing if black or white.. et al.. plus.. the whole… none of us if one of us

40 min – talking interpretive labor..

41 min – people willing to risk winning because queer.. women at forefront..

42 min – amsterdam.. paris… black spring is everywhere… these aren’t issues happening in a vacuum.. black spring is about colletivizing.. to keep expanding..

43 min – decentralization is important.. we have diff view points.. but what we can do is connect the dots

44 min – jah vi cotten cohia

45 min – our work isn’t just about tearing down.. it’s about rebuilding.. the act of tearing down.. means you have to imagine what else you want there..

a nother way

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Patrisse Cullors (born 1983) is an African American artist and activist from Los Angeles, an advocate for criminal justice reform in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.