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Prison Kids: Juvenile Justice in America | Full Doc

zion – 25 write ups in 1st grade

americans pay 8 bill a yr to incarcerate kids



many are locked up for things that aren’t a crime for adults

9 min – u.s. incarcerates more youth than anywhere else… most are black/brown and have mental health issues

11 min – some call solitary torture, the state called it a special management plan meant to make her a better inmate 


13 min – stuart brashen – instead of understanding what was going on with these kids they were put in solitary

16 min – over time.. change brain cells

17 min – cory booker – other countries consider solitary torture.. we do it on a regular basis..

a lot of kids entered system hopeful that the system could help then –Stuart Grassian

19 min – zion’s meds – how can you give a pill to a 6 yr old.. what happens when he’s 25

kosta.. peter...

23 min – these are kids that aren’t welcome in the traditional health system… because of concern of disruption and affect on staff/other kids – stuart

24 min – if we don’t treat he underlying cause – judge linda toddosio

27 min – in florida – 56% of kids arrested are black.. even thought 25% of pop

29 min – nola – no opportunities/services for youth – griffin

30 min – nationally – black students 1/3 of arrests while 16% of pop

37 min – youth study center – kids haven’t been found guilty.. awaiting trial

46 min – cory

75% who spend time are back w/in 2 yrs

47 min – on cost – 21 billion – cory

50 min – kim tandy – juvenile law center

52 min – our society hasn’t created services.. to address problems – stuart

54 min – belinda hope – principal of pineridge – in browerd cty florida – the promise program (started 2013)

55 min – judge elijah williams – the more i locked up the more i was destroying.. on distinction of (kids) scaring us and making us mad

1:00 – nothing will change unless we do.. if we can’t raise the conscience of our country.. the moral imaginationation that we’re better than this.. this isn’t one of the big issues… this is one that we as a country have to say – this is not us.. cory

1:01 – if locking a child up taught them a lesson.. we would be the safest country in the world.. but clearly experience shows that doesn’t work.. – judge linda tucci teddosio

1:02 – i have know so many of these young kids that have beauty/strength/potential that we are wasting/squandering .. i don’t want to be in the country that leads the globe in incarceration – cory



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evolution of a criminal – Darius Clark Monroe