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greg hill 7 bw

[st louis, mo]

Greg was scheduled to be a coffee talker for idec 2013, and then some things came up in his district that made the timing not work. we still wanted to hear from him, in regard to idec, et al, so we asked Greg…

two questions


more about Gregory:

a message from Greg  nov 2012:


Gregory:  Working right now at Antonio’s house, teaching him how to code
Gregory:  no internet 5 mins ago
now he has internet
and now he’s learning something awesome
tell me that digital equity isn’t important

Gregory – living in St Louis as described by Kozol in his Savage Inequalities.


His work today…

disruption dept new site



greg's post

graphic links to post/idea/awesome

Let’s create a national angel investment fund for low-income neighborhoods.  Have capital for pitches for sustainable economic development.


connections in the past.. digital equity

we met at iste… talked a lot about equity..

Gregory started these equity videos july 2010.


It’s the coolest thing ever to connect with someone, with a similar vision/passion – this one being equity… then meeting up much later.. to find out neither one of you has been sitting idly by… but rather.. working intensely – just as if we’d been working together all along.

So – find the amazing work of the disruption dept linked to his graphic above.

We hope to bring Gregory to Loveland soon, to help set up our own disruption dept – where we are recycling used devices.. for equity.


recent – via Greg-  

first hackday photos

it was awesome – they had so much fun.

second hackday photos


incited launch:

more here: