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Regeneration is renewal through the internal processes of a body or system. Something which embodies this action can be described as regenerative. Many titles of cultural work and cultural and scientific concepts use the term, and may refer to:

Science and technology

(history, music, film, other)


adding page this day (michel fb share):

“David McConville (BFI’s Board co-chair) has been mapping short films documenting projects that work to restore and regenerate living systems around the world. If you need some inspiration–or simply a counterbalance to the rampant misanthropy of your news feeds, just select a project and click on the associated image to see the videos. Many of the projects have been entries in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, and all of them demonstrate the potential of creating at the same level we can destroy.”


bret asks on fb:

I need the best and shortest definition/description of what ‘regenerative’ means when we use it in our spaces like regenerative practices, regenerative economy, regenerative paradigm, etc?

from red letters above: restoring/renewing living systems thru the internal processes of system


regen network based in massachusetts..

regen villages based in netherlands

the re-generation

kiss the ground (doc)

daniel (w) on regen & self org