deb roy – birth of a word

Our first vision of a non-linear (video) portfolio – resonated greatly with what Deb did in his house.

We thought – if we could get people talking to themselves everyday.. so that they might have the footage, like Deb did of his son, over the course of many years, from detox videos. And then, if needed, people could take a look at growth, per verbiage, content, fluidity of speech, depth of connections, awesomeness of doings, et al. We were thinking that might be a more humane means to monitor growth. Again – if one must.

This bled into thoughts of the brain, and is now settling in around a curiosity app.

other versions .. Gary Flake‘s get pivot.. and Amit Sood‘s googlearts

for how we could host life bits that io dance via self-talk as data.. via mech simple enough (an app/chip) to connect us to us.. while we follow our bliss.. all 7 billion plus of us. as the day.

great for birth of a word ness and sports illustrated ness and art ness… but first.. let’s free people no..?

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake


oct 2014:

It is hard for us to accept that people do not fall in love with works of art only for their own sake, but also in order to feel that they belong to a community. By imitating, we get closer to others—that is, other imitators. It fights solitude.  –  Taleb, black swan

most people are other people. trumping authenticity for attachment.

perhaps why ie: th experiment and this mit & twitter – won’t get us there – until we free people up to be themselves. twitter data is irrelevant – if it’s not really us. no? how to make it not an imitation. every day.

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town run on twitter – via Deb

govern\ment ness


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wear able ness


Katina Michael (@katinamichael) tweeted at 2:49 PM on Sat, Jan 28, 2017:
Deb Roy: Big data 4 social impact via @YouTube @turpin_etienne @iHolderness @DigiDoGood @PatrickMeier @khanjanmehta

big data for social impact – 2015

2 min – a model that let us predict how he learned words

3 min – 5 yrs later moving to bluefin labs.. not just the convo in the home.. but all public social media in us.. map all convos in us 24/7

let’s do 2 convos..

4 min – twitter approaches us.. new consumer experiences based on this merger.. more and more entangled with what’s on tv..

5 min – transitioning to twitter and back to media lab.. partnership: lab for social machines.. brand new (2015)

applying what learned on communications and bluefin and twitter..

6 min – first project.. boston marathon bombings..  we have complete access to all tweets.. news but also rumors… looking at the anatomy of a rumor… build early detectors when piece of info that is false is starting to get momentum

7 min – tendency toward more ad hoc and disrupting social activity.. harder to get systemic social change.. which is direction we want to take with lab

8 min – social feedback loops that harness for more constructive trends.. ie: in hoon – police have twitter handle on sleeve.. so tweet it and everyone sees

10 min – a system..

11 min – not just understand little town.. but apply some idea.. how we imagine these might translate..

12 min – made up scenario in delhi..

14 min – crowdsource safety apps.. what is missing.. at a system level.. the coupled interactions.. people believing.. and not being overwhelmed by too many request.. and to monitor/scale/report so journalist have measurable impact.. analytics possible

same thinking way school/children shifting..

15 min – so looking at public safety and literacy learning.. decentralized networks..

systems solutions..

imagine deeper systems ie: safety via gershenfeld sel and learning via curiosity..  let’s try this: a nother way


Deb Roy (@dkroy) tweeted at 6:33 AM – 14 Nov 2018 :
We are excited for our upcoming launch of the Local Voices Network in Madison! (

UW prof Kathy Cramer, MIT technologists team up on plan to record, analyze community conversations..t

great idea.. wrong conversations

We’re specifically looking for stories. We want to hear about what people like about or what they’re concerned about in their city,” said Cramer.

conversations need to start w daily curiosity ie: cure ios city

A specialized recording device called a digital hearth — a squat, sleek cylinder with a wooden exterior — records the conversation, while a facilitator *guides the talk with a script of prompts and questions..t

yeah.. that’s a big part of our problem today.. too many guides/scripts/prompts/assumed-questions..

Roy said the project also aims to give resource-strapped journalists access to more nuanced viewpoints from the public and to help politicians “listen to what’s on the mind of people in the city.”

after you’ve prompted them.. and after we’ve manufactured their consent since they were 5

The team believes that technology still has the ability to bring communities together rather than divide, t

yeah.. but what we need tech to do is to listen to every voice/curiosity.. every day.. and facil that.. ie: tech as it could be..

“A lot of the ideological warfare at a national scale is not relevant to most people in their day-to-day lives,” said Roy..t

a lot of people aren’t living authentic lives.. more like whales in sea world.. begs a mech/tech that also has a detox embed

They stressed that they’re interested in getting a diverse range of voices…“We would like to listen to as many people as we possibly can,” said Cramer. .t

has to be all the voices.. everyday.. and today we can do that.. ie: listen to 7bn + voices.. everyday

2 convers as infra


We are building a new kind of public conversation network.

Original Tweet:

In January 2019, in Madison, Wisconsin, we’ll pilot the Local Voice Network in the context of the city’s mayoral race.. Cortico plans to be in many more states leading into the 2020 election..t

humanity begs a diff conversation.. ie: cure ios city

mufleh humanity law: we have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh


more on local voices network (22 min soundcloud):

Great podcast explanation of the Local Voices Network by the @CapTimes team after they participated in an LVN conversation hosted by @KathyJCramer. With rich conversations flowing in LVN-Madison, @cortico is preparing launches in NY, AL, and MA!

Original Tweet:

device records convo..  transcribed.. uploaded to repository site.. searchable

imagine not having to search for convos.. rather.. letting the tech search for us via l daily curiosity ie: 2 convers as infra

it’s making convos permanent

imagine doing this everyday/everywhere..
via 7b daily curiosities.. ie: cure ios city

imagine the tech doing the searching ..for the interconnections.. freeing all the people up to curiosity.. ie: 2 convers as infra

13 min – critical to lvn is the idea of cross pollination

which happens if we label via curiosity

15 min – hard to get input from people who don’t have time.. to get to public meeting.. addressed by 1\ wide array of people involved.. 2\ recruiters to reach out to diff communities

has to be everyone

how to listen to every voice..? ie: tech as it could be..

17 min – so far we’ve come up w 4 major themes

imagine working w 7b.. everyday


cyborg ness