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they talk about my neighborhood as if i was in hell and the only to get out of hell was through their education..

this mindset is reason why neighborhoods are the way they are now..

how do you combat the selfishness

common thread – extreme love for people..

direct anger to (the system) rather than the individual.. ie: the people who put them down were put down.. the people who hurt them were hurt..

every actor has a reason

it’s bigger than me.. not about me…

love people..

Published on Jul 31, 2013

A summer intern at Teach For America Baltimore, Elijah Miles delivered this inspiring speech to a group of incoming teachers at institute. Wise well beyond his years, we think Elijah’s words are a great reminder about why we do the work that we do.

Elijah will begin college at Morgan State in the fall.

To learn more about Teach For America, visit: http://www.teachforamerica.org/



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Our Neighborhoods: TEDxBaltimore 2014

baltimore city – city of no hope – is what i was always told

goals on surface.. these rags to riches dreams… success – whether or not they can leave the hood.. it’s this perception of success that keeps baltimore the same baltimore..

in constant pursuit of this wonderful place that’s not here…

you can’t raise heroes that fear own environment, to chase after money dreams, by telling them to work hard to not turn out like man on corner..

we say we want to raise the leaders of tomorrow but we teach them to hate where they come from and seek some artificial utopia

in order to raise a leader for our community.. he must love us even when we hate him/ourselves..

a bunch of people want to help.. but they want to be comfortable helping..  visit the problem.. do it 9-5 and escape to safety of own hands.. change us.. change our communities… but refuse to change selves..

we need help..  but we need to be understood

kids feeling so insecure..

manufacturing insecurity – giroux

these kids deserve more than half of you.. we got to be all in in this..

i can’t judge them.. because i am them…

i know you ness..

bigger than me.. i will live in baltimore city in the hood for the rest of my life.. until i can transform my hood back to a neighborhood..

world is dangerous place.. not because of those of us who do evil.. but those of us who witness it are aware of it and do nothing – einstein


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cure violence




(bb if mayors ruled)

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