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documentary by Cevin Soling.

The War on Kids is a documentary on Public Education in America. While several documentaries on schools have come out since The War on Kids, these films tend to be either propaganda for charter schools or look at symptoms without any appreciation or understanding of underlying issues. To be a great documentary, it is essential to do the necessary work and dig deeper to uncover the heart of the problems observed. The numerous failures and pathologies associated with school are predominantly due to it autocratic structure. Because no one wants to voluntarily relinquish power, this fundamental problem is never addressed or even recognized.



war on kids documentary notes:

including voice of Henry Giroux,

26 min – student – can’t really prevent anything.. cameras just show what happened

28 – country where number 1 question – is are our schools safe – not about learning, about safety

voice of Ray Martinez – mayor of ft collins

33 – serious – how do you stop this terrible disease of drug addiction?

35 – rat experiment – desire for drugs came from environment

2003 – govt decides DARE is not working and withdraw funds

2007 – bush declares national dare day

39:50 – teachers and admin – bullying kids

left off at lesson 35 min in

44 – Pat Farenga

45 – John Taylor Gatto

46 – Laurie Couture – instead of medicating and punishing

48 – 4 mill on ritalin – us accounts for 90% of all ritalin prescriptions

49:45 – we toxinize kids brains

52:45 – stunt growth – entire body – including the brain

55 – went from campaign of – just say no to drugs, to just say yes to legal drugs, proof now that ritalin et al cause most to go on to addictions

1:00 – suicide and violence come fromt the same cloth

1:07 – Pat – there’s no research that compulsory school works

1:11 – no justification for sequence of subjects – Gatto

1:13 – even if you pick the book – we’ll divide it up so much you’ll hate it

1:20 – alfie kohn – hw

1:27 – if you’re a loser in school – your life is hell


Cevin interviewed by Steve and Pat for the 2014 homeschool conf filmfest:

AltEdFilmFest 2014 – Interview with Cevin Soling – War on Kids 



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