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thought maybe

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from their about page (but just go there and read the whole thing):

About Us? This is really about you…

Why are you here? What are you looking for? Information on the implications of globalisation? How banking really works? The rapacious machinations of advertising and how this affects children, the media and hence social control? How about the links between Indigenous rights, racism and police? Or how technology affects the natural environment? Or the pertinent and interlinked issues of population, ‘endless’ economic ‘growth’ on a finite planet, combined with the reality of peak oil, energy collapse, food, housing, climate change, dodgy politicking, corrupt governments and corporatocracy in this age of screen-controlled propaganda bubbles and a surveillance culture of scientific precision never before possible? And what to do about all this?

This website is a collection of films that aims to provoke your thoughts not only about these important issues, but many other pertinent topics relevant to modern society, industrial civilisation and globalised dominant culture.

There’s already a lot of information on the Internet pertaining to the complexity, so our goal is to cut through the noise and garbage, and try to present valuable information in a clear way, so it’s accessible, useful, and easily digested. This still may not be an easy undertaking though, and we can understand that—especially considering the interconnectedness of the issues, as well as the crossing over of sources and perspectives; but also for the fact that the information here can be incomplete, sometimes contradictory or even controversial. But this is the point. It’s all part of what we’re trying to do: provoke critical thinking, questioning, but above all… doing.

be swimming here a while.


1. citizenfour – Ed Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras

2. better this world –

3. we – Arhundhati Roy

4. re watching dirty wars (seen in theatre) – Jeremy Scahill

5. transcendent man – Ray Kurzweil

6. utopia – John Pilger

7. the war you don’t see – John Pilger

8. power and terror – Noam Chomsky

9. human resources – Scott Noble: Chomsky, Zinn, Gatto, Kohn, ..

10. no logo – Naomi Klein

11. not anymore

12. the program (rewatch) – William Binney

13. war made easy – Norman Solomon

14. kill the messenger – about Sibel Edmonds

15. zapatista

16. the shock doctrineNaomi Klein

17. manufacturing consentNoam Chomsky

18. death of a nation – the timor conspiracy

19. us foreign policy – war against 3rd world

20. independent media .. in a time of war – Amy Goodman

21. rebel without a pause – Noam Chomsky & Carol

22. breaking the bank – (2000) – seattle to dc protests – Vandana Shiva et al

23. the most dangerous man in the world – Daniel Ellsberg

24. the like generation (re watch) – Douglas Rushkoff

25. free the network – Isaac Wilder & Tyrone Greenfield & Douglas Rushkoff – occupy/contactcon

26. goodbye indonesia – papau

27. the f it point

28. for sale – the american dream – David Harvey

29. peace, propaganda, ..

30. big rattle in seattle

31. the truth according to wikipedia

32. digital nation – Douglas Rushkoff

33. economics of happiness (rewatch) – Helena Norberg Hodge

34. cointelpro – 16 min – at hieght of klan – 1 in 5 were fbi; 17 min – hover: blacks were threat to social order; 22 min riot; 47 min – tolerate injustice in order to maintain social order

Democracy Now! (@democracynow)
3/14/15 7:35 AM
State Department Announces New “Long-standing” Policy Against Backing Coups

35. the virtual revolution – Aleks Krotoski

36. all power to the people

37. addicted to money

38. nanotechnology, nanoutipia – Richard Feynman .. (thinking about reinventors nulcear series at 40 min – on cleaning stuff up)

39. the power of community – how cuba survived peak oil

40. okupación – madrid

41. the real mobile phone war – Juliana Ruhfus

42. last train home – oh my. schooling the world ness.

43. american radical – Norman Finkelstein


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