bohemian rhapsody

adding page after hearing about this movie

and watching this documentary

25 min – on bohemian rhapsody and everyone being in shock and concerned.. crazy.. too long.. mini opera.. et al.. they declined doing an edit.. and the rest is history.. ie: #1 for 9 wks

32 min – freddie: i was writing 3 songs and couldn’t finish it and i just put the three together

37 min – freddie liked people.. he actually loved them

39 min – he had very good annunciation

48 min – on journalists not taking to them.. i think they decided it was kind of good to be not quite so popular.. i think that may be why they lasted so long – rosie horide


and remembering fav songs (in my limited/deprived listening) growing up.. i remember liking it because i could finally hear words in a popular song