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..Al Jazeera profiling architects who are using design as a form of activism and resistance to tackle the world’s urban, environmental and social crises. The series follows architects from Vietnam, Nigeria, Spain, Pakistan, Israel/Occupied West Bank and Brazil who believe architecture can do more than iconic towers and luxury flats – turning away from elite “starchitecture” to design for the majority. 

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Part 1 – Santiago Cirugeda .. Seville spain ..urban spaces for the public.

restructure surroundings.. redefine profession..

we should use these urban skeletons

iwan baan

10 min – a way to say – we want to make things happen here

14 min – young people across spain want to do this but they lack tools.. ..working on a public tool.. that no one manages or owns.. this isn’t just a quick fix for the crisis… but an alternative model..we are citizens.. we can intervene.. when we become indiscriminate consumers… then the people themselves can say what they needwe don’t have enough materials or tools.. but that’s the beauty of it.. it makes us re-use materials creatively, which is part of our philosophy

17 min – been doing it for 16 years.. hard, depressing. wouldn’t it be easier to do a regular job where you get paid.. but it wouldn’t fill my life.

when they’re doing it outside the admin – that’s my weakness

18 min – construction license would take too long.. so we developed self-building workshops.. to have it be educational experience not construction site… i’m sure they will legalize it

Santiago Cirugeda via the guardian 2014:

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Part 2 – Pakistani .. Yasmeen Lari ..rebuild villages in the flood-stricken Sindh region.

18 min – that’s why this works so well.. you aren’t relying on anyone for anything…

on keeping culture.. retelling the story/structure..

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Part 3 – Eyal Weizman ..role in Israeli occupation of Palestine ..urban warfare.

2 min – architecture and built environment a slow violence.. built on the drawing board… consciously to create material damage… architecture used by architect as a weapon

4 min – govt was wanting to tell people they were living inside the holy city.. and it was left to architect.. occupation and control

6 min – red roof mandated by law – where you can bomb and where not

8 min – all sorts of border devices – walls, highways, blockades, fences… every twist and turn palestinians encounter a border.. checkpoint.. valley they cannot cross…. turn styles… reduce arm of turn style.. to press against body… if carrying something.. horrific for bigger people… cruel and degrading.

11 min – towers – to hide the presence of the army – so you always assume someone watching.. you see apartheid in action here

13 min – palestinia ground zero

14 min – bulldozers became means of israeli fighting…

16 min – holes in walls – turn private and public space upside down

20 min – when violence is enacted through architecture.. architecture must rise to resist it… not that most war is in cities… architecture becomes very important

21 min – forensic architecture – of drone tactics of warning (gaza 2008)

a new kind of warfare that tries to be legal…  pose a humanitarian challenge to israel…

24 min – i love this place.. i love both peoples.. using architecture to interpret, protest, and resist..

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Part 4 – Vo Trong Nghia .. return greenery to affordable homes 

95% of children under 5 suffer from respiratory illness

3 min – the first 5-6 yrs were a tough time.. because this (greening) was so different from what people were used to

5 min – i studied natural air ventilation – so i take that into all my building..

fitting with this ted – and how less tress does more damage (to air) than more cars do

5 min – bamboo – the steel of the 21st cent

7 min – building vertical farming city

9 min – the purpose of project is to provide low income housing – to 3000 us dollars – currently the houses the people build.. last 3-4 yrs

20 min – i need to convince people (of my green houses) then i need to build really fast – time is money

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Part 5 – Kunle Adeyemi ..Nigeria’s waterside slums.

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Part 6 – Ricardo de Oliviera …Rio’s Rocinha favela.

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Cameron Sinclair (@casinclair) tweeted at 5:41 AM – 7 May 2019 :
Last night MADE Collective presented Otra Casa, two homes that can be rented either side of the US-Mexico border allowing separated families to meet – via video projecting the opposite dining room. More at


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