this is not ridiculous

not ridiculous - 20 mill

[in support of 3 seemingly ridiculous ideas: a ginormous/infinitesimal narrative; a c(k)iller app; and a $20mill bet]

not ridiculous point #1:

a narrative for 100

..may sound ridiculous.

perhaps it’s not..

be cause

it’s about you rewriting/choosing/creating/singing/remixing/changing that narrative.

 every day.


not ridiculous point #2:

c app as ciller

..may sound ridiculous.

from even a very positive man, (Clive Thompson):

realistically, I suspect there’s no killer app to end distraction. The downsides of being highly networked are constitutionally tied to the benefits. The only way we can reduce the negative side effects is by changing our relationship to the digital environment, both as a society and as individuals.

You’ve got to make the systems so that they help people pay attention to the world in front of them.

perhaps it’s not..

be cause

    1. it’s function is to help you pay attention to what matters.
    2. you create/design/prototype/personally fabricate it. every day.
    3. and it’s funded/time sourced/sustained (one way or another) via what we currently call public ed. we reallocate the trillions of dollars and 7 hours a day by literally redefining it.. to suit us.. every day.


not ridiculous point #3:

betting 20 mill

..may sound ridiculous.

perhaps it’s not..

be cause

  1. maybe this is an experiment not yet tried. bits of it yes – ie: Pam Dorr in Greensboro is mind-blowing; Mike Zuckerman‘s [freespace] is exhilirating; Tony Hsieh‘s city experiment is happily refreshing; et al… but perhaps there’s a way to get to equity (everyone getting a go at spaces like these) today, not in 5, 10, 20 yrs.
  2. if #1 is true – it’s too doable and too urgent to not.
  3. the outcome would be that in a year-ish, no more buffer funds would be needed. this is all based on sustainability born out of self/grit and community/trust conversations. reallocating the quadrillions we’re spending on things we don’t really want/need.



(things we’ve been referred as .. crazyridiculousesotericabstract, idiosyncratic jargonites, ..  just a few)

wilde unpractical law

miller extreme focus law



this page ..

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and a not ridiculous personal point:

[taken from out from out start with why slidedeck, slide 28]

For 20 some years, I stood in front of various groups of kids, with a geeky joy about school math, and an unsettled soul about why. I would entertainingly and enthusiastically say to them such things as…

Today we’re going to rationalize denominators. This is something you are going to need to know how to do, in your future, ie: if you want to be successful in calc, and college, (which are/were obvious goals for everyone, no?)



That was my job. And, what I was sharing with all these kids, was/is deemed as rational, reliable. It was a service I provided.., helping kids learn school math.

Because many kids didn’t/don’t resonate with school math, it was/is the cause of much distress. This made me feel I was providing a service. By making school math fun, and by helping everyone get the grade they wanted, I felt I was alleviating a little stress. For many, this involved a ton of past pain/fear/shame.

Today, I stand before you, literally/figuratively, with a geeky joy about life, and incredible soul peace about why.

And with great humility and love, I say to you…


Today we’re going to be about freeing people up. This is something you need to know how to do. This is something the world needs from you.



be you be us

That’s what I do now. And it’s the most rational (lucid, sensible, balanced, sane, ridiculous, ..) thing I have to offer you.

Freeing people up to be themselves. Social good happening.

Creating mental/physical spaces of permission where people have nothing to prove.

You come too.


the most rational thing

ridiculous the new remarkable



things supposedly impossible

seth on opp to leap

adding virus noticings from bottom of virus page – a lot have to do with things we’ve said are ridiculous/impossible ie:

what i’m learning – things can change overnight.. (expo ness)

let’s leap to a nother way .. for (blank)’s sake

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al

no more same song

interesting what ‘non-essential’ gatherings are disbanded: schools, work-places, (supposed to’s.. of school/work et al), mega-gatherings, gyms (people have time to go outside more.. natural movement), airports, restaurants, ..

and that (hopefully) more are getting a wak-up call.. zoom out view.. to the big monopoly game we keep perpetuating.. when they see ‘impossibilities‘ happen ie: debt/rent/mortgage suspended/dismissed, reset of the game – everyone getting new money – no strings, people bypassing money exchange just to get resources to people in need

quarantine ness:

10 people or less – missing piece #2 – be w fam – 7ish people – 30 min/day

shelter in place – missing piece #1 – be w self – time/space to talk to self – first 3 min/day – bachelard oikos law



this is ridiculous