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adding page after listening to nora (and tim) on voice-change:

convo on voice with Nora and @tim_adalin of voiceclub – (1:30)

6 min – n: the spaces between words where you don’t know what you’re going to say.. that’s important.. this is the warm data.. so how do we tell this story and include the warm data.. changing the rhythm/texture/tone.. so that that set of meta messages can begin to bubble up.. and i don’t even know what they are so i have to make space for them.. and this is not how you do media.. it should be scripted/concise/tight/whole.. i had to practice.. i didn’t know how to get there.. that discovery process has been going on finding a voice.. part of that is recognizing that it has to be a voice w room to learn in it.. it’s not like a schtick that i can just dial in.. turn on/off

detox/idio-jargon/self-talk as data – everyday anewcuriosity over decision making

9 min – tim: one of the most radical ideas i can begin to articulate is articulating this notion of what is it to be off script.. but nevertheless from an attention of authentic betterment of self/society.. if you allow yourself to drop in on that.. it is what it is.. it’s not clear what’s going to come up

imagine if we just focused on that.. 8b people.. everyday

12 min – tim: it seems a necessity for us to create ways of being in the world that are not pre planned..t

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

2 convers as infra.. via tech as it could be..

no train.. no prep


Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 25 Dec 2019 :
I was 20 years old and it was like Neo learning about the Matrix. For the first time, I became aware that I was part of a script… And that the script playing out was just “a” script, not “the” script. (



no train

no prep

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