powers of towers (doc)

POWERS OF TOWERS profiles Graeme Stewart and Sabina Ali, two remarkable people on the forefront of a revolution that’s transforming Toronto’s now aging suburban high-rise clusters into livable communities that work — and attracting the attention of the international planning community in the process. For their work, Stewart and Ali have been awarded the 2014 Jane Jacobs Prize presented by Spacing magazine.

4:45 min – best thing Jane said – think for yourself…

9 min – everybody is looking for something to occur…

progress is reflected in the neighborhood – Jane

neighbor\hood govt

time becomes the ally not the enemy of such neighborhoods.. – Jane

intro’d via tweet of event Jeff was at in denver..  #RMCitySummit  where/when Shawn Micallef was talking… about the whimsy of city.. Rebecca Solnit‘s wanderlust..

finding he is co-editor of spacing magazine.. and finding video trailer there.


city ness

walking ness


revolution of everyday life ness