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freedom of the press foundation


Freedom of the Press Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping support and defend public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government. We accept tax-deductible donations to a variety of journalism organizations that push for transparency and accountability, and we work to preserve and strengthen the rights guaranteed to the press under the First Amendment.

Freedom of the Press Foundation is built on the recognition that this kind of transparency journalism — from publishing the Pentagon Papers and exposing Watergate, to uncovering the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program and CIA secret prisons — doesn’t just happen. It requires dogged work by journalists, and often, the courage of whistleblowers and others who work to ensure that the public actually learns what it has a right to know.

board: Daniel Ellsberg, Ed Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, John Cusack, John Perry Barlow, John Stearnes, Laura Poitras, Micah Lee, Rainey Reitman, Trevor Timm, Xeni Jardin

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interview of Trevor Timm (co-founder and exec director) 2014:

april 2014:

Bring the First Amendent Into the 21st Century

protection – we have very good legal council in eff


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