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first resonance/intro to Orland.. [see below for many other encounters…]

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Orland is/was an interviewee for the global oneness project.

orland on global oneness project site

more on shadetree from his bio on yip
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As director of Shade Tree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles, he has pioneered approaches to urban truces and mentoring at-risk youth that combine new ideas with traditional ways of knowledge.

Shade Tree reaches into gang and drug cultures where many young people expect to die before the age of 20.

“These young people feel that they are not welcome in the world, in the culture and in the future,” Orland explains.

Shade Tree employs a unique process that draws on both contemporary and ancient practices, particularly that of the South African tradition of Indaba or “deep talk.” 


Orland is 1 of 10 people in the spirit of money collaborative:

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saturday, april 21, 2012

orland bishop

thank you carol..
thinking some of this footage is yours.. no?esp resonated with orland bishop:

every system tells them they’re free. and when is that true?
how do i have to be in order for you to be free
when we do not want to share a world.. the only thing left is fundamentalism

just joined globalonenessproject

once we have a new convo.. we’ll have new currencies.. (an agreement between two or more people)
people will change it, because they will come into a new sensitivity
people will overcome the forces that keep them from being themselves

2007 on currency…

we live in a system where competition is a necessity..
shouldn’t be – we are really in abundance.. oneness is abundance..
this is where he says, again… every system tells us we are free.. but when is that true.
we could do something different..if we simply decide to.
this is what we prefer to have.. and we create that..


saturday, april 21, 2012


our song.. our connected song of hope..
from the place between the silos…people are good.
their essence is connection. [let’s make connections equitable]all we need to do is set people free.in spaces of permission where they don’t have to prove anything. – dave cormier
public ed is a great place to start.

as we do that..
we overcome the forces that are keeping us from being ourselves – orland bishop
we will figure out how to be so that others can also be free

we will breathe the fire from within us.. daily – adam braun

we can. we are.
let’s be ridiculous about being alive. no?

friday, july 6, 2012

orland bishop

how do i have to be 
in order for you to be 
more free.  – orland bishopbe you.
be us.

wednesday, july 11, 2012

simon – vision

without-a-vision-we-find-an-enemyso many amazing things are happening, so much information unveiled.. people doing very cool things.

let’s not let that become our enemy – because we’re too busy for a collective narrative that could potentially change the mindset of a person, a people, a nation, a globe.

imagine a narrative that fits us all – one that is so simple it’s easy to miss. one that is so available, so equitable, that we’re missing it.

imagine if a vision to change the world is a dance between – be you and be us. two conversations.. one with yourself, one with others.
a simple vision of being known by someone – our declaration of interdependence. and you hold each other accountable to knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.
noticing the unlikely, dreaming boldly, connecting with people and info, doing – what matters most.
being. you. us.

orland bishop – how do i have to be in order for you to be free?…
the more i am me, the more that frees you up to be you.


lecture series – 2 0f 5:


via fb share by Charles – feb 2017

This podcast is a public conversation between me and Orland Bishop, recorded in Santos, Brazil. Even though the audio quality isn’t perfect, I want to release this recording anyway in hopes of transmitting to you some of what Orland has transmitted to me. He draws from a deep pool of wisdom that is carried not only by his words, but by the voice beneath them. I don’t use phrases like “deep pool of wisdom” very often, and in this case it is not a cliche. We talk about gift and relationship; the power of word, story, and intention; money and the financial system, and other topics. You might sometimes find Orland hard to understand. That’s OK. Just let the words reverberate in you.


4 min – charles: real wealth is not how much you have.. real wealth is the freedom to be generous.. feeling free enough to be generous..

6 min – orland: the source exists w/in… if i withhold.. the source dies

10 min – orland: we only see scarcity and if you see scarcity you have to say.. this is mine

11 min – orland: we can’t create abundance with things.. abundance is connection to the source..

orland: one word so powerful: fiat – speak something into existence.. we ask.. how was money created

12 min – orland: we don’t have the power in our speech to say.. there is money.. as much as we want to change the world.. we don’t want to accept that to be true.. search and you’ll find people who don’t need/use money.. they see need for us to remain unconscious about the source of money.. if we remain unconscious about source of money we will remain in debt rest of our lives.. this one thing controls our global reality… but it’s taken from gods.. let there be… money is our collective being .. that someone has power over our own lives.. to live in that existence w/o questioning the authority.. first.. recover our will.. to reassign our wealth back into our collective consciousness… not a thing.. an inner decision…

15 min – orland: to no longer live with the dependency of something scarce.. not a new idea.. the power of love.. of mutual agreement..

16 min – orland: if we speak the truth.. light comes into the world again.. and the truth is.. we need each other.. to bring abundance into the world..

17 min – orland: us secret service says this about u.s. dollar/econ/empire.. greatest risk to national security is not terrorism.. it’s whether we believe the money is real or not.. if we think it’s not real.. the empire collapses.. this is the biggest national security threat of our age.. not nuclear war/terrorism.. but the global belief that someone else’s authority have power over our lives..

19 min – charles: orland is communicating on multiple levels at same time.. the voice communicates more than the words.. one thing.. immersion in money/commodity/finished-product/coord-labor rule.. teaches us a false view of reality.. accustoms us to believe creation lies in authority.. so gift.. takes back that authority.. where creative power is freely available to everybody..

21 min – charles: exporting of power to those who have control (money et al) .. sets us into competition automatically.. based on scarcity… a war of each against all (snyder)… that’s the implicit teaching of the money system..

22 min – charles: manish talking about participatory processes.. creativity is available to you…

23 min – charles: you don’t have to know how you’re going to create.. don’t have to have an instruction set.. in order to create with power of words have to be aware of what is true..

indigenous us

27 min – charles: new old techs.. ie: capoeira (?)

28 min – orland: the technique to know.. technology.. how to move energy from one plane of reality to another.. simple tech that transmit info.. how does technology work.. when we think that we’ve lost the meaning of sound/light..the body remembers.. this is ancient.. we have become the technologist.. the age of what is in (us).. we transmit into… we have not listened/accessed our own technology.. this new vibration of field for our world..

30 min – orland: our cells of the body are solar cells.. they store light.. et al.. so all these things could help us understand how to use ourself.. how to reimagine.. imagine if we can activate a more intelligent thing of the future.. these things that are already here..

eagle and condor..

charles: internet.. reminds us of a function of us

32 min – orland: nothing we’ll create that’s not already here.. so part of the exercise.. is to really give attention/intention to our well-being.. at a level in which our well-being not only give us fear (ie: to earn a living).. but to really live.. and to put out into world.. what is in us.. thinking creates not just things but beings.. human beings..

36 min – orland: honor the source in everyone.. the creative life is not to ask the person to prove.. they should not have to prove anything..

38 min – charles: if you were in full trust.. you wouldn’t need to control..

trust.. and why we have not  yet.. gotten to equity

39 min – orland: real ego feels someone else’s suffering…  we are missing real developed ego.. matured ego can speak for the other and not for them self..


43 min – orland: when we don’t know what we’ve inherited.. we can call that the unconscious.. part of this time/age.. is our collective unconsciousness..  i also have to make conscious why i’m alive.. it’s not an answer.. but a capacity.. to become aware that there’s things you don’t know.. we don’t know because we weren’t taught.. we don’t know because we have to become..

44 min – orland: processes in human life have spontaneous potential..

45 min – orland: when conflict arises because of things we don’t know.. it’s an opp to go thru it.. harmony thru conflict..

47 min – orland: fire leads to clarification of purpose