human flow

a film (fall 2017) by Ai Weiwei

being a refugee is much more than a political status.. it is the most pervasive kind of cruelty that can be exercised against a human being.. you are forcibly robing this human being of all aspects that would make human life not just tolerable but meaningful in many ways

the more immune you are to people’s suffering.. that’s very very dangerous..t

it’s critical for us to maintain this humanity

over 65 million in world today have been forcibly displaced from their homes

if children grow up w/o any hope/prospect for the future.. w/o any sense of them being able to make something out of their lives.. then they will become very vulnerable to all sorts of exploitation .. including radicalization

of the millions.. this is filmed across 23 countries

it’s going to be a big challenge to recognize that the world is shrinking.. and people from diff religions/cultures are going to have to learn to live with each other

thurman interconnectedness law


艾未未  Ai Weiwei (@aiww) tweeted at 3:03 AM on Tue, Jun 20, 2017:
Today, I hold in my mind each face, each story, every bit of humanity I have encountered along the way. #WorldRefugeeDay #HUMANFLOW

The Art Newspaper (@TheArtNewspaper) tweeted at 3:41 AM – 4 Aug 2017 :

Ai Weiwei’s refugee film Human Flow picked up by @amazon @aiww @AmazonStudios @la_Biennale (


Mounir Nasri (@mounirona) tweeted at 11:38 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

#HumanFlow by @aiww is beyond a film. It’s a call for urgent action. Another year, another memorable #6DegreesTO (

Alix Taggart (@alixtag) tweeted at 9:10 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

don’t expect another film to affect me as dramatically with such sadness again I promise to promote this powerful film on humanity. @aiww (

Norm Wilner (@normwilner) tweeted at 7:46 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

@RealGDT @aiww @TheCdnAcademy @martinfkatz “I think it’s quite shameful, and to this day we don’t see many world leaders come up with a vision to deal with this ongoing crisis.” (

Norm Wilner (@normwilner) tweeted at 7:47 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

@RealGDT @aiww @TheCdnAcademy @martinfkatz “People always ask the same question: ‘What can we do?’ All these crises are created by humans … (

Norm Wilner (@normwilner) tweeted at 7:48 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

@RealGDT @aiww @TheCdnAcademy @martinfkatz “… so first we have to recognize we’re pay of this human crisis. And only by realizing that can we do something.” (

Norm Wilner (@normwilner) tweeted at 7:34 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

@RealGDT @aiww Ai on activism: “Every day, before you go to bed, you have to ask: ‘What have I done?’” (

a nother way
every morning get up.. ask.. convo w self/others.. what matters today

Norm Wilner (@normwilner) tweeted at 7:37 PM – 26 Sep 2017 :

@RealGDT @aiww (He’s onstage with @TheCdnAcademy president @martinfkatz, by the way.) (


drifting (doc)


refugee camps et al

let’s try this flow: ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


Gary L Wales (@GaryWales) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 25 Nov 2017 :

Wouldn’t it be good if EVERYONE saw this film from @aiww – let’s make a difference. We have to. #humanflow

wish we could ..


Nadim Sadek (@nadimsadek) tweeted at 3:08 AM – 5 Jan 2018 :

Is it the remorseless evidence of personal disengagement, the sheer scale of inhumanity, or the beautiful telling of an awful story which makes @aiww’s #HumanFlow so awful to watch? Maybe we’re being shown there’s really no excuse for not getting on with helping each other? (

we can’t wait..  for (blank)’s sake

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


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