no agenda

scheinberg quote

perhaps we are squandering too much via public ed.

no agenda goff

perhaps we could change things up in a city if we could embrace this mindset:

i used to want to fix people

nothing hidden et al

imagine if instead of enforcing just in case learning, we facilitate whimsy..

it goes quite a bit beyond getting rid of a stated/standard compulsory curriculum. many of us need detox, just to interact, as mentors, as parents, as people. even a raised eyebrow compromises the opportunities we have to know.

but perhaps, if we set a city free to just this agenda:

1. everyone is known by someone

2. everyone talks to self

         we’ll see/be a people/city/world changed.


no prep ness

supposed to ness

listen to all the voices ness

langer outcome law

red flags


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trust people

trust curiosity


via bob on no agenda:

Bob Goff (@bobgoff) tweeted at 10:01 AM on Sun, Aug 11, 2019:
We’re living letters. Every time we love people without an agenda, we add another page.


Talking to a kid on a plane ️
Him: the worst is when they put the objective on the board
Me: Why?
Him: It shuts me down, takes away my curiosity… I don’t care anymore. Let me discover what we are learning!
Me: You are smart beyond your years
He is 14
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