gregory landua

gregory landua

first intro’d to gregory via regen network.. then again when he interviewed michel on regen network 


adding page this day.. via michel sharing gregory’s fb share:

Daniel Pinchbeck and I will be jamming live on youtube at 10 am eastern. Feel free to drop in and chat a question or comment. We will be talking meaning making, regeneration, culture, history, hypernormalisation and community.

jun 2020 – 1 hr  video – Daniel Pinchbeck on Planetary Regeneration Podcast



2 min – g: how to use this moment of disruption to compost and regen.. where is there a common impulse for evolution..t

maté basic needs.. let’s go that deep

6 min – d: it’s not a beautiful story right now.. at precipice of true fascism.. a tonality.. where rationality.. making sense.. collapses.. yet.. i hold out a certainty that this is part of something bigger..

14 min – g: i resonate w his (d’s) analysis that we have a brief moment in time right now to essentially be all hands on deck.. in biosphere regenerating activities.. planetary scale reinvention of our econ/institutions/relationships in such a way that humans become such a force for eco regen

listen & connect to undo our hierarchical listening.. humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to  simultaneous spontaneity  .. simultaneous fittingness..  everyone in sync..


1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b free people

g: i think that vision has a lot of room for diff forms of self org.. cultural expression

indeed.. if we let go enough to org for it.. ie: 2 convers as infra

15 min – g: i’m a big believer that it should be grassroots and voluntary.. it’s so deeply engrained in the human psyche to belong to the planet .. t.. that the approaches that resonate w me the most are not top down..

so let’s unleash that.. get back/to that.. by focusing on maté basic needs – our essence

g: some things i’d like to get d’s take on..  i’m struggling making sense around.. rationality and enlightenment values .. the lib perspective.. insight around the meme complex

16 min – g: short window of opp..

17 min – d: that’s the underlying drum beat that’s basically being ignored.. we’re trapped in systems.. making it impossible to do what needs to be done on planet

20 min – d: ref-ing his book – how soon is now

how soon is now

21 min – d: when i see overwhelming .. soldiers of immune system.. dying caterpillar.. reconfigure to butterfly.. that gives me some hope

22 min – d: occupy wasn’t a protest movement but a process movement. ie: own kitchen, composting, et al.. modeling one cell org of a new society.. new way trying to come into being by these efforts.. but difficult.. we’re so tied into set structures

24 min – g: my hope is less answers and more questions.. people leaning into that.. people taking opp of disruption to live into a new way.. like butterfly.. may appear painful at moment.. but a situation that’s inevitable

ie: cure ios city

27 min – d: we’re all hooked up to a global brain.. we just don’t know how to turn it on to make those decisions yet..t

i don’t think it’s about decision making.. i think that’s part of those set systems that keep chaining/erasing us.. what we need is a means to augment our interconnectedness.. rather than ie: collect our intelligence/decision-making

i think we have to let go enough to try/trust curiosity over decision making

g: yeah.. like a toddler that doesn’t have a pre frontal cortex yet

hmm.. i don’t know.. comments like that make me think we’re focusing more on ie: intellect ness than living ness

not yet scrambed et al

d: it does feels .. if looking at odds now.. looks like dominate systems are winning to deficit of world.. w/no reasoning out of it

28 min – w course working on .. building better future.. thinking about how to bring together a unified global community around a standing framework for what people can do local and global to optimize our potential.. to bring about positive transformation

one way.. by letting go of training (courses et al) .. and all the other red flags we can’t seem to let go of

let’s try this framework to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra

because.. can you hear?

28 min – g: i’m invigorated by you taking initiative to lead that.. and other leaders popping up all over.. a broad cosmo local unit.. but at same time still feels like a small community.. seems like i know 60 personalities doing this.. lists some.. all these threads starting to be woven together.. but still feels like small community

30 min – d: i would agree that it’s pretty small.. then even question of what it is

begs we undo our hierarchical listening

34 min – d: in us.. beyond blm.. ie: people in ny state.. 1 in 4 experiencing hunger..

35 min – g: failure.. because there is plenty of food

d: cornel west saying a failed experiment

d: i hope protest keeps going and addresses fundamental issues

36 min – g: at beating heart of movement.. so much i resonate with.. at same time.. a strange totalitarian maoist thing that scares me.. more than anything that has me taking pause at the moment.. maybe it’s just meme warfare..  i can’t tell..

38 min – g: feels as though the righteous anger and social critique.. gets undermined by reactivity and removal of freedom of speech.. and *maybe it requires us to reinvent what speech is all about.. and freedom of the press or something.. but feels like such an attach on some of the underpinnings.. shakes/alarms me with precepts i consider as important for a just/equitable/free society that can make meaning in the world..

*spot on.. voice today is not legit voice.. data is not legit data.. all are coming from whales in sea world

needs means to to undo our hierarchical listening

39 min – d: i agree.. a kind of creepy over policing of language/discourse.. cancelation culture.. i don’t like that at all

g: i don’t know that the social experiment to evolve w more understanding of ecology and more robust safety net.. seem so basic.. i don’t know if we can succeed in such a strong vocal chord.. maybe i’m wrong.. ie: keep moving and don’t give the such air time.. how many people resonate with that running the agenda.. i guess i can’t tell at the moment..

it’s your gut .. telling you ie: our democracy ness is a big red flag

ie: public consensus always oppresses someone(s); decision making about a finite set of choices et al

41 min – d: yeah.. primarily an american phenom.. ie: jk rowling getting attacked.. feels like.. pick your battles.. i’m more concerned about white supremacy.. but does seem like a correlating sense making activity.. underlying tendency toward hysteria.. people clinging onto id’s

43 min – g: i think you hit the nail on the head.. what creates the conditions where we choose to cling to a false id and fight hysterically for that.. t

marsh label law et al

all because we’re not focusing first on meeting basic needs.. that are our essence.. (ie: deeper than food, water, shelter)

let’s org around that essence ie: 2 convers as infra

44 min – g: one of the artifacts of our time.. does seem antidote to that is a reweaving.. in a way that can both face trauma/grief..  and then having a stable depth of presence.. is part of what’s asked of us at this moment.. w/o that.. people so easily swayed.. will that be part of your (course)

begs a leap w a detox embed

45 min – d: we have a number of verticals we’re going to hit.. yeah culture and consciousness of great interest to me.. ie: what are the new stories.. how can we help propagate (it)

46 min – d: what are techniques for walking people back.. de programming them.. from parasitic agency.. how on a mass scale could you develop a mech to help people to.. i mean you’d have to speak with people in language they speak in metaphors they understand.. i don’t even know if it’s possible at this point.. t

yeah that.. it is possible.. which you could hear..

ie: 2 convers as infra via idio-jargon/self-talk as data

detox embed in 8b leap in sync

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity  .. simultaneous fittingness..  everyone in sync..

47 min – g: i’m personally very engaged w my own process.. kitchen.. also people in joanna macy approach of unlearning.. re rooting.. and building that to scale.. and having the attention to move thru this.. that’s a big thing.. and demands attention and order to have appropriate attention to transform culture.. so that these experiments (eco village, occupy, businesses).. it is so often inherited culture that get in way

short bp as initial funding..

but .. important to code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence.. w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring

49 min – d: book .. dark money.. on plotting a re take over of american society.. engineer a several decade plan to transform society.. meant creating think tanks.. academic depts.. et al.. that could argue for .. et al


we have to let go of intellect ness

50 min – d: to me.. who could have helped over last years.. the sv tech crowd.. what is preventing them from coming together.. and helping push forward a more progressive agenda

51 min – g: i think it is happening in parts.. i think it’s very confusing.. they’ve been hoodwinked.. ie: woke thought police.. et al.. but it’s complex/confusing.. i do see signs/glimmers of hope.. but also see distractions

52 min – d: to me that’s a big part of problem.. tech idealism.. et al.. brand, lee, but over time became more of a lib econ philosophy merged w singularity.. that tech by itself.. toward evolution.. taking limits of tech evolution would bring about better results for society.. that’s explains to me why they haven’t done anything about ie: homelessness.. et al

54 min – d: ie: gates controlling vaccine.. controlling human os as a whole.. et al.. interesting

55 min – g: i really resonate w tech crowd and billionaires aligned.. thinking tech is good.. but even beyond that tech is inevitable.. quickest way to do that is to bring down the govt.. so socially progressive inclinations but sucked into the gravity well of .. let’s destroy our social institutions


57 min – d: yeah.. and a lot of them coming from alienated situations.. ie: aspergers.. basement


58 min – g: i’m starting to lean into tech as a social tool.. but brought all of those assumptions with me.. i’ve had some of those biases shaken.. and seeking there are other means interacting w world now.. that are inviting something diff.. so i think that pull is strong.. but i also see in that community an understanding of ie: regen.. et al.. part as thru line thru psychedelics..  the particle and the wave.. could go either direction.. i’m not sure how to direct to serving life rather than escaping life.. but i do think it’s there and possible w/in that community.. if i didn’t think that i wouldn’t do what i’m doing in regen network


from thread via michel fb share:

To increase the ecological ceiling, increase the health and carrying capacity of our globe we have to integrate #commoning practice, social coordination technology and unlock innovation, entreneurship and cooperation at a scale never seen or achieved by humans.
Original Tweet:

ai humanity needs: augmenting interconnectedness

a means to undo our hierarchical listening (to self/others/nature)

then use that as data to org/connect us

ie: 2 convers as infra




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Gregory Landua, Chief Executive Officer

Gregory is a Regenerative Agriculture Practitioner and farmer, co-author of Regenerative Enterprise, and co-creator of the 8-forms of capital framework. As co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International, he has helped grow an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to regenerative agriculture.

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