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jul 2016 – 11 min

4th – bringing together.. digital, physical, and

1 min – klaus schwab – doesn’t change what we are doing but it changes us

nita farahany (@nitafarahany) – access selves in ways never before thought possible… allows us to realize an identity that is aspirational..

self-talk as data

2 min – jon kabat zinn (@jonkabatzinn) – now a scientific foundation for the effects of science on the brain/genome/biological-aging… when the human mind does know itself.. then you get the potential for a new renaissance… that restructures itself in terms of our relationship to life/planet/work..

eudaimoniative surplus

stewart wallis ( – we need a diff econ model.. not capitalism vs communism.. a shift in the system.. a long lines of two big changes in 20th cent.. 1\kaynsenism – focus on health/ed and role of govt working w business  2\ reaction against that in late century to neoliberalism.. focus on free markets/individual.. getting govt out of way…….     ….. we need to shift to a new system that will allow us to meet the basic needs of every human on the planetfocus not on growth but on maximizing human well being.. history tells us .. value shift is triggered by creation of a new story about how we want to live

a nother way  – via 2 convos – as the day


rev of everyday life – a story about people grokking what matters

3 min – ellen macarthur – circular econ fits with mankinds goal to be innovative/creative .. to always progress.. enable diff econ model to feed back in.. to decouple growth from the resource constraints we have

carlo ratti ( -he directs the MIT Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities) – the reason we live in cities is not diff today than it was 10 000 yrs ago.. need places we meet .. closer.. no need for big supply chains.. local sourcing… make cities more efficient.. then impact can be huge

cure ios city

4 min – neri oxman – think about the prospect of getting rid of plastics.. we must not only be inspired/informed by nature.. but actually use natural organisms with which to design products and building parts.. only instead of varying material properties.. we’re varying biological functionality

william mcdonough (@billmcdonough – cradle to cradle) – design is critical today.. it’s the first signal of human intention.. the question of adding quality to quantity.. it isn’t a matter of simply circulating things that are potentially toxic.. things that are safe/healthy for all generations.. so goal is no longer.. i want to be less bad/monotonous/unsafe/unjust.. really about a diverse/safe/healthy/just world with clean air/water/soil/energy

5 min – leonardo dicaprio – preserve planet

naomi oreskes (@NaomiOreskes)- when we think about the industrial revolution.. it was an energy revolution.. a book ending .. of a period in human history during which we used fossil fuels and it *worked very well for us.. for a long time.. but now we have to bring that to an end.. we have energy tech’s that can power our civilization.. solar/wind/biomass.. so then the question is .. how do we get integration..  move thru integrated grid .. you can supply energy to everyone who needs it .. at all times..

*? all of us..?

6 min – detroit auto center… ge.. robotics

sharan burrows (@sharanburrow) – the prediction of jobs lost by 2020 is serious.. but it’s not the main question.. ed/health/manufacturing .. *will still all exist.. the main question is.. what will be the future of work… how will we define work..  how will we share the wealth..

* unless we try a nother way.. and those become irrelevant.. so too then work for pay

7 min – hiroaki nakanishi ( – we need new education/training..

mary barra (@mtbarra – gm) – we’re working with a world in motion first robotics.. trying to encourage students from 3rd grade all the way thru end of hs.. we had students make sail boats (pic of colorado sweatshirt) .. and race them.. and they immediately saw what they needed to change.. and that was 3rd graders..


carlos moedas (@Moedas – eu commiss of innovation – brussels) – i just gave a prize to a kid .. 18 yr old.. that discovered something very unique.. how to get better productivity/yield for seeds of corn.. ie: perforate seeds.. get more food.. but.. he didn’t go to uni.. he said: i’ve been watching youtube since i was 12.. i’m so interested.. i’ve seen everything about it.. the world is really open to learning.. the thing is.. how do you give incentive to your kids to do that..

set them free.. don’t make them all make sailboats in 3rd grade.. or spend their days in a class/school/pkg-deal..

incentive is wired until we compliance it out

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

8 min – satya nadella (@satyanadella microsoft ceo) – it’s this ability of digital tech.. to change outcomes.. to truly empower people all over the world.. that can create a more equitable growth.. because i think the world needs that..

change outcome.. by changing input.. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

peter maurer (@PMaurerICRC – red cross) – forcing us to a revolution has the potential to make ineq’s visible.. and to make them less the future.. and hopefully to gather/garner political support to take the necessary decision to reduce the gap

erik brynjolffson (@erikbryn) – humans have always been using tools.. but because of the recent advances in tech.. we’re beginning to have machines that can augment us in all sorts of interesting ways..

mark pollock – first person in world to voluntarily move legs while stepping in a robot.. cure possible if enough of the right people have the will to fast track a cure.. for paralysis

like everything.. again.. get us out of 3rd grade.. 9-5 job.. let tech facil/connect the chaos of 7 bn curious people.. everyday

9 min – nina tandon (@ninatandon) – we take two things from the patients.. 1\ 3d xray  to make perfectly shaped puzzle piece  2\ sample of fat extract stem cells..  use stem cells and fabricated scaffold.. and after 3 wks have living bone ready for implantation

jennifer doudna – use genome editing to understand changes that lead to cancer.. lot of excitement about being able to move much more quickly on this disease..

again.. hasten.. betterness.. do this first – set art ists free.. and facil that chaos..

10 min – nita – one of the things so essential to free society is free and open thought.. up until now.. the convo we’ve been having is around freedom of speech.. once we can access people’s thoughts and people’s emotion.. we have to create a space that enables people to think freely.. to think divergent thoughts..  to think creative thoughts.. and in a society where people fear having those thoughts.. the likelihood  of being able to enjoy progress.. is significantly diminished..

jon – we need to take responsibility at every level of society.. from individual/personal to institutional to the global to adapt to these tech challenges.. which are redefining what it means to be human.. what it means to work.. what it means to be completely embedded in this world..

naomi – people always ask me if i’m optimist/pessimist.. the tech exists.. but how do we get it and implement it at the scale we need at a price that people around the world can afford..

short plan – to hasten equity and disengage from money et al

mariette dichristina (@mdichristina) – even though we have everyday problems we have to solve.. we have to find a way to lay the foundations for the innovations of tomorrow..

a nother way.. to deal with both.. at once..  ongoingly..