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Ai Weiwei‘s 42 min doc

Dazed (@Dazed) tweeted at 10:00 PM – 27 Jun 2017 :

A new doc traces @aiww’s journey into the refugee crisis: https://t.co/h85jyDwBIThttps://t.co/De4isQI22t (http://twitter.com/Dazed/status/879912241327243265?s=17)


art can go as far as it likes.. it knows no boundaries.. this protest is about upholding humanitarian principles

12 min – declared enemies by a political system..

thurman interconnectedness law

13 min – to make his doc – human flow – ai traveled to more than 20 countries


no refugee crisis.. only human crisis.. in dealing w refugees .. we lose our very basic human values..

i think this film can help to understand what is our condition/humanity/society.. stand for today..

14 min – it’s obvious these people didn’t come here in search of a better life.. it’s because they have no other choice.. and now they’re stuck here waiting to make it thru.. but the gate is closed.. they won’t make it any further..

15 min – europe is working hard on a treaty with turkey .. which in my view will turn the refugees into slaves.. nothing but objects of exchange.. no one understands how to tackle the refugee problem at the root

perhaps.. a nother way ai.. deep enough for all of us..

22 min – (on being depressed on his return to beijing – 2016 – for first time since 2015 – because .. knowing nothing has changed).. that’s why i always twitter something everyday.. but i know it doesn’t have much of an effect..

30 min – the refugee issue is much bigger than we realize..

there will be new wars.. more and more places will dry up like in kenya.. and then there will be more refugees.. since people won’t be able to live there anymore.. and the wall that america wants to build along the mexican border.. all those things are based on narrow minded political views..

..views based on excluding others..

31 min – the world is filled w many kinds of refugees.. many are expelled and have ot leave their country.. but many get locked into a place and will never have the chance to move freely… ie: gaza


32 min – i think these people feel miserable.. and their sorrow doesn’t just come from war.. but rather from cultural discrimination and isolation by other states.. *it’s impossible to deal/cope with that in a lifetime.. even the following generations might be refugees.. that’s the big tragedy playing out right now..

*perhaps.. perhaps not.. a nother way

33 min – while in gaza.. ai starts filming in zoo – not unusual ..changing plans

the tiger is the king of the animals.. but locking him in a cage destroys the natural balance.. that’s how i see it..  the way people treat animals.. is the way they treat each other.. i think such a life has lost all meaning..

35 min – interviews: we have no hope of finding a job.. we only study for the sake of getting a degree

37 min – nyc is a city of immigrants.. everybody here has some connection to refugees or migrants.. that’s why i find it fitting to show the (clothing) exhibition here (when given mic before showing w disclaimer that he had said.. the art is the speaking not me.. he just said thank you for coming.. enjoy)

with every exhibition i try to answer the question of who i am

38 min – interviews: gaza is outside of this world.. it has been removed from the map.. war happens.. sieges.. no body bothers to think about us at all.. everyone closes their borders

siddiiqi border law

39 min – interviews: ..my son and i wandering for 60 days.. i can’t even apply for assylum.. where would i do that..

where can i start my life..

..i can’t live here.. how many days can i live here

ai: i think what i’m doing has an effect.. it’s useful.. but.. whether it helps the refugees.. i just don’t know.. i don’t know who can help them..

we need a nother way to live ai

this isn’t a single person.. it’s many millions.. world wide.. more than 60 mn people have lost their homes.. and more are losing them everyday

40 min – my art is like a voice for me.. when i use it it can be a song or a lament.. when the meaning of art changes.. we need to change the language

idio jargon as ps in the open for all of us


Michelle Peterie (@MichPeterie) tweeted at 4:12 PM on Tue, Jun 27, 2017:
Stunning installation by @aiww: 3,500 salvaged refugee life jackets displayed in windows of Kunsthal Charlottenborg
https://t.co/tzhvjhLT5w https://t.co/FyIUondFOP


refugee camps et al


human flow