pam dorr

pam dorr

[greensboro, al]

This is a great example of a local business interacting with their local ecology to create something that improves the lives of everyone it touches. I hope it inspires others to use their gifts in ways to uplift society.

Uses Local Nuisance to Rebuild Town’s Economy



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Published on Apr 16, 2013

Pam Dorr, executive director of the Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization, Inc. (HERO).

from youth starting something with their spark – rather than waiting for someone big to come in the community and help

businesses: daycare, construction business, bikes, pies, pecans..

using what we have rather than what we don’t have

it’s all about story…

i can’t do it – unless we’re together..


different businesses she/they’ve started:

herobike – bikes out of bamboo


pie lab – pie + conversation = social change:

pie lab 2


herohousing – catalyst for community development:


they now have 6 businesses and 1 non-profit – hero
hale empowerment revitalization organization
7 buildings
and they are building 12 homes



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