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adding page because of bill’s article and then this interview (haven’t watched film yet.. will add notes below when i do)

on michael moore‘s planet of the humans by bill mckibben

“It turns out that pretty much everything…was wrong — there have been at least 24 debunkings, many of them painfully rigorous; as one scientist wrote in a particularly scathing takedown, “Planet of the Humans is deeply useless.”
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‘A Bomb in the Center of the Climate Movement’: Michael Moore Damages Our Most Important Goal.. It hurts to be personally attacked in a movie. It hurts more to see a movement divided

even if it’s not working?.. not that it’s not important.. and that your heart isn’t in it.. just not deep enough to get to root man

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Michael Moore, filmmakers respond to criticism of new bombshell environmental film – YouTube
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17 min video – ozzie zehner (producer @OzzieZehner).. jeff gibbs (director @jeffgibbstc).. michael moore (exec producer @MMFlint) – Michael Moore, filmmakers respond to criticism of new bombshell environmental film

1 min – o: (on environmentalists against this).. it hasn’t worked after spending trillion dollars.. worse off after 30.. and virus has done more than environmental in 30 yrs.. should give us first hint we’ve been on wrong track and need to switch..t

virus noticingsthings supposedly impossibleto (virus) leap;.. et al

j: we don’t attack environ leaders.. we just show *we’re in the wrong story.. we’re asking questions about what we say is going to save the world.. our intent was to trigger discussion and raise all the questions.. this is so much bigger than climate change.. there’s a lot more to damaging our planet than to climate change..t

let’s try *a story about people grokking what matters.. everyday .. has to be all of us.. (not just bill, naomi, michael, gretta, any politicians or leaders.. or any combo).. and has to be everyday.. or it won’t work..

addiction to growth (core piece of film)

5 min – m: just look at our econ growth..  consume/buy more.. when system based on profit vs need.. what we’ve signed up for by agreeing to econ system.. is we need more.. this is killing this planet.. we’ve never stopped to say enough.. when do we have enough.. in fact i think enough is the dirtiest word in capitalism.. because there is not supposed to be any such thing as enough.. t

so let’s focus our energies on getting us (all of us) back/to where we grok enough ness

ie: by augmenting our interconnectedness to get us back/to an undisturbed ecosystem

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

garden enough ness

m: but because we are told we need more and co’s are punished by wall street if they don’t do/grow more.. growth is the death of us

6 min – m: we started thinking about this film over a decade ago.. because we saw this evil system is based on greed.. and we saw some of our environ groups hopping into bed w corp america.. over last decade.. they’ve all gone green.. they thought .. there’s the supply demand right there.. they want green.. the failure of the movement has been to address this serious flaw: we are not going to save planet/selves.. by allowing wall st, hedge funds, corp america to be anywhere near us if we are going to fix..

7 min – m: we’re way beyond (what they called) over and unless somebody sounds the warning sound.. and that’s what we’re trying to do with this film.. we’re never going to make it.. and so as critical as we are of some environmentalists/orgs.. the real point here.. is that it’s only your friends.. that can tell you when you’re messing up.. because..

what we need more is an alt way.. costello screen/service law et al.. because if you just tell friends they’re messing up.. just perpetuate the time suck of fighting ness

8 min – we are the environ movement.. we are lifelong environs .. and if we can’t say to each other.. hey.. we might be on the wrong path here.. because we aren’t winning this battle.. everybody knows.. we’re not winning .. so if we’re not winning.. why can’t we have the discussion of what we need to do.. because it can’t go on any longer..

same is true with ie: health, democracy, et al..

9 min – o: our basic conception of econ growth is flawed.. as we grow there is less natural material to live on.. so growth means reduction.. we need a rethinking of that system.. how do we come back to level where everyone can have what they need in order to survive.. and be in line w long term viability of the planet to live on

10 min – j: we’re not in favor of population control.. everything is focused on climate change.. which is a terrible terrible issue.. but i think we have enough right now to take care of everyone.. ie: pandemic, 9-11, recession.. it’s our growth/consumption that’s driving this piece

11 min – (on people saying this is too big/overwhelming.. to change structure/everything.. so people just throw hands up in air) m: no.. it’s dangerous .. what they want us to do is tone this thing down.. they want us to think we can’t just change over night.. (but) we have just changed over night.. we are able to make serious/fundamental changes in the way we live.. immediately if we think we’re gonna die.. and that has forced people to say.. i will do what needs to be done in order to live right now..

12 min – m: this pandemic.. this should teach us a lot about where we have failed when it comes to battling the climate emergency.. anybody watching this think.. if we just get thru this.. won’t be any more pandemics..? mother nature is sending us a huge warning.. mother nature has sent us to our time out rooms right now.. and we’re supposed to spend this time thinking about how have we messed things up so bad

bad analogy in my opinion.. yes to quiet in a room.. (what am i curious about.. how to get back/to an undisturbed ecosystem).. no to time out.. (focus on bad.. and on blaming)

13 min – m: we have huge admirations for all of our fellow environmentalists.. and people that have worked so hard to fix this problem.. the problem is.. it isn’t fixed.. when we don’t accomplish what we need to accomplish in our lives.. aren’t we supposed to be somewhat self reflective/critical.. and say.. this doesn’t seem to be working.. what do we do to change this..

focusing on wrong center/problem..

14 min – m: people aren’t being told whole truth.. i know they don’t want to tell people.. so they don’t freak out.. ie: this is a 2 yr pandemic.. ie: 6 ft is more like 13 ft.. people don’t want to be kept in the dark..


15 min – m: we don’t need to keep going down roads that aren’t taking us to this place.. climate change isn’t really climate change any more.. we’re way beyond change.. we’re in serious trouble.. what we have been doing hasn’t worked.. now we need to start talking about what will work..

yeah.. so let’s do that.. actually.. let’s just try something truly diff (all this flapping is killing us) listen deeper..

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

16 min – m: there’s no working with the devil here (referring to environ individuals/orgs working w corps).. we people hold the power.. we need to demand that issue is on the agenda in this election year.. we need to have candidates acknowledging this and ringing that warning bell loud and clear..t

dang man.. can’t you see that is just like you saying environ going with corps/money.. we have to also let go of democracy ness (elections, voting, et al).. can’t you see what an energy suck that is..?

we need to call democracy ness into question? just like you’re calling climate into question.. and health care in to question .. (sicko).. et al.. democracy also hasn’t worked.. for years and years..

why can’t we truly be open to something different.. if we really want something to work


wish you could hear (as it could be..)

j: watch film on youtube,

m: movie is free..

and michel added in fb comments – a review by someone in the film – By Richard Heinberg, originally published by

The film is controversial because it makes two big claims: first, that renewable energy is a sham; second, that big environmental organizations—by promoting solar and wind power—have sold their souls to billionaire investors.

We found that the transition to renewables is going far too slowly to make much of a difference ..We also found, as the film underscores again and again, that the intermittency of sunshine and wind is a real problem—one that can only be solved with energy storage.. or with source redundancy .. or demand management..Altogether, the only realistic way to make the transition in industrial countries like the US is to begin reducing overall energy usage substantially, eventually running the economy on a quarter, a fifth, or maybe even a tenth of current energy.

Is it true that mainstream enviros have oversold renewables? Yes. They have portrayed the transition away from fossil fuels as mostly a political problem;

Mainstream enviros will hate this movie because it exposes some of their real failings. By focusing on techno-fixes, they have sidelined nearly all discussion of overpopulation and overconsumption. Maybe that’s understandable as a marketing strategy, but it’s a mistake to let marketing consultants sort truth from fiction for us.

need to go deeper.. than ie: climate; poverty; et al

But the reality is, we need both high-level systemic change and widespread individual behavior change. That’s one of the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic: “flattening the curve” demands both central planning and leadership, and individual sacrifice.

those two sentences aren’t (don’t need to be) the same thing.. ie: high level systemic change.. not central leadership.. and individual change.. not sacrifice..

ie: cure ios city

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned, Planet of the Humans is not the last word on our human predicament. Still, it starts a conversation we need to have, and it’s a film that deserves to be seen.


notes on youtube page:

Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day — that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road — selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America. This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: that in the midst of a human-caused extinction event, the environmental movement’s answer is to push for techno-fixes and band-aids. It’s too little, too late.

notes/quotes from doc (100 min):

5 min – rachel carson 1963 – and first earth day

6 min – michael’s ties to environ change

9 min – obama and 100 b for green energy.. and van jones.. et al.. wind farms.. solar panel.. al gore.. et al.. create jobs to repower america.. richard branson 3b to fight global warning.. bloomberg.. (and kept listing moneys coming in from everywhere.. for green)

11 min – bill mckibben found things were looking up..

13 min – on electric cars coming from 95% coal.. when their batteries get recharged.. people saying solar/green.. not really an option for that (and his first environ gathering it raining so plugging into normal electricity – rather than solar and biodiesel)

16 min – on wind farms – jeff: is it possible for machines made by industrial civilization to save us from industrial civilization

18 min – wind turbin construction site.. (demolishing forests/mtns et al) and each lasts 20 yrs.. and the waste when wind stops.. worse than just going straight thru

20 min – on who owns all the makings of the things (wind turbins et al)

21 min – m: everywhere i encountered green energy.. it wasn’t what it seemed.. (then went on with ie’s of people saying one green thing.. and behind the scenes.. wasn’t whole story.. ie: actually using more fossil fuels in attempting to replace fossil fuels)

23 min – richard york: do non fossil energy sources replace fossil fuels.. ‘don’t seem to’

nina jablonski: seeking fixes one after another just lead us to deeper catastrophes

24 min – jeff: because we’re a little worried.. do we accept any idea that sounds alternative or green? are we avoiding looking too closely because we don’t want to know the answer?

ozzie: i thought solar/wind were good solutions.. (but) the illusion that solar/wind are diff than coal/fossil.. ie: they don’t use sand at all.. can’t use sand .. too many flaws.. so start with quartz and coal.. and need more coal to do that.. and it’s not clean coal.. well meaning people are being misled

26 min – o: can’t replace coal w solar.. actually replacing solar w 2 natural gas.. and natural gas is a fossil fuel..

28 min – o: when people say clean energy.. they actually mean natural gas

29 min – fossil still going even when sun is out.. turning fossil fuel on and off uses/loses energy..

m: so what’s solution.. ? (people said): need energy storage

testart storage law et al

32 min – o: solar facility burns natural gas every morning.. et al.. and all built using fossil fuel infra.. takes an incredible amount of energy to mine all this.. would have been better burning fossil fuels in first place.. instead of playing pretend

33 min – on being fed lies ie: germany 80% (mckibben) fossil free.. but also largest on coal extraction.. and co2..

musk saying tesla factory supplied by totally by solar – but in fact connected to grid.. and then showing how much more used

same w apple – ‘apple now running on 100% renewable energy’.. o: they didn’t disconnect from grid.. they can’t

36 min – o: despite all claims.. i haven’t found a single entity anywhere in the world that’s running on 100% solar

o: koch builds plants that build solar panels.. so crazy thing is .. when criticize solar plants.. you’re accused of working for koch brothers..

39 min – on solar plants being benign.. esp in desert.. but then image of chopping plants (joshua tree et al)..

like e saying .. vaccine that doesn’t hurt immune system.. just the heart

40 min – (j or m – can’t tell voices apart – i think most of the m’s above have been jeff): i too thought deserts could be good sacrifice.. i was wrong..

43 min – j: then looking at solar dead zones.. so after all the destruction.. only a few years later.. it all dies .. ie: broken mirrors littered the desert..  broken wind turbins.. et al.. became clear.. what we had been calling green and industrial civilization are one and the same

45 min – i don’t think the people in charge are near nervous enough

46 min – too many humans using too much too fast.. population growth as elephant in room ‘we have to have our ability to consume reined in’

48 min – j: on population growth and consumption growth together 100 times.. so why focus only on narrow solution of green tech

50 min – (sheldon solomon: do’t like that we’re going to die someday.. if we are to persist.. need to completely eradicate who we think we are et al

52 min – j: what i’m hearing is.. if i don’t come to grips w my own death/life.. reminded of that.. i’m likely to make some tragic decisions for the community

sheldon: yes.. the only solution in principle is as albert camus put it: ‘there’s only one liberty.. to come to terms w death.. thereafter anything is possible’

53 min – j: turns out biggest source of green energy in vermont is something called biomass.. burning trees to create electricity..

josh schlossberg (@JoshSchlossberg): this is definitely not the way.. the first step is looking at our lifestyles so we can reduce the energy consumption

55 min – josh: you have everything here (after being run off) you have the number one polluter in the state that everyone thinks produces fairy dust from the smokestack.. ie: 30 chords of wood per hour and natural gas as well.. takes great deal of fossil fuel to cut down all trees.. this couldn’t happen w/o fossil fuels.. main factor of getting pulled in is delusion.. we cut every tree in us.. we’d be able to power us for a year.. then what.. then all trees are gone

57 min – on getting grants when classified as renewable.. but then details of it not being renewable..

59 min – j: on unis going green via biomass.. switch from burning coal to burning trees..  where did idea of colleges burning trees come from? middleberry (vermont) – bill mckibben: ‘it must happen everywhere’

(then scenes of forrest deaths)

burning garbage was considered green.. and having to fertilize forests with natural gas.. et al..

1:03 – on biomass biofuel plants taking over.. wood chips (trees) being exported to europe from america.. et al.. from wherever they can get them from.. biomass largest form of green energy

1:05 – j: clearly most citizens are opposed to biomass and biofuels.. but what about environ leaders.. at times they promote it and at other times sound like they are against it.. saying ie: right types of biomass.. small.. sustainable.. et al

j: i think the biomass question is a non starter.. everyone evading the question

1:09 – except shiva.. shift measuring growth..from producing to destroying..  her honesty was refreshing

1:10 – j: what if others.. had made some deal they shouldn’t have made and are leading us all off the cliff

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

1:11 – j: other elephant.. profit.. cancerous form of capitalism now lying under a cover of green

1:13 – on all the corps getting us to buy new fuels, techs, because they were (supposedly) green.. but then showing they’re not.. rather.. turning forests into profits

1:15 – goldman sachs – with 40-50 trillion dollars – pairing up w bill mckibben..

ie: green century funds.. (by 350 and bill).. i found 1% solar and 99% mining, oil/gas, .. et al.. then talks of all profiting from this green ness.. and lots of banks

1:18 – green fund chairman al gore and david blood.. generation investment management.. 650 m.. partnered before al gore’s film

1:21 – us navy turning green.. for war ships.. et al..

from trees, to animal fat.. to sea weed.. all dying

1:23 – the takeover of environ by capitalism is not complete.. union of concerned scientists has become union of concerned salesmen

1:26 – why not buy the holy day itself (earth day).. ie: saying powered entire event w solar energy.. but backstage says not so.. like the concert itself.. then lists people supporting the day .. along with what they have done to destroy earth

1:28 – j: might seem overwhelming.. we normally try not to think about.. but by not thinking about it.. there stands a good chance won’t doing anything.. i truly believe path to change comes from awareness.. there is a way out of this.. we must accept that infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide..

1:29 – j: we must take control from billionaires.. they are not our friends

deeper man.. can’t be us/them ness

1:30 – j: it’s not one thing.. but everything we humans are doing.. if we get ourselves under control.. all things are possible..

1:34 – a week after film.. sierra club came out against biomass burning.. days later.. they gave green award to a college that burns biomass

1:35 – after first screening of film, mckibben said he was wrong about biomass.. the middlebury plant and 1000s more, still burn trees today

1:36 – gore and blood opened a new billion dollar sustainability fund int he cayman islands..

1:37 – shortly after 2nd showing of film .. sierra club’s green aspiration fund abruptly shut down

1:39 – ‘humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its master – not of nature, but of itself’ – rachel carson 1962



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“Gibbs tours a “football field-sized” solar installation called the Cedar Street solar array in Lansing, Michigan. An energy boss says to camera that the panels have an efficiency of a “little less than 8%” and that the array could power only about 10 city homes a year.

What the film doesn’t say is that the array was installed as a pilot project in 2008.

One energy writer to have looked closely at many of the claims in the film is Australian Ketan Joshi who says looking at a solar array from 12 years ago is “an absolute eternity in solar development years”.

Diesendorf says panels with an 8% efficiency “were on the market several decades ago” and now most commercial panels have an efficiency above 20%.

What’s happened to the cost of solar panels since 2008? Analysts Wood Mackenzie say they fell about 90% between 2010 and 2019.”

in comments:

Ivor Stodolsky The film is dangerously wrong on renewables and unwittingly #whitesupremacist, as Monbiot makes exceedingly clear: